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Citizens of G7 Countries Offered 30 Days at Land Borders

Nov 13, 2013


CityNews – From the 1st November 2013, a new change came into effect ordered by the Royal Thai Immigration Office. The change will see passport holders from one of the G7 countries receiving 30 days permission to stay in Thailand when entering the country by land. Previously, they would receive 15 days by land, and the usual 30 when entering by air.

The G7 countries are: UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Italy. Other countries whose citizens normally receive 30 days upon entry by land are: Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, and Russia.

You can see the updated visa rules here: http://www.thaivisaservice.com/visa-rules

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14 November 2013 09:51

Gotta wonder what caused this?..Asean?...The simple fact it used
to be 30 then went to 15 to simply double charge like all other
things here for NON-thais....cant help but wonder why the thais
would allow this....of course we will never know the real truth..
esp after i just paid 1900 bt visa extension one day before this post



15 November 2013 14:18

Simple, the economy is going I to recession. This allows ppl to stay for lo get and encourages them to bring more no st into the businesses here.



15 November 2013 14:19

More money I mean!


Couchy Aussie

16 November 2013 16:43

Why not just open it up to everyone. If anything, clamp down of the bloody Russians.



6 December 2013 09:00

(December 6th 2013)I've been here for almost ninety days at December 12th and just received a border run visa until January 5th 2014. The immigration stated that I reached the allowable number of border crossings and will not be allowed the next one after January 5th 2014 and I do not believe she is correct but will find out prior to that date. It is unlimited border crossing at this present time?
Fifteen days to thirty days because of the worlds ailing economies? This sounds and appears to be credible. What is with the Thai people from ages twenty to sixty usually (the older and younger Thai people are lovely)?


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