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“Great training on WP. Learned a lot. Already uploaded the ping optimizer plugin on my wordpress sites and some of the SEO ones you mentioned too. Works great! Thanks!!”
Eris Poringer, Lose the Box Design Studio

“Hey Danny – I need to redo my whole web presence and I may do it all in WP now. Got a lot out of your seminar… thanks Danny – started the 4th module yesterday afternoon. good stuff.”
Tim Gleason, Tim Gleason Photography

The Web’s Largest Single Source of WordPress Training for Graphic Designers, Web Designers, and Creatives

Danny Flood, owner of the WordPress Design Institute.Hi, I’m Danny Flood (that’s me on the left).

If you’re a graphic or web designer looking to get on the fast track to learning WordPress, whether to create a design portfolio site for yourself, or to design a WordPress website for a client, then you’ve come to the right place.

A few years ago, I came to the realization that I had few prospects for employment. I had just graduated from an expensive design school with an expensive design degree. And there were very few prospects out there.

I was forced to do things like…

Spec work.

Sit in interviews for hours.

I often offered my services on Craigslist for free (in the hopes that it would lead to work later on…)

Well, none of that worked very well.

The only jobs I got were logo designs for $150, that kind of stuff. And my clients were never very nice or very good… and they always took their time to pay me!

I was at this point where I was so desperate – couchsurfing on the couch of my cousin’s one-bedroom apartment. Things were so desperate, but the breakthrough came for me when I ran into an old friend from college who told me about this new opportunity that he was doing.

He was creating these WordPress websites within days – not weeks - and getting paid pretty well to do it. And he asked me if I was interested.

I was very interested.

And so, I learned all of the technical stuff from my friend, and I also went online and read a bunch of blogs, e-books, and bought books from Barnes N Noble. Anything related to WordPress, I got my hands on.

I went on and started creating sites, breaking sites, offering to do sites for people, just so I could learn the skills and toolset that I needed to have a skill that was paying me well – a graphic design skill – that I could get paid well for.

So, I took everything I learned and created a system.

First, I mastered WordPress and was able to create beautiful websites. I learned how to customize them, tweak them, and do what I want with them. I learned how to get traffic to them. I learned how troubleshoot them (also very important).

I took everything I learned, created a system, and began teaching several years ago to other graphic designers. I went and taught workshops and seminars to other professionals. I went to universities and taught students.

What was really cool is that my students immediately went on to create all kinds of websites themselves – for themselves and for clients.

What really makes WordPress such a great opportunity – right now – is that WordPress now powers over 22% of all new websites (according to WikiPedia). It’s the #2 skill in demand, according to eLance’s Online Employment Report.

Tumon Bay, Guam. My summer home (and office) in 2014.

Tumon Bay, Guam. My summer home (and office) in 2014.

Speaking from my own experience, as soon as I learned WordPress, I was able to get work immediately – good paying work. I was able to be selective about my clients. I was able to work wherever I wanted, from wherever I wanted.

I’m at the point now where I manage a business that allows me to travel 5-6 months out of the year, working remotely. Very nice. I don’t have to go to networking meetings any more, or any more interviews to pitch my portfolio – also very nice. I get more clients than I can take through my website now.

And now I want to teach you how to take your graphic design career further by learning WordPress. There’s a huge opportunity online right now. Print design budgets are shrinking up, but WordPress is a great way for you to take your existing design skills and bring them online to a skillset that people really want – that’s hot and in-demand right now.

So, there’s a huge opportunity, and I’ve spent a lot of time to create this system for you.

  • In Video #1, you’re going to learn all the technical stuff related to FTP, hosting, configuration – things that take weeks and months to learn. You’re going to learn about it in a few short hours – saving you hundreds of hours of time.
  • You’re going to learn how to make your WordPress websites three times faster (that’s in Video #13)
  • You’re going to learn everything you need to know about plugins, such as the best plugins to use (I’ve also created a free plugin report for you)
  • You’re going to learn how to customize your websites to have the design, typography, and layout that you want… all very important.

You’re going to learn all this in one place, plus much more. This is the web’s largest single source for WordPress design and training specifically for graphic designers and web designers. I stand behind that statement – I truly believe it.

Come on inside and join me in the member’s area, and let me train you one-on-one.

Danny Flood, creator of the WP Design Institute.

