Welcome to iDev Development Studio

iDev Development Studio is great for private persons who want to take a peek at software development, without having to know cryptic code.
And best of it all: It doesn’t rely on mathematics at all (unlike programming languages). If you need mathematical calculations, iDev contains an Calculator Object.

It’s also usefull for companies who want to speed up their development process by integrating iDev into their environment, bringing their software development to the next level – or who simply want to write smaller applications for resale within minutes.

Our integrated web automation technics make it a perfect tool for developing web automation software like SEO tools, data collaboration tools (which collect information from various web pages and put them into a nice overview), as well as browser game bots.

So what is the difference between a normal programming language and iDev?
iDev takes application development to the next level.
The whole program flow is being created, saved and processed on an abstract, database-driven layer (it’s not an DBMS!), which allows nice 100% point&click driven development – without writing a single line of code!
It’s not just a simple macro recorder or yet another scripting language – it’s a new kind of application development.

Please note: iDev is still under heavy development, but you can download the current version in the “Downloads” section.

You have to start the program manually for Output Windows to work.
To do so, please use windows explorer to search for the file
“iDev Development Studio.exe” after installation¬†and double-click it.


Key features:

bullet Allows app development without writing a single line of code bullet Implementing completely interface driven development
bullet Building apps using Objects which can be connected through Strings and Loops, and controlled by Conditions


Large number of predefined Objects
bullet Web automation with MacroRecorder


Automatic captcha solving using deCaptcher.org
bullet Plugin system, allowing extensions for nearly every possible programing task


Optional licensing & software-protection service.

Free for personal and educational use. To ask for professional license, please use the contact form.

Credits go to my dad, who has had the idea a few decades ago.
And to ProSieben/The Big Bang Theory.
Strings and Loops, Strings and Loops, Strings and Loops – *sigh* (i hope this problem will be fixed in the next version)