Information and frequently asked questions

This is some information about this blog, my rules, and how I roleplay. I thought it was about time I wrote one of these things up. I have taken the time to watch classic who, new who, listen to the audios, and read some of the novels. I tend to sprinkle in all those things and consider it all canon. I have been roleplaying on this blog since 2011. This blog has been a huge part of my life for a long time. I'm a writer at heart. I love creating stories and exploring new worlds. Roleplaying has allowed me that since I have finished my novel. Hate of any kind won't be tolerated. You wouldn't like someone coming to you insulting the thing you love doing, would you? Don't do it to anyone else.

I have tons of headcanons that are linked for your convenience. There are also gifs, graphics, theories, and so much more that can be found on this blog. I have spent a very long time analysing and diving into the doctor completely. I have also dabbled with certain topics about Doctor Who or roleplayig in general and expanded upon it. As you can see, I'm rather obsessed haha. Anyway, I hope everyone who is following me enjoys their stay here on my crazy blog!

Please scroll to the bottom for my rules before roleplaying with me.

Frequently asked questions and general information:

URL linking, thread replying, and general trying to contact me.

I know a lot of people have started linking someone's URL so it shows up in their activity page instead of tagging. It's perfect if you need to tag more than five people, but it just won't work for me due to clutter.

I really don't want to seem like I'm ignoring anyone so please tag my URL instead if you want me to see something. My tag isn't cluttered at all so I will see it.

On that note, I won't see thread replies on my activity page either so if you've replied to our thread pleeeaaase tag my url under the reply and if you want you can send me an ask, fanmail, or submit telling me that you replied. I also won't see the reply on my dash for this reason:

I follow that many blogs because when I started this blog I decided that I would follow back any roleplay blogs that follow me. I didn't expect to get many followers but despite the followers I have now I haven't changed my "following policy." I also follow some AMAZING david tennant and doctor who personal blogs.

So! Please utilize the taging system, askbox, and fanmail to get me to see things! I always feel like an ass when I find something a month+ later after it was posted. I /never/ ignore anyone. I just have loads of clutter. I LOVE YOU ALL I SWEAR.

Your icon moves! How did you do that?

Indeed it does! A year ago someone figured out a cheat to allow us to upload moving icons but sadly about a week later tumblr staff changed the way you upload icons, rendering this cheat impossible. I haven't found a way to do it again. I haven't changed my icon for a year. If I ever did I would lose my moving icon. I know some can see it but others say it doesn't move. That's because it works fine in firefox, internet explorer and safari but if you're a google chrome user you need to download this extension in order to see it.

Why do you continue to use regular gifs?

There are three reasons why I use regular gifs instead of icons or gif icons. It's because I'm an old tumblr roleplayer, because old habits die hard, and because I've spent far too long collecting gifs over these two years to start all over. The number of gifs I currently have are:

Can you imagine trying to make 19,757 gifs into gif icons? THAT WOULD BE A NIGHTMARE! I will never have the same amount of non-gif icons as I do gifs either.

However, please, please, please don't ever think that I will refuse to roleplay with you if you use icons or gif icons. Please do! I don't mind at all. You don't have to change your format either. I'm not picky about formats or the way you choose to roleplay. I hope my decision to keep up the old way of roleplaying doesn't stop you from roleplaying with me, but I understand if it's an annoyance.

How did you get a '.com' url?

I paid for it. Now, I imagine you're thinking I spent a lot of money in order to get a .com, but I didn't. I spent a little over a buck. Network solutions offers .com domains for really cheap if you are attaching it to a website like tumblr. If you're not willing to pay any money you can get a free domain here. After you've got a domain you just need to follow the instructions that tumblr offers here.

Why do you send fanmails after you've replied to a thread?

The fact is I get really busy with everything and it takes me awhile to reply. Sometimes it takes weeks or even up to a month. I know most of the people I roleplay with aren't refreshing my blog daily waiting for replies and sometimes the activity page is cluttered. I send people fanmails so they know I've replied. I've been doing this for almost a year. I just want to make sure everyone knows I've replied after a long period of silence. If you would prefer I don't do that please give me a heads up. 

