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Stabbing reported at Villisca Axe Murder house


(Villisca, Iowa) -- A call for help at the Villisca Axe Murder House for a reported stabbing early this morning is under investigation.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's office reports getting a stabbing call at 12:45 a.m. Friday at the infamous house located at 508 East 2nd Street in Villisca. On arrival and following a brief investigation, deputies found Steven Laursen, Jr. of Rhinelander, Wisconsin with a self-inflicted stab wound. Laursen was taken by Villisca Rescue to the Clarinda Regional Health Center where he was then taken by medical helicopter to the Creighton Medical Center in Omaha for treatment of his injuries.

Laursen was reportedly visiting the location as part of a recreational paranormal investigation.

Deputies were assisted in their investigation with personnel from the Red Oak Police Department. As of 4 a.m. Friday, Laursen's condition is unknown. Authorities say no criminal charges are expected to be filed in the case because there is no indication of foul play.

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Zak Bagans stops production of demon house documentary


"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans recently halted the production of a documentary film that will feature an alleged haunted house that he purchased earlier this year. According to a post on his Twitter page yesterday, Bagans said the house became unsafe for his crew and he had to call a priest to come exorcise the house.

The small house on Carolina Street, in Gary, Indiana has over 800 pages of official police reports of odd occurrences that have been said to have happened there. A police captain with the Gary Police Department says he believes that the home is haunted. According to the police captain and various psychics, the house is infested with hundreds of ghosts and demons.

In a recent photo of the house, a strange figure can be seen peering out of one of the porch windows of the home. City officials claim that there were no inhabitants living in the home when the picture was taken.

One family that lived in the home fled due to the supernatural events. The Ammons, who lived in the home claimed to have experienced their children levitating, strange footsteps, odd behavior from animals and insects. A family case manager and a family nurse even witnessed one of the children walking backward up a wall.

"This may well be one of the most well-documented cases of demonic possession ever," Bagans said to Robin Leach in an interview about the house.

Psychics came and informed the Ammons that the house was infested with over 200 ghosts and demons. According to the seers, the demons were attempting to possess the family's children. The home has been labeled "a portal to Hell."

"If it's true that this home is a portal to Hell, then I want to go there and see what happens," Bagans said in an interview with TMZ.

Bagans convinced another family that lived in the house in the 80s to come back to the home to appear in his new documentary. As soon as filming commenced demonic activity started to stir up within the house. The former home owner claimed that she was kicked and her daughter began speaking in tongues and threatened to attack the crew. Bagans took the possessed girl to a Catholic priest for an exorcism to rid the evil spirits.

"One of my production crew quit on the spot when we heard what the girl was doing when she was possessed. It was then I made the decision that the home was unsafe and called the priest to exorcise the house. The exorcism was unsuccessful, and things continued. For the safety of crew we halted production, and it’s been months since then. We plan to resume in December," Bagans told TMZ last week.

Bagans purchased the house on January 29 and paid only $35,000 for the home. He started production for "The Demon House" back in April but had to temporarily shut down production in the summer due to unsafe conditions. Production will resume in December.

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The Poltergeist / Watched in the Wilderness


Subject Names:  Susan Lewis, her daughter Jamie Skipper, Matt and his daughter Marie

Subject Location:  California

Paranormal Experience: A pernicious poltergeist 

Susan Lewis loved her house. Susan's daughter Jamie considered it her sanctuary. Even Susan's boyfriend Matt and his daughter Marie loved the house. Until the peanut butter spilled.

The evidence literally stacked up. Susan found things placed in odd ways all through the house. Shampoo bottles one atop the other in the bathroom, canned food in the microwave instead of the pantry; nothing dangerous, just very strange. Susan still believed it was the girls playing a prank.

One day, Jamie and Marie were in Jamie's room to tackle homework. Jamie put her coffee down on the nightstand and turned around to get the dog. Before she could turn back to the coffee, it had been splattered all over her bed. Marie claimed innocence. Angry, Jamie stripped the bed and began cleaning the room. She brought in bleach and sat it on the dresser. She reached for something, and when she turned back the bleach was upended and spilling all over the floor. Jamie immediately called Susan. While the trio went over what happened, toys from Jamie's shelves began to fly off toward them.  Panicked, they ran. Jamie realized they had a poltergeist.

In the following months, the poltergeist tortured them. Doors banged all night long. Things were twisted, pulled out, or dashed to the floor. Food was all over the walls. Lights ceased to work at night. Then one evening, Susan noticed that there were arrows in the chaos, all pointing to the vents in the walls. Was it trying to communicate?

