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Johnny Mnemonic: The Interactive Action Movie


by Christopher Allen

Meet Johnny. He is a data courier, using his mind for storage. His latest package is too big and the information overdose will kill him if he doesn't download it soon. Unfortunately, the only one who knows the code is bullet-ridden on the floor. Other interested parties are seeking the program and are willing to kill for it. Help Johnny figure out how to get the data out of his brain. Keep Johnny from losing his head, or his enemies will make sure he does.

Johnny Mnemonic is a Full Motion Video (FMV) game whose plot closely resembles the 1995 motion picture. Both the movie and game were loosely based on the original short story by William Gibson, also called "Johnny Mnemonic."

This single-player game follows Johnny and his bodyguard Jane (originally named Molly Millions in the short story) as they run, jump and fight their way through a dystopian future dominated by computers and violence. QuickTime movies portray Johnny's trials and tribulations, and change to letterbox format when the player must perform an action such as fighting or using an object. The fighting sequences are a series of shots cued together based on the timing of inputted fight commands, similar to Supreme Warrior.

Players will recognize many faces throughout the adventure. NBA star Kurt Rambis plays the role of "Henson," and Julie Strain, 1983 Penthouse Pet of the Year, portrays "Pretty," another street tough bodyguard. Doug Llewelyn also shows up as "Virtualville 3000 Host" and Isaac Hayes, of South Park and Shaft fame, is "J-Bone," leader of the Lo-Teks. Christopher Russel Gertin, who starred in the television series "M.A.N.T.I.S.," anchors the cast as "Johnny Mnemonic."

The four basic locales, a mostly linear storyline and multiple death scenes comprise of over two hours of footage, 2,500 scenes and over 65,000 frames of action. Plug in and enter the cyberpunk world of Johnny Mnemonic. Welcome to the future.

Extra Credits

by Michael L. House

The game is based on the movie Johnny Mnemonic and was released a few weeks prior to the movie (1995). It stars Christopher Gartin in the lead role rather than Keanu Reeves, who took the role of Johnny Mnemonic in the film. The movie was based on the William Gibson novel and, thus, the game is influenced by it as well.