3 Reasons Intelligent, Rational Americans Don’t Trust Police

Published On February 26, 2014 | By CopBlock | Articles

Despite near-daily summary executions of unarmed people, assaults and malicious arrests by U.S. police, Americans still love their cops.

February 23, 2014
Article originally published at OP-NAT EYE, February 20, 2014.

Gallup poll from this past June found that white Americans are 60 percent confident in police, while non-whites checked in at 48 percent. But in recent years, public trust in police has slid. A 2009 poll found that 63 percent of respondents of all races said police had “very high honesty and ethical standards,” but that number dropped to 57 percent the following year.

Many Americans have people employed as cops in their families, and use that fact to rationalize “the good” of the entire profession. Some are simply too afraid to say anything about obvious violent, thuggish behavior of cops, while others desperately want to hold onto what little Pollyanna Americana is left in their hearts. The facts speak for themselves as far as why Americans need to be proactive in protecting themselves against the largest and most heavily armed gang in the USA. Here are three of those facts.

Low IQ Academy Applicants Preferred

A good number of white Americans reject affirmative action legislation because they say it unfairly gives less qualified “minorities” jobs they don’t deserve. Police departments, on the other hand, actually prefer and covet the least qualified applicants they can possibly get.

Mr. Robert Jordan of New London, Conn. wanted to become a cop. The first step in that jurisdiction is for applicants to take a Wonderlic test. Many Americans have heard of this exam because NFL prospects must take it as part of the draft process.

Jordan took the test on March 16, 1996 and scored a 33 (out of 50). He was not allowed to move on to the next stage of the application process because he scored too high on the test. The City of New London defended its policy, saying Jordan scored too far above the “normative median” of 21 and would “get bored” with the job and quit. The average NFL player also scores around 20 on the test, according to Bleacher Report.

Mr. Jordan filed a discrimination lawsuit in federal court alleging a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. The district court dismissed the case, ruling that New London’s policy is “rational.” The U.S. Second Circuit Court Of Appeals affirmed. In other words, it is legal for police departments to purposely hire the least intelligent individuals they can find. Plus the less education they’ve obtained, the easier they are to manipulate. This is why so many Americans are being savagely attacked.

A 2010 Michigan State University study found that cops with a two or four-year degree resorted to using force 56 percent of the time, while those with only a GED or high school diploma used force 68 percent of the time. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found in 2003 that 83 percent of U.S. police agencies require cops only to have a GED or high school diploma, and only one percent require a four-year college degree.

A September 2, 2010 article in Pacific Standard magazine suggested that requiring police to have college degrees may be discriminatory towards minorities. Oh the irony.

Incentives To Kill

Operation-Nation has covered more than 600 instances of police killing, assaulting and/or raping an American since 2006. The offending cop was placed on “paid administrative leave” within a day or two of the incident more than 90 percent of the time.

Police across America know full well if they kill someone (on or off-duty), they will get an extended paid vacation, sometimes lasting years. They also know that it is extremely rare for cops to be held accountable in anyway for their actions.

Mr. Kelly Thomas was beaten to death ON TAPE by Fullerton, Calif. cops Manuel Ramos, Jay Cicinnelli, et al. as he begged for his life in July 2011. It was a small victory for Americans when the aforementioned two killers were actually charged with murder and other crimes. But reality set in at trial when the cops were acquitted.

A paid vacation, along with “atta boys” from fellow cops and Americans who love them, is only a dead human away. Even if they are fired from their current positions for killing or assaulting an American, another cop organization will hire them.

Former Bella Vista, Ark. cop Coleman Brackney, in a rare occurrence in U.S. jurisprudence, was actually convicted of negligent homicide when he murdered James Ahern in January 2010. After serving the insulting 30 day jail sentence, he was hired as police chief in Sulphur Springs, Ark. last March.

The incentives are too great to pass for cops, many of whom desire to kill already. Americans with common sense realize this.

“Protect And Serve” Myth

Roommates Carolyn Warren and Joan Taliaferro called police when they heard intruders break into neighbor Miriam Douglas’ apartment and rape her on March 16, 1975. Dispatchers with Washington, D.C. police assured them help was on the way.

The two women, believing police would be there soon, yelled down to the apartment to try and stop the assault. But the two attackers heard them, forced their way into the women’s apartment and proceeded to assault and rape them for the next fourteen hours. Police never showed up.

