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LATEST: to all our American cousins it has come to my attention, that an irresponsible person has made a connection without the slightest bit of concrete proof of that connection being correct!! That of John REDPATH b.c 1740 to one John Redpath b.1735 in Tweedmouth, Northumberland.

I have found that during the 1500 - 1850 the area that we know today as "Berwickshire" was in fact just know as BERWICK, nothing more. The shire bit got added around 1850. This I know because on my own birth registrars for Joesph b.1723 and James b.1725 of the Parish of Greenlaw and County of Berwick.

I would strongly recommend that you track this person down and ask what evidence they have. From what I have been told over the years is that all you have on your John is that he was born in "Berwick". I would contest that it meant the County of Berwick. For I have now had time to look through the Berwick-upon-Tweed records and there are only one birth in 1700 and one marriage in 1699 then they were burnt and started again in 1758.

Someone, sorry America, has made a connection to my Mary or Marion SINCLARE back to one of the Queens of Scotland and on to the Medieval Kings and Queens of France. No records have been provided with the tree, so I would say "take it with a pitch of salt!!" I have asked for proof and still none has been provided after six months to end of 2012.

The NORTHUMBERLAND records are now here.

TO COME: Scottish Death Records pre 1855

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Thanks to Herbert Arthur Leslie Ridpath (1928-2004) & Earnest Guy Ridpath (1878-19--)

"To all of you of the future and of the family of R(e)idpath; on behalf of all of us present and past and in particular those who had a hand in these proceedings; I wish you well; and charge that in your turn you add sufficient detail to this history for the interest of future generations." - HERBERT ARTHUR LESLIE RIDPATH, NOVEMBER 1980