Are you fandom cross over friendly?

HELL YES. Even if I haven’t watched the show or seen the movie or read the book I will roleplay with you. I love interacting with everyone. OCs OF ANY FANDOM WELCOME. LOVE OCs

Do you like OCs?


I love OCs like you don’t even know. It takes so much courage to make an OC. It takes so much creativity too. These people are amazing. They are writers at their best. Honestly, I admire them. They made their own creation and it is almost always wonderful.

However, you should be aware than unless you have spoken to me first, all children of the doctor and family members are not my doctor’s family/children. Future or not. It doesn’t mean I won’t roleplay with you. My Doctor is from a universe that isn’t the one he’s standing in when I roleplay with you. Therefore, he will default to saying you are a parallel world’s Doctor’s child. I’d love to roleplay with you regardless. 

I have a list of people who are actually from his universe right here. If you would like to be added please askbox me.

How does this work you may ask? Well, I have an explanation on how the Doctor is from a parallel world, living in another.

It is called The Multiverse.

All information on the multiverse can be found here. <—-yes that is a link. CLICK IT.

Do you wanna roleplay?

SURE! It actually makes me giddy when someone asks this. Please just be aware that I am in college right now and I am very scatter brained. I am also known to write something that my partners call the “ryan novel.” If I go silent for a long period I am likely writing up one. A lot of times I forget to do replies after a day passes so shoot me a link.

What’s taking you so long to reply?

Usually I answer asks bottom to top. That means I answer the asks at the bottom of my askbox and work my way up. I find it’s the fairest way for people waiting. Paras I get lazy on but will answer once I can. Please know that I will often switch to para rp only and will not answer asks. It’s just easier on my one track mind. 

Did my ask get eaten?

If I haven’t answered in several hours up to 24 hours up to a week depending on my IRL schedule, than yes unless I have stated a reason why I’m not answering asks. My askbox does get hungry from time to time. Also, sometimes tumblr doesn’t alert me to new asks so I need to refresh.

What's god modding?

I will likely ignore anything and everything I consider god moding. Definition:

Pretty much, I won’t tolerate you attacking/injuring my character without my permission. You can write something like “I fire the gun” instead of “I shoot you in the shoulder.” Or “I go in for a punch” instead of “I punch you in the face.” It leaves me as a writer the chance to write in a reaction.  Also, speaking for my character will be ignored. Don’t write “The Doctor walks up to me” because that is writing for my character and therefore, god moding. Only I can write what my character says and does.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to askbox me. For more information and ooc contact can be found right here.

Rules and facts

Things you should know

  • This blog is an AU doctor who never regenerated into his eleventh self. Everything that has happened to eleven has happened to him. He is actually ahead of the show since he’s now lost Clara(though he won’t tell why because I don’t know that yet.)
  • This blog is friendly to/roleplays all sorts of forms of roleplay including but not limited to mpreg, tencest aka selfcest, and talk of bipolar disorder. I do not judge anyone for what they want to roleplay as long as they do it in a manner than makes everyone comfortable.
  • Much like science fiction, I stick in actually scientific knowledge into everything I do. It’s not tasteless and tends to be something I worked a long time on.I understand if you don’t like certain things but be aware than I do it. If you want me to start tagging I will be more than happy to.
  • This blog can and has been NSFW for a number of reasons. I always tag when need be. The Doctor doesn’t get it on much but I have rp’d smut. Please refer to my info page on smuting.
  • Triggering roleplays will always be tagged. If there is any concerns on what is roleplayed on this blog feel free to shoot me an ask.

