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Who is Philéas ?

Philéas is the name of the project carried out by French team Atlantic Challenge at the occasion of the international student competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 that will take place in Versailles, France.

Our project is based on the Île de Nantes, an island located right in the middle of Nantes city centre, which is currently undergoing a vast program of urban refurbishment, whose guideline is to take advantage of what is already existing.

How to retrofit the heritage with efficient performing economic solutions and make them accessible to everyone?

How to reduce urban sprawl ? How to avoid artificial soil ? How to welcome newcomers into an existing social fabric ?

Solar Phileas project falls within the urban context of Bas-Chantenay district in Nantes. The neighborhood is located vis-à-vis La Cité Radieuse of Le Corbusier, on the other side of the Loire, and faces l’île de Nantes, now changing. Reflecting both urban, vegetable, and social energy was conducted.

Further to the urbanistic, vegetable, energy and social analyses led on the district of Bas-Chantenay, a building particularly held attention of the team Atlantic Challenge to embody the concept of «Fertile City» : the Cap 44.

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