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                         Workers' Compensation Premium Recovery Consultants


BBB® - Start With Trust - In Chicago and Northern Illinois

Advanced Insurance Management is one of the most experienced premium recovery firms in the U.S. 

We have been helping employers recover premium overcharges in Workers Compensation insurance since 1987.

We've worked with employers all over the country, of all sizes and types. We've helped machine shops with only 30 employees and we've also helped large Fortune 500-type employers.  We've even helped an NFL team with their Workers Compensation premiums.

Our Rating with the Better Business Bureau: BBB® Accredited A+ Rating

AIM has been doing this kind of premium recovery work longer than just about anyone else in this field. We're also completely independent, with no hidden connections to insurance agencies or insurance companies. We're true independent consultants, with no hidden agendas about replacing your agent, broker, or insurer.

Advanced Insurance Management was one of the pioneers in the field of Workers' Compensation Premium Recovery.


We've helped hundreds of employers of all kinds save millions of dollars in Workers Compensation insurance premiums.  But we're far from the only company offering such services, as a quick google search will reveal.

The field of workers' compensation premium recovery is unregulated, which means anyone can set up shop on the internet and claim to be an expert in Workers Compensation. There are no licensing requirements, no minimum standards for education or experience.

We would suggest that it's vital to choose a firm with an established record for producing refunds for clients without resorting to misrepresentation or exaggeration. An unethical or inexperienced "expert" could inadvertently involve a client in insurance fraud, by seeking refunds or reductions that are not truly warranted by the rules and regulations. Please consider the qualifications of our principal consultant, along with our own code of ethics, when considering which premium review service to utilize.

Also, AIM doesn't tie up clients with exclusive long-term contracts. Some of our competitors require you to contractually agree to use their services exclusively for five years, whether or not they produce results.

An ethical and qualified premium review consultant can save your company thousands of dollars. An unethical one can cost you far more than that. As when choosing any advisor for your company, choose wisely and carefully when considering a premium review consultant.


All Premium Recovery Consultants Are Not Created Equal


Advanced Insurance Management LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau.  This is one way we try to reassure our clients that our business practices are ethical and reliable.


We have also been certified as Recommended Expert Services Providers by the A.M. Best Company.

Our President is also a member of the National Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, and is bound by the code of ethics of that organization.


Our President, Edward J. Priz, has been accepted as an expert witness on Workers Compensation insurance premiums and audits by state and federal courts across the U.S.  and we'll be glad to provide you with case citations.

If your company is considering using a premium recovery service, check references carefully.  Check with your state's department of insurance to see if there are complaints against the firm (check the department of insurance in the firm's home state also.) 

If the company claims membership in BBB or other groups, check that out too. 

A good premium recovery company can save your company thousands of dollars.  A bad one can cost you more than just money and time.

Consultants on Workers Comp Classification Codes, Experience Modifiers, Payroll Audits, & More

We've been helping employers since 1987, making Advanced Insurance Management one of the oldest and most experienced firms in the field of premium recovery.

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  • Advanced Insurance Management LLC
  • 3230 South Harlem Avenue,  Suite 203
  • Riverside, IL 60546
  • contact us:phone: 800-288-9256
  • e-mail:aim@cutcomp.com