The women filed a lawsuit – the oft-cited Warren vs. District of Columbia case – but were met with a harsh reality. The Federal DC Court of Appeals dismissed the case in 1981, ruling that cops have “no general duty to provide…police protection.” The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a similar case, Deshaney vs. Winnebago County, a few years later. That decision was nearly identical to the Warren case, with the majority ruling that there is no relationship between police and citizens that mandates protection. Thus it is well-established law that cops are not here to “protect and serve” despite that falsehood being displayed on many police badges, cars and station walls.

Americans who choose to ignore the facts are the ones who will be in the most danger. Sadly it has come to the point that we must stand our ground when we fear for our lives against these armed henchmen. Police protect and carry out the orders of government, corporations and individuals with large collections of Federal Reserve notes. Anybody who believes otherwise is naive, mentally disabled, and/or afraid to face reality.

There are far more of us than there are of them. But until we’re united on this front, expect more of the same for the foreseeable future.

Article originally published at OP-NAT EYE, February 20, 2014.

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  • Common Sense

    Why do you rally around that decision without actually understanding what it means let alone what meets the “special relationship” clause between two parties. The other one you miss is the public duty doctrine.

    Many of you quote this stuff but are typically wrong in what it actually means. You have the memory of a goldfish.

  • Jake C

    This seems to be another rant on police officers. According the the author, most of the polls that people responded to are supportive of the police officers and what they do. Since this doesn’t “jive” with the author, he/she created the name of this article to insult all the millions of people who look at police officers and praise them for what they do instead of the “few” who make ridiculous statements that the police officers are these “armed henchmen”

    The author says, “Americans who choose to ignore the facts are the ones who will be in the most danger”. In most of the copblock videos I have seen are activists who harass police officers, get themselves into confrontations, get arrested or ticketed. According to the author, those are the people who he/she claims are “Rational Americans” This is just another rant by the author because the polls show he/she are wrong. Again the IQ case comes up. In my hometown police department. The officers must have a minimum educational AA degree. There are many on the force who have AAs, BAs and Masters degrees. Yes, I acknowledge the the IQ lawsuit. Why don’t you check with your hometown PD and ask how many police officers have degrees or the requirements of the officers hired. This article is just another biased rant about officers.

  • Nicklaus SageNick McCray

    You miss the point entirely – it is not ‘harassing’ to video a PUBLIC SERVANT being paid with our tax dollars in his line of duty. Second, even if somebody did begin pestering and even name-calling the cop, that then makes it rational and okay to beat the living shit out of them? Didn’t we get in trouble for that in school, and don’t we get in trouble for that in the real world? Oh, but being a cop and ‘hero’ grants you extra rights. right?

    You’re part of the problem in society Jake C.

  • GoAwayObama

    those poll numbers really arent that good. Even if 60% of white americans are confident in police, that means that 40% aren’t. That’s a large chunk of people. And with only 48% of non-whites confident, that means 52% aren’t. I think it’s obvious that when about half of the free public doesnt have confidence in the police, it makes enforcement of laws almost impossible. We desperately need TRUE POLICE REFORM. There needs to be civilian review boards that have real power to change the police.

  • t

    What a hot mess of stinky crap this is.

    Wait…….1975. Really. That’s the best you got? That was 15-20 years before most of te people on this site were even born. And you still don’t even understand the decision. Look up “the public duty doctrine”. Read it through and think it through. We aren’t and can’t be everywhere. This isn’t the “police state” that you think it is. (Que up a dumb response from Ariel). There may be only – officer for every 8000-10000 citizens. And he may be working on something else. But think the ideas of that doctrine through. People have tried to sue officers for not stopping a drunk drivers that hit them. Nothat an officer had stopped them and let them go…..but because we didn’t see them and stop them. All FutureCrime style.
    You have to be mature enough and intellectually honest enough to understand why that doctrine exists and why there is a certain level of immunity to some government actions.

    As for the paid leave.
    Why should I not still get paid because I’m being investigated for doing my job correctly?
    We gone through it time after time. The reason most complaints on officers are dismissed is because most complaints are false in nature. There are millions upon millions of police contacts each week. Force is only a part in a realative small few of them. That dog just doesn’t hunt as there isn’t any truth in the idea.

  • ben dover

    You are spot on.clap clap clap. Jake C always reads articles and interpreted as he sees fit, Typical pig lover that needs to taught a lesson…………….

