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The Business Architects Association (BAA) develops, promotes, supports and maintains standards of practice in the field of Business Architecture, ensures the proficiency and professionalism of practitioners through competency requirements and certification, and provides resources to increase awareness of the discipline in the global marketplace.
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We are pleased to announce an agreement between the Business Architecture Guild™ and the BAA™ to join forces. This essentially combines the member communities of the two leading business architecture professional associations, as well as their respective knowledge, expertise and assets.  We have decided to move in this direction in order to leverage the key strengths of both organizations to deliver the greatest value to not only to our respective members but also to the greater community. 

The Guild’s™ key strengths are:

·         Membership strength
·         Business architecture thought leadership
·         Extensive practitioner/experience-defined best-practice content

·         A mature and effective member engagement environment for content and certification development through collaborative teams enabling members to connect and contribute expertise and experience

BAA’s™ key strengths are:

·         Business architecture thought leadership
·         Extensive practitioner/experience-defined best-practice content
·         Certification content & experience

·         Academic connections

Unification of the Guild™ and BAA™ will create one preeminent organization that supports collaboration, education and thought leadership for the discipline; provides a definitive source of business architecture content in “A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge™ (BIZBOK® Guide)”; and sets standards for and tests practitioners’ proficiency in business architecture through an authoritative business architect certification program.

To effect this change, the Guild™ has agreed to acquire BAA™ assets, and the BAA™ will retire as an entity. 

As terms of this agreement:

  • Paid BAA members in good standing will be extended a six month membership to the BA Guild™. 
  • BAA™ members in good standing who have earned their CBA® designation will be granted an equivalent designation in the Guild’s™ certification program.

If you have any questions or concerns about this agreement or its implications, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via

For information on the Business Architecture Guild, please visit their website at 

Sebastian Escobar

President, Business Architects Association


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