StockLight takes flight

It’s here. On 17 May 2013 StockLight went live on the App Store. StockLight is our new free ASX-based finance app for iPhone and iPad (Android coming soon), designed to make investing simpler.


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All your stocks at your fingertips

StockLight is the brain child of Jason Kotchoff a stellar app developer from Melbourne, and all-round good bloke.  Intelligent Investor partnered with Jason (and his team) to take StockLight from idea to reality. Everyone has worked bloody hard and we’re really proud of what we’ve released.

StockLight has been carefully crafted to make investing a whole lot more fun, simple and engaging.

If you want to find cheap stocks, StockLight is for you. If you want to read Intelligent Investor Share Advisor research on the go, StockLight is for you. If you want keep a close eye on your portfolio and view upcoming dividends, StockLight is for you.

And even if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool value investor sceptical of stock filters I bet it’ll help you find interesting opportunities you otherwise might have missed.

Here’s why.

1. StockLight

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What’s Woolies StockLight?

The namesake feature is the one we’re most proud of. The StockLight simplifies the market by providing a ‘green’, ‘orange’ or ‘red’ rating for each ASX-listed company. It’s not a stock picking tool; it’s a launching pad for further research.

We’ve selected 10 financial ratios that best capture the key issues facing any company – value, risk, quality and growth – and we’ve tailored them for each industry. If a price-earnings ratio isn’t helpful when looking at a property group it won’t be there, StockLight is smart like that.

Each ratio also has a hurdle rate which determines whether the ratio lights up green or not. Woolworths, for example, receives a green light for debt to equity as it’s currently 51%, which is less than the 75% hurdle. These hurdle rates have been fine tuned for each market sector.

Companies with over 70% of their ratios lit up green receive an overall green light, 40%-70% an orange light and less than 40% a red light. Woolworths receives an orange light as only 4/10 ratios are green  (see image to right). The in-app tutorial goes into more detail about these calculations, as do the ratio description pages.

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Read research on the go

2. MyStocks

MyStocks serves as the home screen for the app. It easily lets you add your favourite stocks, watch their price movements and drill down into more detailed information such the StockLight rating, share price movements, relevant Intelligent Investor research and latest dividends.

3. Market Sectors

The Market Sectors feature helps you find new companies of interest. Considering an investment in the healthcare sector? The Market Sector function can give you a list of all the relevant companies, which can then be added to your ‘MyStocks’ list.

4. Intelligent Investor Share Advisor research

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Keep track of all the latest dividends

We’ve embedded Intelligent Investor Share Advisor research right into the app. Enter your membership details, or join, to access all our latest buy, sell and hold recommendations. We’ve designed the page to make reading articles on a small screen as enjoyable as possible.

5. Latest dividends

Looking for a simple list of companies that are about to pay a dividend? You’ll find a complete list via StockLight’s main menu.

And this is just version 1. There are many more exciting features we’ll dream up.

If you’re yet to do so, download StockLight free from the App Store (Android version coming soon). Have a play and let us know what you think.

Note: Many features in the app are free, some require a small payment. You can access all the features by taking out a $9.49 per month subscription, or get them all for free with an Intelligent Investor Share Advisor annual membership. The ratios and StockLight indicators in the StockLight app are not a recommendation to buy or sell.

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