  • James Dutton

    So how do these incidents keep happening with so many well educated officers? You can easily get a degree online with little or no effort on your part. Formal education is not a cure for this obviously, there is yet another case in Moore, Ok of police killing an unarmed man. It’s a matter of compliance if a person doesn’t comply they escalate force. In many cases with six or more officers pulling on a person and screaming there is no real resistance, just confusion. Non compliance or perceived non compliance leads to escalation of force until it ends in beating or death.

  • Shawn

    My experience is that people who trust cops just don’t pay attention. On several occasions people didn’t hear about the newspaper ladies, Harless, numerous mistakes in SWAT raids, the 17yo with a wii controller, etc., or the amount of support other cops give to these killer cops. They think cops are better than that. Cops aren’t.

    The good opinion of cops comes from ignorance of what cops are doing. This is why cops hate video. DV is outing cops like never before.

  • keepitreal

    Which polls would that be, slaps? Wouldn’t be lying again, would you? I think you’re one of those people who the way to check if you’re lying is to see if your mouth is open.

  • keepitreal

    Go sue somebody for complaining. Maybe you’ll win another 4 million.

  • Jake C

    It becomes harassment when you are interfering with the officer’s duties. Why do you feel you have to harass or name call the police? Serious, why would you feel you needed to do that? No one said police officers have all of these extra rights. Activists seem to be the only one’s saying it. I understand what you are saying but there is a point where acting like an adult takes you further in life.

  • Jake C

    Why don’t you come and find me and we will discuss what lesson you think I need to be taught.

  • Jake C

    Obviously you didn’t read the article which makes you a troll.

  • Jake C

    Regarding the Moore, OK incident. The autopsy and toxicology reports aren’t back. Also the PD responded to a possible domestic. He was fighting the police and resisting arrest and that is why he was taken down. Again, no charges have been filed and it is an ongoing investigation. No officer(s) are going to let you escalate to fighting them. Why do you feel it is necessary to resist the officers? That isn’t appropriate.

    You said, “In many cases with six or more officers pulling on a person and screaming there is no real resistance, just confusion”. You say “many cases” Can you post many cases that prove your statement?

  • Jake C

    I agree

  • dougiefresh85

    You do buddy.. If police would do their job and stop murdering people and pets and any one who stands in their way, we may trust them more.. But at this point things are coming to a head and I believe people and police are not going to like the outcome..

  • dougiefresh85

    Jake us so called “Activist” are millions strong and growing. We do not live in Nazi Germany nor do we live in Soviet Russia. This is America and we are endowed with certain rights that are being taken away and stomped on.. -

  • dougiefresh85

    Out of sight out of mind.. That is what this whole country is doing now, watching the government do all these things but saying It didn’t really happen. Oh the Kardacians are on…

  • Benjamin Walsh

    Jake C I have seen in my own life police lying and abusing my loved ones rights and trying to intimidate and scare them. They have in some cases even ignored court orders. I constantly see police offers Jay walking, talking on cell phones while driving, and breaking plenty of laws that ordinary citizens would be cited for. Do you not hear about all of the horror stories about police officers raping women in the back of cop cars or killing completely innocent people who are not harassing anyone, or how they brutally beat up people with overwhelming force, or raid the wrong house and murder innocent people, or confiscate personal property for their own precinct, or beat mentally ill homeless people to death, or plant evidence on people or lie and then get caught on tape doing it? I cant understand people like you, the evidence for what is being said here is overwhelming and you want to act like its a bunch of fringe cop haters throwing a tantrum for no good reason. My god, shame on you.

  • Jake C

    It is true that there have been some bad cops out there. But just like in any profession, there will be a couple of bad ones. But you are saying all police officers are bad. Which isn’t true. There are several cases activists have complained about because the officers weren’t found guilty of anything. It all comes down to a he said she said scenario.

  • Jake C

    No, the evidence is not over whelming. What court orders were ignored? Is it legal to talk on a cellphone in your city or state while driving? You are making the statement that all police officers are bad. That is simply not true. You have listed a few isolated instances and that is not overwhelming evidence to put all police officers in the “bad group”. Look at what copblock is. It is a bunch of fringe cop haters throwing a tantrum for no good reason. Some of the replies are more violent then the supposed crime. This article is nothing but a complete rant. All of the statistics the author cited are in favor of the police officers. In society majority rules. I’m sorry you feel all police officers are bad and you have all of these so called accounts of officers being “bad”. Why didn’t you report them? No one said police officers are perfect but if they are breaking the law the way you make it seem, why aren’t you reporting them?

