Put Security Woes to Rest with Panasonic

Security is something we all have to battle with each day. Being able to monitor the things we want to keep secure is a primitive instinct, hard-wired into our DNA, but in reality it is difficult to do. We all know that mini-heart attack we have when we think we have lost something or are unsafe. That is about to change though, as the Panasonic V720 is a camcorder which can be used to improve your security, surveillance as well as a powerful imaging tool.

The Panasonic V720 implements a unique feature which has put it miles ahead of the competition through the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity directly into the device. This combination of technologies allows external devices to communicate with the camera without any wires at all. With cameras becoming an ever large part of the smartphone industry, it was about time the smartphone industry gave something back.

Let’s set up an example scenario here. We all have that feeling from time to time when we are home alone that there is someone else in the house. For many this is simply nothing but for many it is a legitimate worry in different areas of the world. The Panasonic V720 can be used as a personal surveillance device by positioning the camera in any location you with to monitor, this could be at your front door or into your back garden. Through the use of the integrated Wi-Fi technology, the image stream from the camera can be viewed directly from another device! Allowing you to keep track and monitor 24/7.

Panasonic Official ImageImage Source: Panasonic

One of the huge advantages of the V720 is that it can create its own Wi-Fi network allowing you to take your surveillance operation wherever you need to go. We all have those risky situations where we need to leave something for a few minutes without our attention but want to keep an eye on things. If you are at the park having a picnic and want to go and get an ice-cream, you don’t want to have to pack up all of your stuff just for a 5 minute journey. With the V720 you will be able to create your own Wi-Fi network right in the park and monitor it directly from your phone/tablet as long as you are still in range. The same could be done with your car if you are leaving it in a fairly unsafe neighbourhood.

Having a camera which is so innovative with features is what makes it fantastic in a whole host of different situations. If you own the V720 you’ll never need to use a Baby Monitor ever again because you can use the V720 as one! With one huge advantage too… Video monitoring giving parents that extra peace of mind. Set up the camera facing your babies cot then connect to it via your tablet and you’ll have a 24/7 video stream with sound at your fingertips constantly. It really does show how useful the V720 is in a number of different situations thanks to its superb connectivity.

Dell XPS 15 – i7 Review

The Dell XPS 15 is one of the first new laptops to incorporate Intels brand new ‘Sandy Bridge’ quad core processors which boast increased performance with less power consumption. A direct rival to Apple’s MacBooks the Dell XPS 15 combines style with performance to create a thinner and more effective Ultrabook than the rest of the competition.

Similar to the Mac Books from Apple, the XPS 15 manages to pack a huge amount of tech into such a small area! The main specifications of the XPS 15 are as follows:

  • 2.1 GHz Intel Core i7
  • 8GB Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • 750 GB Hard Drive
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 640M

The XPS 15 is built for people who want very good performance from their laptops, the GT 640M graphics processing unit coupled with the very powerful i7 processor make for a consistently smooth and pleasurable experience. With this hardware the XPS 15 can happily tackle modern games without any problem and can even give Crysis a run for its money which is always an impressive feat.

Side Shot Of XPS 15

Visually the XPS 15 is one of the most attractive features of the laptop, it is one of those ones that stands out in a crowd. Aluminium wraps around the outsides of the device giving it a shiny and professional look while maintaining a flat top and bottom, similar to how the MacBooks look.

All of these powerful specifications and visually stimulating assets aren’t without their downfall though as the XPS 15 is a heavy device as a result. While the whole device feels rugged and as if it could easily survive a fall, if you are someone who is constantly moving your laptop around or using it on long journeys it could become a bit of a problem.

Stylish and cool

One aspect I really didn’t like about this laptop is the keyboard. For me the keyboard is a very important aspect of a laptop since it is arguably your primary method of input into the device. On the XPS 15 the keyboard just looks out of place and as if they pulled a keyboard from a smaller laptop and stuck it in the middle of the XPS 15. As you can see from the image below, it doesn’t stretch edge to edge of the device, just leading to wasted space and not allowing the keyboard to live up to its full potential. Sure the different font on the keyboard looks nice but when you come to use it, you’ll wish it was bigger.

The Keyboard which is too small!

The screen on the XPS 15 is very bright and makes up for the keyboard problems with a large 1600×900 pixel resolution which is brilliant for a laptop. It is coated with Gorilla Glass too so you’ll never have to worry about accidently scratching or cracking it.

