oVid changed to cinovid!

To avoid possible copyright problems, we changed our name from oVid to cinovid.


What is cinovid?

cinovid is an internet database for experimental film and video art. As an universal index which, as of yet, does not exist in this field, cinovid will support distribution, research and publications.

cinovid is a non-profit project.


Who is organizing cinovid?

cinovid was created under the name oVid by the following institutions:

The project is now maintained by the Werkleitz Gesellschaft with Marcel Schwierin as coordinator, Martin Müller as programmer and Marcie K. Jost as data processor.

cinovid is supported by the ministry of culture of the state of Saxony-Anhalt


cinovid intends to provide the following data:

Data of published works will be included worldwide. The character of cinovid is that of an index which does not select the works according to criteria of quality. Since there is no actual definition for video art and experimental film, the handling of the data coverage will be rather generous. Documentaries and films with an "experimental" character can also be taken into account.

Beside the usual film information such as director, title, year of production, country, cast and technical data, cinovid will also provide synopsis, press cuttings, publications and other literature as well as information on awards and festival/television screenings.

Each synopsis and press review will be labeled with the name of the author and the source.

Distribution information will also be provided. Distributors with e-mail addresses can be contacted directly via cinovid.

Additionally, the films will be categorised to enable the user to search for specific genres or keywords e.g.: "Found Footage", "Sexuality", "Landscape", etc.

The database of the works will be complemented by a personal database including biography, email-address and a link to the home page of the artists.


Source of the data

The most important sources of data are organizations which already possess existing archives. To this date, mainly the data of the following institutions is available in cinovid (all together about 7.500 works and 5.500 artists/organizations):

Cooperation on adding their data to cinovid is also agreed upon with the following organizations and distributors (we seek further cooperation with all distributors of experimental film and video art):

The data will be completed and categorized editorially.



Legal responsibility of cinovid lies with the respective carrier of the database.

No further transfer of rights is taking place by passing on the data. Organisations/providers of data will keep all further rights on their data. Organisations and providers of data, supplying cinovid with their data, allow cinovid to publish these data on the Internet. Also cinovid will have the right to create an electronic copy of the data for storage and working purposes. cinovid intends to provide the received data for a non-profit oriented use. Organisations and provider of data are responsible for the accuracy of their data to the best of ones knowledge. They exempt cinovid of claims by third parties.

Organisations/provider of data take responsibility for the compliance of their data with the laws and regulations of copyrights. They exempt cinovid of claims by third parties.

cinovid makes effort to ensure the accuracy of the database to the best of ones knowledge. cinovid reserves the right to change or delete information at any time. cinovid makes no warranties that the information given to cinovid will be published. cinovid makes no warranties that the information contained in the database is free from error. cinovid takes no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by errors or omissions in the database.

Reproduction, distribution or transmission by any means without the prior permission of cinovid and the author is prohibited. Quotations have to mention cinovid and the author as source.

Last update: 7 Nov 2007

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