2008 World Refugee Survey

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World Refugee Survey: 2008

Welcome to the online version of the 2008 edition, sections of which are accessible in PDF.


Warehoused Refugee Populations (as of December 31, 2007)
Contributions to International Refugee Aid Agencies
Resettlement by Country
Major Returns and New Refugees
Ratios of Refugees to Host Country Populations and Distribution by Host Income

Refugees and Asylum Seekers Worldwide (as of December 31, 2007)



"The Race to the Bottom," by Lavinia Limón
Worst Places for Refugees
Israeli Youth, Soldiers, and Knesset Members Rally for Refugees
The Business-Labor-Faith Coalition for Refugee Rights
SAHRiNGON Mounts a Multimedia Campaign for Refugees in Tanzania
World Refugee Survey 2007: Rollout around the World

"My Wedding Ceremony," by Mahad Mahmoud Omar


Refugee Rights Report Cards

USCRI grades host countries based on their treatment of refugees

Research Partners

Middle East and Europe


Country Updates

Algeria to Congo-Brazzaville

 Algeria  Brazil  Central African Republic
 Angola  Burundi  Chad
 Australia  Cameroon  China
 Bangladesh  Canada  Congo-Brazzaville

Congo-Kinshasa to India

 Congo-Kinshasa  Egypt  Gambia
 Costa Rica  Ethiopia  Ghana
 Côte d'Ivoire  European Union  Guinea
 Ecuador  Gabon  India

Iran to Mauritania

 Iran  Kenya  Libya
 Iraq  Kuwait  Malaysia
 Israeli-occupied territories  Lebanon  Mali
 Jordan  Liberia   Mauritania 

Nepal to Sierra Leone

 Nepal  Papua New Guinea  Senegal
 Niger  Russian Federation  Serbia
 Pakistan  Rwanda  Sierra Leone
 Panama  Saudi Arabia  

South Africa to Zambia

 South Africa  Thailand  Venezuela
 Sudan  Turkey  Vietnam
 Syria  Uganda  Yemen
 Tanzania  United States  Zambia 
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