  • Jake C

    What rights are being taken away and stomped on? I would be very interested in reading that. True there are millions of activists. But they are not all copblockers.

  • dougiefresh85

    The right to video tape the right for a fair trial, the right to witness a cop committing a crime which happens all the time. We are losing rights left and right. And if you question the cops you likely end up beat or dead. Look at the evidence of whats happening.

  • dougiefresh85
  • dougiefresh85

    Moore Oklahoma cops killing an unarmed man. Beating him as he lay there and died.. 5 on one.. With people telling them that he was not breathing then taking away the wifes phone..Propping him up after he was dead and saying everything was ok..

  • dougiefresh85
  • Jake C

    You say, “I have seen in my own life police lying and abusing my loved ones rights and trying to intimidate and scare them. They have in some cases even ignored court orders”. Do you have proof of this? Did you go down to the PD and file a report?

    You say, ” I constantly see police offers Jay walking, talking on cell phones while driving, and breaking plenty of laws that ordinary citizens would be cited for”. Is it legal for people to talk on their cellphones why driving in your city or state? What other laws are the police officers breaking?

    You say, ” I cant understand people like you, the evidence for what is being said here is overwhelming”. What I read was an article from a copblocker who feels slighted because the polls he/she posted about people’s feelings about the police are for the police and not against. You have made a number of statements in which you accuse the police of things you have seen. Where is your evidence?

    You have taken a couple of stories about bad police officers and then use that as a generality about all police officers. Yes, there have been a few bad apples. There are a few bad apples in any profession. It would seem a large number of activists revolt because of a decision of “not guilty” when these activists feel it should be “guilty”.

    You said, ” I cant understand people like you, the evidence for what is being said here is overwhelming and you want to act like its a bunch of fringe cop haters throwing a tantrum for no good reason”. The evidence I read was most of America supports our police officers and then the author tries to discredit those who believe our police officers are doing a great job. Look at the posts on copblock or any activist video on youtube. Then look at the replies to that video or article. I see more hate and threats of violence towards the police and others who do not agree with what is being said. With that it would seem like “its a bunch of fringe cop haters through a tantrum for no good reason”.

  • keepitreal

    Hey, that’s a threat, slaps. I’m calling the FBI right now. Say goodbye to your gun ownership rights, slaps. Because they’re GONE.

  • keepitreal

    Slappy asking somebody to prove something! Classic! The original man with no credibility telling somebody else to prove something.

  • t

    Funny you bring that up.
    Just last week I was contacted by my state’s AG’s office.
    The AF and a bunch guys heard about my case and they wanted more detail. Some of the lefties in the rice are wanting the AG to try and keep,officers from suing but he and the wiser of the crowd applaud my choice. They are trying get more Chiefs to back their officers when they want to sue instead of telling them not too.
    The AG’s guys, like, realize that the stakes are high for officers when false allegations are made. Bring lawsuits against those false complainants sends the right message.

    Anyway….have fun.

  • Citizen

    “What rights are being taken away?” Are you fucking retarted???

  • Shawn

    Jake, there is more than a couple. Cops have gotten crazy with the use of deadly force to the point a kid got killed at his door for holding a damn wii. Do you think the bitch will get punished?

    No. Cops have forgotten the concept of REASONABLE fear.

    “It all comes down to a he said she said scenario.”

    Ya, because in too many scenarios the cop controls the evidence against them. One I saw recently was cops killed an armed man. Turned out, the last the gun was officially noticed, it was in A POLICE EVIDENCE LOCKER. Can you say throw down weapon?

    “But just like in any profession, there will be a couple of bad ones. But you are saying all police officers are bad.”
    ‘Good’ cops are more than happy to protect bad cops. Kind of makes the ‘good’ cops into bad cops.

  • ben dover

    I understand that ,we understand that but why do LEO’s look the other way and not report the bad ones, if that was done we would give alot of respect back.How can that thin blue line be changed for the betterment of all???? That is the largest issue

  • ben dover

    Here are the 8 reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, February 25, 2014:

    Update: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (First reported 10-21-13): The now-former police chief was sentenced to 18 months in prison for conspiring to create an unauthorized slush fund, with a federal judge saying she was sending a message that the seriousness of his crimes outweighed his supporters’ calls for leniency.

