Guide to Using the Level 75 Talents

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This article will go over how to use the level 75 talents correctly for Blood DKs.

Runic Corruption

This is probably the most commonly used one, and the main reason is likely because it is very simple to use. The way runic corruption works, you do not have to worry about back to back procs, since they stack, and you do not have to worry about having a specific rune setup. The only way to mess up with runic corruption is to have both blood/frost/unholy runes be off cooldown at the same time. However, this would be a mistake even without the talent, so effectively there is no extra work required to use this talent.

RC Fail SS

The image above is a bad time to rune strike; you should instead be spending some runes before you rune strike, or any runic corruption procs will be wasted.

The one thing that is important specifically to a Blood DK about this talent is that you should always try to leave a frost/unholy pair up to be able to death strike on demand. Since the other pair will be cycling, you will not lose the benefit of procs, unless you delay too much in spending.

RC Good SS

As you can see, in this image you have a death strike available on demand, but also do not waste any procs that happen.

Runic Empowerment

This talent is tricky to use correctly, but once you are used to it, it becomes second nature. Since this talent only restores fully depleted runes, both runes of at least one type have to be depleted in order for this talent to do anything. Since usually you want to generate frost/unholy runes over blood runes as a Blood DK, this means you want to set it up so that only one blood rune is cycling (and the other is available), and so that both your frost and unholy runes are on cooldown before you rune strike.

RE Good SS

You always want to be in this rune setup before every rune strike. That way you get all unholy and frost runes back instead of wasting procs on blood runes. If you are not in this setup, spend runes until you are. With practice this pattern is not hard to keep up, but it can be awkward when learning. If you do not ‘game’ runic empowerment like this, you are better off using runic corruption instead for control reasons.

As a side note, starting from this rune setup, a proc will give you just one frost/unholy rune, putting you in kind of an awkward spot. This is the biggest reason I dislike empowerment, because you end up in a situation where you have half a death strike ready  and are wasting globals fishing for RNG procs trying to get the other half, which can easily kill you in a difficult situation. And if you do not get lucky, you end up having 3 runes off cooldown, because you only got one proc, again leaving you in a slightly awkward spot, forcing you to burn a death strike just to keep your rotation going. This is extremely noticeable when AMS soaking a lot. If you plan to use this talent, just be ready for those kinds of situations.

Blood Tap

This is the hardest talent to learn to use, but it plays very smoothly once you are used to it. blood tap is only usable if you actually have a fully depleted rune, so the only way to waste charges is to go over the 12 charge cap. Obviously you should avoid this. Past that, the way to correctly maximize this talent is to always keep a death strike ready. This means either have an unholy/frost pair off cooldown, or have 10 blood charges banked. Because of the 12 limit, you cannot really do both at the same time for the entire fight, but you can alternate.

BT Good SS 1

This is one of the ‘correct’ states to be in. In this state I would not spend the runes until the second pair was about to come off cooldown, or until I had built up 10 blood charges.

BT Good SS 2

This is the other ‘correct’ state to stay in. If you were in this place, you would sit and wait until either your runic power was about to cap, in which case you would double blood tap, and then use rune strike to dump runic power, or until a pair of runes was about to come off cooldown, at which point you would likely spend them, and wait until the previous occurred.

In either situation you would immediately activate the charges/spend runes to death strike if your health was dropping dangerously low, but that is the point of keeping them in reserve.

On Macroing Blood Tap

A lot of people have asked me if macroing blood tap to your rune strike is ‘okay’. It is not. Macroed blood tap does give you the benefit of only generating death runes unlike the other two talents, but you lose all the control of the talent. Honestly if you cannot handle using blood tap without a macro, you should probably stick to runic corruption. I do however feel it is worth the learning curve to learn how to use blood tap properly, because if you use it correctly, your survivability in difficult situations will improve over runic corruption or empowerment.

Closing Notes

It can be very hard to learn to use a different talent if you are used to using another, since you have to unlearn/relearn your muscle memory. I would recommend sitting on a training dummy until you feel like you have it mastered, then practice further in actual content. Just keep in mind the key rune setups for each talent.

Thank you for reading.

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