Reluctantly, Matt followed the vents into the attic. When he couldn't see where he was putting his feet, Susan pulled the plug on any possible danger.  

Susan believed they could communicate with the poltergeist. She made a place on the mantle, found a small cat figurine, and offered it as a gift to the spirit as reinforcement that they could coexist. Annoyed, Matt grabbed the peace offering, throwing it out into the backyard. When he returned, the figurine was back on the mantle. In frustration, he grabbed it and smashed it on the floor.

They knew trouble was coming.  

That night, the word "cat" appeared scrawled all over the house. Susan described the chaos as a "rampage". While they were cleaning up, Jamie and Susan saw strange footprints. What was in their house? The poltergeist then proceeded to attack the two litters of kittens born to Susan's pet cats. One by one, the kittens grew ill and died.

The poltergeist's attacks continued when Marie was home alone and the furniture began moving on its own. Marie called Susan in a panic. Jamie returned home, only to have the door lock as soon as she unlocked it. Frightened, Marie grabbed her camera and began taking photos.

Those photos showed a light energy swooping through the frame. If it could move heavy furniture, what else could it do?  Worried for his daughter's safety, Matt kept calling until he reached a pastor who would visit the house. The pastor confirmed "spiritual warfare" was going on and prayed with the family, but he couldn't help them. They were on their own.

Jamie sat alone in her room as the poltergeist began banging on the door. It  was like a battering ram, lasting for three hours. When it stopped, Jamie opened the door to find it held a giant hole. The doorknob had even been bent. The nearby bathroom light began flickering. That door had no lock, or even doorknob.  Jamie quickly put some kite string through the hole where the knob should have been and began holding the door closed. What resulted was a supernatural tug of war, until the spirit simply cut the string.

The door slowly creaked open, but there was nothing there. Jamie tried to leave through her bedroom door, but the spirit closed and locked the door. The smell of smoke came into the room.  She managed to open the door, only to find a burning pan on the floor outside.  She stepped around the pan into the house, and found toilet paper and paper towels draped all around anything flammable.  It was trying to burn the house down with her in it. Extinguishing the pan fire, she then grabbed everything the spirit had strewn through the house. 

Susan and Jamie finally moved out.  Matt and Susan separated.  Jamie and Marie have a bond for life, and the four of them have never had another paranormal encounter.  Their house never sold, and four neighboring houses that were put on the market shortly thereafter remain unsold.

Watched In The Wilderness

Subject Name:  Jeff Boiler

Subject Location: Oregon

Paranormal Experience:  A mysterious creature in the woods

Jeff Boiler was a deputy sheriff in the Cascade Mountains. After getting off his shift early one day, he decided to take a hike. When he stopped to map out a new route, what he saw through his compass stopped him in his tracks. It was a person, but it was not a human being, and it was watching him.

Before Jeff could reach around to get his weapon, the creature disappeared. It moved too fast to have been a human. Curious, Jeff followed it.

When he reached the open area where he'd seen the creature, Jeff was unable to locate any tracks to follow. Unfortunately, Jeff was in a position where if he didn't turn back then, he wouldn't make it back to his car before dark. So, he turned back, taking a route that he hoped would put more space between him and the creature.

That was when he heard the enormous snapping sound like gunfire. Nothing short of a breaking tree could have made such a massive sound. Jeff began to run, and heard another loud snap within moments. Jeff, a former Marine and a long-time police officer, was scared to death.

As darkness encroached, the snaps began to get closer. The creature could see him, but Jeff couldn't see it.

Jeff's run halted in a clearing when he encountered a deer. She didn't seem to be afraid of humans.  While he stood there, she sniffed the air, then took off as fast as he had ever seen a deer run.  Jeff knew he was being watched. He was convinced he was being hunted.

He took off running for his car. The snapping trees followed, growing closer.  They finally stopped when he reached the car.  Jeff fumbled with the keys to the car, knowing that the creature could attack at any moment. Finally, he got the door open and began fighting with the ignition to get the car started. After a few heart-stopping attempts to start the car, the engine finally turned over, allowing him to escape.

When he got back to the sheriff's office, he needed to talk to someone, so he confided to the sheriff about what he had encountered. The sheriff informed him that there had been reports of big hairy creatures all over the area. He told Jeff not to write up a report, and not to talk about it, which Jeff did not do.

All Jeff knew was that he was never going back there.

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