    Walnut Ridge, Arkansas: A police officer was charged with both fraud and possession after he was arrested. He is accused of forging

    Clermont, Florida: A police officer, who was the subject of a scathing internal affairs investigation, has resigned. The officer admitted in the report he lied in a police report from a domestic dispute. He resigned instead of being terminated.

    Lexington, Nebraska: A police officer plead guilty to one count of attempted burglary. He faces a possible penalty of five years in prison, and a $10,000 fine. He was on duty when he was caught by video surveillance during the incident.

    Orlando, Florida: A police officer was arrested after investigators said he may have hit a woman’s car in a parking lot and then took off.

    Cleveland, Ohio: A man who says he had his hands in the air and was unarmed when a police officer shot him in the chest over a traffic violation has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, saying the officer’s actions were “extreme and outrageous” and that the department leaders have fostered an atmosphere ripe for constitutional violations.

    Caseyville, Illinois: A police officer was arrested on charges of domestic battery and aggravated assault.

    Update: Muskogee, Oklahoma (First reported 01-31-14): A police officer facing charges of kidnapping and sodomy has resigned from the department.

  • John Q Public

    “Results for this Gallup poll are based on aggregated telephone interviews conducted June 2011, June 2012 and June 2013, with a random sample of 3,553 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

    For results based on the sample of 2,826 non-Hispanic whites, the margin of sampling error is ±2 percentage points.

    For results based on the sample of 651 nonwhites, the margin of sampling error is ±5 percentage points.

    For results based on the sample of 296 non-Hispanic blacks, the margin of sampling error is ±7 percentage points.

    For results based on the sample of 245 Hispanics, the margin of sampling error is ±7 percentage points.

    In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.”

    Hard to get good diversification from such a small number of people. If they called 3,553 different people, I bet the results would be way different. It seems that these people like the president (54% nonwhite; 29% white) and television news (36% nonwhite; 19% white) way less than the police. Its easy to manipulate numbers to get the desired results.

  • ben

    Now he knows how people feel when they torture them

  • RadicalDude

    It’s kind of intellectually dishonest to say that police departments deliberately try to hire the “dumbest” cops they can find.

    Having said that, this article was pretty interesting. I think the main point to take from this article is that the issues raised on cop block are making their way into the general market place of ideas and seem to be gaining more ground in that regard.

  • JdL

    Why don’t you come and find me and we will discuss what lesson you think I need to be taught.

    You’re a cop, right? It must be quite a shock to you to experience any serious response from the people you’re so used to pushing around at will. Get used to it, because we citizens are just getting started!

  • Ed
  • Jake C

    Again, what rights are being taken away and stomped on?

  • Jake C

    Your link goes to a activist run website called “Before it’s news” Please post a link to a real media source. I am interested in the story.

  • Jake C

    I have a video recorder. I have never been restricted using that recorder. I have attended hundreds of trials and they have all been fair. Those trials put away pedophiles, murders, drug dealers, bank robbers, just to name a few. I have also seen a number of people win their cases.

    You say, ” the right to witness a cop committing a crime which happens all the time”. I disagree with that statement. What is copblock doing? How about all the other activist run websites? It would seem activists are always filming police officers. Just because the vast majority of them show nothing gives no reason to say police officers are breaking the law all the time. In a number of them, no one is calling or going down to the station and filling out a complaint.

    You said, ” if you question the cops you likely end up beat or dead”. Please post a scientific link that would support that statement. Not an activist run website but a true scientific study that would support your statement of ” if you question the cops you likely end up beat or dead”. I am quite interested in seeing something like that.

  • Jake C

    Sorry, I am not a police officer. Who am I pushing around? I post my statements and invite anyone who disagrees with me to post their reasons why they disagree with me. I usually post links to evidence that backs up my statements.

    You said, “Typical pig lover that needs to taught a lesson”……………. So I said why don’t you come and find me and we will discuss it. It is a simple request if you feel your statement is so important. It would seem a vast number of people who post on this website are making statements about killing police officers, issuing death threats to anyone who doesn’t agree with the poster ect… It would seem the so called “peaceful activists” are more violent then the police officers they say hurt people.

