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The Advanced Lotto Tool is a professional lottery software for players or the groups of players, full-featured and advanced lottery analysis program, which helps you select tickets for any lottery - Pick-5, Pick-6 and Pick-7, with up to 2 bonus or PowerBall numbers.

The Advanced Lotto Tool is very easy to use. That is the lottery software that intelligently enhances your chances of winning, with minimum win guarantee while using powerful mathematical concept.

This lottery software supports all the major lotteries in the world and it is designed to reduce the costs of playing larger systems. It is of interest to every lottery player or the group of players who wish to play their numbers in an organized and balanced way.

The Advanced Lotto Tool enables superior lotto experience because of the following facts:

  • Simple to learn and understand! Start playing immediately.
  • Play all major lottery games in the world! Pick-5, Pick-6 and Pick-7. You can define any lottery you wish to play - in a minute.
  • Money saving option is included! Apply filters that eliminate tickets with unlikely number combinations.
  • Lottery Filters! The Advanced Lotto Tool offers up to 14 filter categories.
  • Prevents errors! Checks your tickets for winning combinations.
  • Statistical Analysis! Use the Advanced Lotto Tool comprehensive statistical analysis to view past draws, hot/cold numbers and more.
  • Up-to-date drawing histories! View and update histories for all U.S. and Canadian lotteries, plus many international lotteries.
  • Free trial! The Advanced Lotto Tool is FREE to use for 30 days.

The Advanced Lotto Tool is compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

The Advanced Lotto Tool should not be confused with other lottery softwares on the market which merely generates random numbers!

Get some hands-on experience: download your FREE trial of the Advanced Lotto Tool lottery software.

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The Advanced Lotto Tool gives you total control over lottery!

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