Meet The Team

Edward DeLeon Hickman
Lead Writer












Chief Editor and Operations Manager for the now forming SuperNET News Network. Writer of the now infamous, “Mystery of the Missing 1,000,000 NXT” that re-ignited the firestorm and inspired the series of events leading up to “Digital Blues”. A Journalist and Business Development Manager operating out of Honolulu, HI. It will be his job to breathe life into our dramatic tale.

Cadence Jean Morton
















Lives with her only daughter, two felines, and one TV in Grand Rapids, MI. Enjoys ceiling fans, cogitating, bootcut jeans, and chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter. Hobbies include vidya gaming, irreverancy, and creating. Her involvement in this project includes story development and “cheer leading”.

Mark M. Bravura
Agent Of Fortune












Artist, Journalist, Online Marketer and quintessential Crypto Webhead. Enjoys eating pizza and discussing the Arts, cryptocurrencies, sci-fi (particularly Dr. Who) and music at great length when not conspiring with his Nxt Film Project Teammates. He secretly hopes one day to win the Alien Lotto (Top Prize: A sonic screwdriver). He is the modern-day P.T. Barnum of the Project.

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Contact: Mark at altcoin DOT warrior AT gmail DOT com.


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