  • Jake C

    You said, “why do LEO’s look the other way and not report the bad ones” I honestly cannot answer that question. What needs to be understood is everyone has a different idea about law enforcement. Your views would not necessarily be my views. Are there some bad police officers out there, Yes. Are there as many as activists claim? I seriously doubt it. A vast number of people who look at posted videos typically respond with emotion and not educational thought.

  • Jake C

    Shawn, I’m sorry but I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you on some of your points. Do you have a link to the kid that got killed for holding a wii? I can’t honestly answer that question without reading the story.

    You said, ” Cops have forgotten the concept of REASONABLE fear”. I have never heard of that before. Do you have a link to that statement. I am interested.

    You said, “because in too many scenarios the cop controls the evidence against them. One I saw recently was cops killed an armed man. Turned out, the last the gun was officially noticed, it was in A POLICE EVIDENCE LOCKER”. Too many scenarios?

    Sounds like someone noticed the gun was in a police evidence locker. You also say the police killed an armed man. Was he shooting at the police or threatening the police or someone? There has to be much more to the story.

  • Alvin

    Libtards. Why don’t you do society a favor and eat a fucking bullet.

  • Ed
  • Shawn

    Too much to answer now, but here is the Wii one.

    That is unrestrained fear. Nor is it isolated.

  • Jake C

    Wow, that is something. If those officers are found guilty then they deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    “This isn’t the “police state” that you think it is. (Que up a dumb response from Ariel).” You mean the one where I’ve consistently agreed with you that the USA isn’t a police state? Your reasons were wrong, but your conclusion was right. You couldn’t grasp the definition of police state, and that it has nothing to do with numbers, nor the concept of a vast middle between dystopia and utopia.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I think legally it’s only harassment if it’s done over time, repeatedly over time to a specific person. Not at any one time only.
    Moreover, you interfere by getting too close (subjective yes) or by attempting to engage the officer(s). Standing back at a good distance and shouting “pigs” or “jack-booted thugs” or the one finger salute isn’t interfering. It’s political speech and protected. Obnoxious, yes, something the police have a lawful power to stop, no.
    I think you miss the various state laws called loosely “Police Bill of Rights”. The most obnoxious part, if you like transparency in government, is the hiding of officers names when they’ve been accused of excessive force, even to the extent of redaction under an FOIA request.
    Finally, I think they mean the powers not the rights.

  • Jake C

    I looked up the police bill of rights.'_Bill_of_Rights I believe the police have rights just like anyone else especially when they are doing their duties. It would seem youtube has a number of activists who are recording the police from all angles. It does become a distraction when an officer is trying to control a scene and people believe they can stand as close as they want to. The scene commander decides the location and size of the scene. Not the activist with a camera. In a lot of those videos I saw, the officer wasn’t telling the activist not to record, the officer was telling the activist to go record somewhere else. Regarding people calling police officers names or flipping them off. What is the true point of that type of behavior? Seriously. If someone is hollering names at the police while they are doing their jobs then their can be an obstruction charge. Parole officers aren’t union. There are a number of organizations a parole officer can join if they so desire. Yes, there are unionized police officers just like unionized firefighters or EMS personnel.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Starting in the middle, sort of, it doesn’t matter the true point of people doing that behavior because it isn’t up to us to judge, it’s not something police have a lawful power to stop. And again, unless they’re engaging the officer(s) specifically, it is just politcal speech. Those obstruction charges usually die at first look by a judge, especially if there is a video that contradicts the officer’s report (people lie).

    “In a lot of those videos I saw, the officer wasn’t telling the activist
    not to record, the officer was telling the activist to go record
    somewhere else.” If that somewhere else was “back-up” that’s fine, if it’s to drive the “activist” (most people recording these days are not activists but people with cellphones) away so that can’t record it isn’t. I’ve seen videos where a cop has singled out only the person recording….
    I’m leaving this there because I have to leave. Anniversery time.

  • t

    You really need to know what questions were asked in the poll. The results depend on a massive amount of variables. What do you main trust or have faith in? Lots of room there for a different ideas to be interrupted by people .

    The CSI EFFECT is very real among jurors. They, like most here think they know a lot because of what they’ve seen on TV and in movies. The fact that we can’t access every camera and blow up the photo from an ATM 4 blocks away to get a picture doesn’t matter to them. They saw it on TV so it must be possible.
    That type of variable is very real and it influences thoughts.