Overall the XPS 15 is a quality device under the hood, if you want a laptop to play video games on or run powerful software applications then this is the laptop will do that just fine. I personally couldn’t commit £1,100 to a laptop with a keyboard which would drive me crazy which is a shame since the rest of the device is really good. I’d suggest having a play around with the device in a store before commiting and if you like the feel of it, give it a go.

Top 5 Intergalactic Gadgets for the Space Obsessed

Looking for just the right gift for that hard-to-please person?  Need some galaxy gear for the wanna-be space traveller?  Try one of these five gadgets that are sure to please.

Deluxe Replica Apollo Spacesuit

If you want to walk-the-walk, you’ve got to dress the part, so you need a fully authentic, Apollo mission spacesuit, including helmet of course.

  • Realistic LEVA helmet with see through reflective visor
  • Detailed spacesuit pockets
  • Hard cast suit fittings
  • Detailed space suit gloves and boots

Head over to www.spacetoys.com for an entire selection of space related gear.

The Discriminator

Search for meteorites that have landed here on earth.

If you don’t have a launch vehicle to take you into space, maybe you’d like to try collecting space junk that has fallen to earth. Many people do.

What it takes is a combination of magnetometer and metal detector into a device called a Discriminator.  With this device, you’ll be able to find large objects, up to 5m deep in the soil. While you’re at it, add the blanket antenna to pull behind you (or attach it to your ATV) and cover larger areas more quickly. Before you know it, you could have a larger collection of meteorites than your local museum.


Have a snack like the astronauts do.

After a hard day of searching for aliens, it’s time for a snack.  The newest way to enjoy ice cream is to try AstroRox. Instead of sticking a melting ice cream cone in your space suit, pop in a container of flash-frozen ice cream drops instead. They won’t melt, they’re always ready to eat and they require no refrigeration. They taste just like ice cream. You can enjoy some now, snap the cap and enjoy more later.

Green Laser

Pointing out heavenly bodies with a green laser.

Whether star gazing or hunting for space stations overhead, it’s often difficult to point out to a friend exactly where you are looking. With a green laser pointer, it becomes much easier. Green laser beams show up better than any other colour at night and make pointing out heavenly bodies much easier. Select from a variety of green lasers at Focalprice.com

SkyView Free

An app to explore the universe…

Considered by many to be the best educational app of 2011, this free app from Terminal Eleven LLC uses augmented reality to accurately display moving celestial object over a real time view from the camera in your iDevice. (Works with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.)

Hold up your camera to get a view of the horizon and the app will superimpose pictures of stars, planets, constellations where they actually appear. Touching the object will bring up informative details.

Want to find the Hubble telescope or the space station? Select one in the search area and an arrow will appear on your screen to lead you to the object in the sky.


5 Gadgets to Make Your Dad Happy in 2012

Father’s day may have been and gone, but this does not mean that you cannot treat you Dad throughout the remainder of the year. Whether they have a birthday due or you would simply like to reward the tireless efforts that they make on your behalf, however, choosing a suitable present can prove challenging in an increasingly diverse consumer market.

This is especially true if your father is a lover of gadgets, as this sector of the market has grown significantly over the last decade to create a wide range of product choices. While electronic and technical gadgets were once designed and marketed with the younger generation in mind, there is a growing demand for more sophisticated products which suit a more mature target audience.

The Top 5 Gadgets for Your Father in 2012

With this in mind, there is now a wealth if innovative products that your Dad would love to own in 2012, and your task is to select one that suits both your budget and the recipients preferences.

The Panasonic PT-AE7000: The typical dad loves nothing more than adorning their home with high performance gadgets, and the Panasonic PT-AE7000 3D home cinema projector fit’s the bill perfectly. Featuring full high definition imagery, the 1080P 3-chip LCD projector is the latest in a long line of outstanding Panasonic innovations, and although the average cost of approximately £1900 is steep it provides genuine value for money.

The WD TV Live: On a similar note, the WD TV live is a streaming media player that is compatible with contemporary TV’s and personal computers. This will allow your dad to enjoy any content that you can access online, and save valuable sums of money as they indulge in affordable home entertainment. Easy to install and reliable, this gadget is one that will keep your dad and his friends entertained for hours on end.