Things I love

  • Plots: I love full on plots. Don’t ever be afraid to bring one up. I love planning and roleplaying full plots. It is the best part of roleplaying
  • chit chats: I love just chatting about anything even if it is random.
  • creepy/awkward/make my muse squirm stuff: I admit these sort of things make me giggle. I love getting them in my askbox. I actually go OOOOOooo when I see it. SO BRING IT ON.
  • Coming to me for advice: This I dedicate the most time on. I really like helping people and I want to make sure that anyone who comes to me for advice leaves feeling better. If you ever need help on anything, feel free to drop me an ask.
  • ANY SORT OF INTERACTION. Honestly, I don’t bite and I love roleplaying with everyone. When I get a new ask, I am excited as well as shocked. I love all of my followers and it is such a joy that any of you want to roleplay with me.

Ways to roleplay with me

  • Asks: this is the best way because I have “Ooo shiny disease” and seeing a red number catches my attention first. I spend most of my time on asks and they tend to get answered first before anything else.
  • Post/paras: this is the next best way. I will likely refresh your blog for replies for awhile but after some time, I do tend to forget to refresh or get distracted. Don’t be afraid to poke me. If you want to plot/have a post then message me.
  • Starters/intro posts: I try to check my tag as often as possible and answer starters but I do sometimes misplace them. If I have feel free to send me a link
  • answering an ask: this is the worst thing to do. I tend to miss that when people do it. I catch it sometimes but not always. I know there is an ask limit but I just keep missing this.
  • Reblogging asks:  This is the second worse thing you can do. If you reblog the ask I may not see it but also I may end up too overwhelmed to actually continue the scene. I get a lot of asks and if you all reblog your asks things may never go forward. Unless I've given you permission please don't reblog asks.

why you haven’t recieved a reply

  • My character only wants to interact with certain people. If my muse isn’t in the mood I can’t force him. =/
  • It got deleted or eaten along the way
  • It was deleted or eaten along the way
  • I feeling scattered brain and can’t get myself to focus enough to reply

General rules

  • Submitting and fanmailing when my askbox is closed: I will likely ignore any IC interactions of this nature. My askbox is closed because I have a lot of asks to get to. I’m trying to get to them in a timely manner and by using these methods to get around my askbox just makes my job harder. Please be patient with me. I will open my askbox again soon.
  • Assuming relationships: Don’t assume relationships with my character. Don’t assume my character is best friends with yours, related to, or you are a companion to my doctor. The only time this is okay is if it is already canon that they are or there was an ooc discussion about it. My Doctor will tell all people he is from a parallel universe unless you have spoken to me. So, situations that involve my character doing something he would only do with a friend/companion/family member will be ignored.
  • Following blogs: My general policy for following blogs is if I see on your blog somewhere that you roleplay, you get an automatic follow. I have done this since the start of my blog and I will continue to do so. If you are a personal blog or a non-rping blog I will likely wait to follow you until we interact for some time. If you really want an instant follow back, tell me. 


  • Anon hate: I WILL NOT ANSWER ANON HATE. If you comment negatively on my character or myself ooc I WILL NOT ANSWER IT. Take your negative and non-constructive opinions and shove them right up your arse. I will block all messages that anger me or my character. I have anon on for shy rpers. It clearly says hate will be blocked. You will not get commentary from me so go get your troll rise somewhere else.
  • Magic anons: I sometimes do them but sometimes I don’t. It’s up to my mood and what I will allow. More information right here.
  • The Doctor’s personal life: THE. DOCTOR. WILL. NOT. TALK. ABOUT. HIS. PERSONAL. LIFE. He just won’t. The Doctor is an extremely private person. He says so much but nothing at all. Unless he is close to your character to the point he wants to reveal his life, he just won’t. What goes on in the “public” and what goes on in “private” are separate. Don’t comment on his personal life and don’t ask him about it unless he brings it up first. 
  • I will not tolerate anyone who blurs the lines of IC and OOC. I consider roleplaying as a form of acting. You are portraying a character that suspends your readers reality while you interact with others to tell a story. Despite this being a hobby I will always maintain a level of professionalism. That means, when I am IC I will not blur the lines of the OOC reality. Unless my character has an issue with yours, I will not cease interaction despite what is going on OOC. The same goes on the opposite end. If I truly was an actor I would be a technical actor rather than a method actor. This is the way I do things and it has worked for me over the years. I hope you understand.