    Just saying

  • Ghost

    Hey slaps, since you know my name and address why don’t you tell us what the educational requirements are for LEOs in my city? Oh yeah. That’s right. Your a lying piece of shit. Fucking moron.

  • Ghost

    Why don’t you come see me boy. Let me beat the fuck out of you. You have my address Come on over fuck boy. Fucking moron.

  • Ghost

    Are you talking about posting links slappy? You mean like the one you posted that proved 33% of Turkish police officers think women who are raped deserved it? Links like that right slaps? Since you have my address come on by you little fuck boy. Fucking moron.

  • Ghost

    Fucking moron.

  • ben dover

    Bloomfield, New Jersey: A police dashcam video helped clear a man who was facing charged that included eluding police and assault. The officers who lied about the incident have now been indicted. .

  • Ed

    What good does that do to the people that they violated?
    Ever notice how eager cops and rapists are to put their hands on people without first getting permission from those people?

  • kinninigan

    so how much rolled up money do they shove up your asshole on payday to shill for police…you dont realize people like you make the problem seem OBVIOUS…selling out your own country to defend satanic acts of the police
    You know you are just a “TOOL” for Zion and they will kill you and throw you in a ditch too when they are done with you, you think you come to power with the NWO your in for a fucking surprise…enjoy you $$$ while it lasts idiot

  • kinninigan

    “activist”…good way to stereotype you idiot…THE TRUTH is not activism, nor is every poster at before its news is an activist
    …no wonder cops are so easy to brainwash

  • Jake C

    Again your response prove copblock activists are more prone to violence then the police they claim are violent. Why don’t you find me and we will discuss your ridiculous behaviors. You are all talk and no action. I do have your name and it figures it would be a copblocker associated with this site. You are a sad and pathetic keyboard warrior. Since copblock seems to allow people to threaten each other it just proves even more the lies copblock pushes. This is the only way you can communicate on any level. That is why you are a sad lonely case. The other thing is you don’t know me. Do you honestly think I would stand there and “let me beat the fuck out of you”? Then you truly are stupid. You need to stop watching MMA videos. You don’t even comment on the articles. You just troll through here trying to start a confrontation. You are a pathetic little man.

  • Jake C

    Again I ask the administrators of copblock to review what is being said on this site. Again you have people threatening physical violence. First death threats and now physical threats. Is this what copblock is all about? Some of the people who post on this site are more violent then what they accuse police officers of being. Is this how you want your site to be? Nothing but physical threats and death threats? Nowhere in the constitution does it say you can threaten people. Is this how hypocritical your site is? I recently saw a video of Dave Ridley. I looked at his website in a video he was talking about how the FSP people are threatened. I am going to submit how this website has people who threaten others and then does nothing about it. This destroys more credibility with people. I’m sure Ridley would post a video on how dangerous copblockers are and how the copblock site puts up with it.

  • t

    Ey yeah. That’d be the one. The problem you always face dude is that you don’t realize the way the commenters and posters on this site use the term. But keep,going.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I’ve addressed that in my previous comments also, and you’ve missed that again and again. I do realize how they use it and they are wrong. Its where the phrase a whole lot of middle between dystopia and utopia.
    You have said over and over that I’ve said the US was police state, when I’ve done nothing of the sort, not even once. At this point, you are no judge of what I know or what I’ve said.

  • t.

    And yet… go on and on about it. Ha.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Because you keep repeating the same errors over and over again. It’s like dealing with a challenged child, or a dishonest adult. Which are you?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    That’s why I called CSI and Criminal Minds great science fiction. However, there is another problem that too many people have, confirmation bias. With that affliction, all they read is only understood in a way so as to confirm what they believe. It leads to misunderstanding what they read.

  • Jake C

    People like you are the problem. As you go on your rhetoric tirade you fail to post any credible links to back up your statements.

    You said, “You know you are just a “TOOL” for Zion”. I know where you are going with this. You are just another piece of scum who dislikes Jews and thinks they are the problem as to why you haven’t accomplished anything in life. You need to go look in a mirror. What is looking back at you is what the problem is. Racists like you are often ignorant and just plain stupid. I suggest you go to a neonazi site.

  • Jake C

    Again your stupid rants mean nothing.

  • Jake C

    Prove your statements.