Sky Walking Lego Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter: The majority of fathers remain kids at heart, and there is a strong likelihood that the current generation of dads have more than a passing fondness of the Star Wars franchise. This is a package including iconic star wars mini figures and retails at a bargain basement £46.99 in the UK, and is something that is bound to appeal to fathers nationwide. Featuring models of R2-D2, R5-D8, Jek Porkins and Luke Skywalker, there is something for everyone who enjoyed the original series of movies.

The iPhone 5: Now while the iPhone 5 is without an official release date, it is likely to be the ultimate gadget for your dad when it does finally hit the consumer market this autumn. Said to feature an evolved 3.99 inch touch screen, an enhanced CMOS Sony sensor camera and more applications than ever before, the latest iPhone instalment is set to be the mot comprehensive and multi-functional of the entire series.

The Cast Off Portable Fishing Rod: While it may be something of a stretch to suggest that all fathers love fishing, it certainly remains one of the most popular and relaxing past times in the UK. Costing just £19.99, this telescopic 40 inch fishing rod is an extremely affordable example of portable technology, and one that affords you the opportunity to treat your dad without breaking the bank. Sold in a package with a reel, bobber, bait, spoon and 3 weighted hooks, the Cast Off Portable Fishing Rod  can afford your dad hours of peaceful and unadulterated fun.

The Bottom Line

These gadgets offer something for a wide range of personality types, whether your father is a fan of technology or prefers to spend his time fishing in calm and tranquil waters. The majority are also affordable and offer genuine value for money, so that you can take the time to treat your father even during these difficult economic times.

Top 4 Summer Gadgets for 2012

As the summer finally appears to have arrived in Britain during the last week, the thoughts of citizens nationwide have finally turned towards domestic and overseas travel. With the peak holiday month of August fast approaching, there is a growing demand for local accommodation and international flights as individuals strive to secure a break from the monotony of everyday life.

With the results of technological advancement enabling holiday makers to travel lighter than ever before, those with an appreciation of gadgets can enjoy an even greater travelling experience this summer. With a range of innovative and affordable products making an impact within the market, there is something to help everyone as they look to get the most from their summer trip.

16GB Wristband USB Flash Drive

For business owners who wish to stay in touch with their commercial interests while travelling, the 16GB Wristband USB Flash Drive is the ideal mobile gadget. Also available with 4 and 8 GB capacity and retailing at between £9 and £10, this device is an electronic storage drive designed in the shape of a bracelet, which enables you to keep important files and documents close by at all times. The device supports USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, and is flexible, durable and therefore ideally suited for long term outdoor wear. It even comes in 6 diverse and vibrant colours, and has been created with both male and female and consumers in mind. 

16GB Wristband USB Flash Drive

London 2012 Join In App

 This summer is a seminal one for all sports fans, thanks primarily to the Olympic Games which starts in London this week. For those concerned about missing some of the action while on their travels, the London 2012 Join In mobile application provides an accessible and comprehensive solution to this problem.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, it delivers up to the minute text and video coverage of every event, you need not miss a single moment of the Games during your overseas holiday. Ideally suited for users with unlimited WiFi access, the app delivers real time updates through the course of the entire event.

150 Nation Travel Power Converter

Not all holidays are created equal – while some travellers prefer the comfort of luxury accommodation, others reside in hostels and chose to live within the heart of a local community. For the latter demographic, the travel power converter is a purposeful and viable tool, as it is a portable, compact adaptor which converts electricity extremely efficiently. Compatible with 150 nations across all 7 continents, users can travel anywhere safe in the knowledge that this multi-function electric outlet will not fail them regardless of their surroundings.

150 Nation Travel Power Converter

Portable Powermat with Powercube

On the theme of electrical device, anyone who has ever travelled abroad will understand the issues with keeping electrical devices fully charged. The portable Powermat with Powercube makes this issue a thing of the past, however, as it is a portable device that has the capacity to charge up to 4 appliances at once. Boasting wireless and USB capability, it is also energy efficient and switches off automatically once charging is complete. In addition to this, it retails at an average price of just £20 nationwide, while making travelling a far more convenient experience.

Portable Powermat with Powercube

The Bottom Line

These innovative gadgets serve a range of practical and recreational needs, and achieve far more than simply reducing the amount of luggage that you take on your trip. They also enhance your travelling experience, whether you are visiting a far flung corner of the earth or enjoying an affordable domestic holiday. The gadget market has always been associated with good value for money, and these devices do not disappoint as affordable and effective examples of breaking technology.