  • Ed

    Last I knew, sentences that end with a question mark are not statements.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Unless it’s a SLAPP.
    And the problem with false complaintants is that what your PD determines to be false isn’t necessarily what a civil court will find false (it, your PD’s no fault found, is not even always successful in state or federal criminal court).You may have a good case, from what you wrote elsewhere the guy went into the extreme of falsehood, but the cops that follow you may find you weren’t a good example.
    Remember, you’re in the executive branch, and what it finds false doesn’t necessarily translate to the judicial branch. Just saying. Moreover, the judicial branch may balk if it sees too many lawsuits that give them a reason to believe police are using them to silence complaints. It’s all a balance.
    Anyway, have fun.

  • t

    OMG. so without knowing what the questions are (were)…..and throwing out all of the individuals polled biases because we have no idea of what there experience is, who they are, their socio-economical status…without knowing any of that (leaving out a multitude of other variables such as education, religious backgrounds, family histories of public service, etc..)

    So yet again, as is your usual….you buy what ever is sold to you. Even in a case like this where you don’t even know what you’ve bought. Shocking. Wait, no it’s not.

  • t

    Guess you didn’t see the story today about the 4 year old girl mauled to death by dogs. Bet the family wish an officer had been there to save their child by killing the sweet family pets.

    Nah….you probably didn’t.

  • t

    Dang but you’re a goof.

  • t

    Sort of…but not really.

    In civil court it’s a simple preponderance of the evidence. Guess you forgot that huh? Anyway.

    Let me ‘splain a typical police misconduct complaint. The overwhelming amount of complaints are “demeanor” complaints. Claims that an officer cussed at them or said something he shouldn’t have or some such thing.
    Well no days most officers have camera systems in their cars that captures audio as well. Now as pointed out in the past….the camera systems in most cars can’t be accessed by the officers at all. It’s also been pointed out that the audio records are far better at recording the voice of the officer then they are at recording anyone else.
    That comes into play. A simple review of the video will show if the officer did something wrong or not. And therefore…if the complaint is true or false.

    Guy, think you know whatever you’d like. I live it everyday and have for 18 years. I know that of which I speak.

  • kinninigan

    jewish rabbis are beaten in israel for being critical of “zion”, do your home work idiot, zion IS NOT israel

  • kinninigan

    “Nowhere in the constitution does it say you can threaten people. Is this how hypocritical your site is?” LMAO!

    What a sad life you have, defending evil police then bitching like a little girl…and at the same time too stupid to see its the police who made their jobs so dangerous by NOT FIRING BAD POLICE and letting them do what they want from killing to lying on police reports

  • Jake C

    Your statements are the same I hear when people come through my officer on probation for hate crimes. I believe you should reconsider your opinions.

  • t

    Didn’t happen.

  • t

    None of those rights are being”taken away”

  • RaymondbyEllis

    And you return with a childish response.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, I didn’t forget that whatsoever. It’s a lower standard. And oddly, juries and judges in civil suits have disagreed with the PD assessment of no fault found after that simple review

    “Guy, think you know whatever you’d like. I live it everyday and have for 18 years. I know that of which I speak.” You take your perception of what you have experienced and believe it is ultimate reality and that you are the ultimate expert.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Yet that has never stopped you from quoting poll numbers when they are greatly in your favor. All those variables seemingly disappear. You buy it when it supports you.

    Gallup is likely more expert in taking polls and dealing with the variables than you are. They have 75 years of developing the methods.

    The most likely factor effecting polls regarding approval of police, because polls are snapshots, is a series of events or an event that sways the public in a particular direction. Its why a poll can give high approval at one time and a low approval at another time. Ceteris paribus.

    The ad hominem seems to be your greatest tool for arguing.

  • Nathan

    are founding fathers didn’t have this type of police set up in mind, jury duty however is very patriotic, the original set up for law enforcement was WE are the standing army and the police force because then the powers of law enforcement would become tyrannical and powerful, which is ironic cuz that’s what happening now and keep in mind the founding fathers made this based off the British rule they exp, as well as common word of other countries during that time and documented history.

  • joe

    I’m a 51-year old white man, and I have to say, sadly, I don’t trust police. I especially do not trust prosecuting attorneys.
    I know they are not al the same, but still, that’s the way I feel.

  • joe

    I have to add: if the police needed my help on a case, a person they are investigating, I would not help them. For all I know the person they are investigating is innocent.