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Danny Flood is a self-taught freelancer from San Diego, California. He went from designing DJ logos and club flyers for $50 to eventually turning things around by finding WordPress. He went on to learn WordPress through a combination of tech books, blogs, and trial and error. He has successfully taught other designers through coaching, workshops, and seminars. The WP Design Institute contains the complete interactive training program which he’s developed.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll get once you sign up to become a member…

Step by Step, Interactive Video Training for Whatever you need Help with.

Interactive WordPress Training

Powered by WordPress.

  • Interactive training for any skill level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced
  • Easy to implement: master WordPress quickly
  • Save weeks and months of time
  • Power your brand using WordPress
  • Create a red-hot portfolio
  • Advanced techniques, bonuses, and industry expert interviews
  • One-on-one support and coaching available

A small preview of the video training series inside the membership area… whatever your skill level, you can jump to the section that you most need help with and learn fast!

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Fire your unreliable webmaster!

If you’re just deciding to start to learning WordPress, I envy you! You’re about to dramatically upgrade your designer tool-set in new and exciting ways.

I really believe the training system I’ve prepared in the WordPress Design Institute is the one best investments you can make in your design career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in it’s Job Outlook, states that through 2016: “graphic designers with website design experience will especially be needed as demand increases for design projects for interactive media and websites…”

WordPress is the #2 skill in demand for the third straight quarter in eLance’s 2011 Online Employment Report.
I’ve spent of a lot of days and effort in creating this WordPress training for you. It was a true labor of love, and I’d like to have you come inside and join us. I have no high-pressure sales team or even a business team. Just myself, a regular guy, and a few goofballs :)

Even if website code looks Chinese to you, I’m going to walk you by the hand until you get this skill handled. And guess what? You may even have fun.

Advanced web designer? I’ve got advanced training and techniques for you, too, so strap on your seatbelt and hold on tight.

When you become a member, you’ll also get access to the Exclusive “Interviews with Design and Marketing Guru Series…”

“Your interview with Minh was AWESOME! He shared some very useful insights into social media and this is the best information I’ve heard on the topic. His seven-step plan is a brilliant way to draw up a social media campaign and his tips for execution are priceless.”
Dave Demuth, Evo Design

Who else likes to save money in their business?

As a designer, you sometimes have to shell out a few bucks to pursue your trade. To wit:

  • Stock Photos
  • Commercial font files
  • Premium WordPress themes
  • Copy of Adobe CS (hopefully you at least got the student discount!)

That’s why, as a yet ANOTHER bonus for signing up for our training course… you’ll receive your very own WordPress Pro Plugin Pack. This ZIP file contains over 30 of the best plugins that I’ve found and collected, which I immediately add to every WordPress website that I create. This alone will give you a huge head start with WordPress – and it’s yours free as an additional gift when you register.

Also Included with Your Training: the Official WordPress Design Institute Certification Seal!

The official WordPress training certification seal.

  • Certification seal to display on your agency or freelance website
  • A perfect companion piece to your portfolio
  • Instant credibility that you are thoroughly trained in WordPress
  • Distinguish yourself from the pack as a true WordPress professional
  • Increase your chances of getting new, good clients
  • Raise your hourly or per-project rates with confidence
  • Be universally respected by hiring managers and companies in the field

When you take the WordPress Design Institute training program, you’ll also get your very own official seal, to showcase on your design website!

“I’m a beginner user, so I appreciated the simple terms, it was very easy to follow and great explanations… I’m ready to get started.”
Christy Fuston, Fuston Creative
“Thanks Danny for the great WordPress workshops! My head is still spinning a bit from all the fab info. I am looking forward to more training!”
Kathy McGraw, KMG Graphiques

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed at the WordPress Design Institute.
Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority here at The WordPress Design Institute. We want you to make the most out of the training of The WordPress Design Institute, so that you can learn and grow as a designer, and we’ll always take the time to help you if you’re struggling with anything. But if you find that the program is not for you, you have a full 30 days to let us know and we’ll happily refund you in full.

But that’s not even the best part. Not only will we give you a full refund of your investment… but you can KEEP all of the bonuses and goodies inside just for trying us out. How’s that for a safety proposition?

There’s no obligation, it’s risk-free, and I’ve got plenty of cool stuff within the member’s area for you once you register. See you inside.

Danny Flood, creator of the WP Design Institute.

  • Yes, Danny! Please give me direct digital membership access to the WordPress Design Institute. I understand that Iʼm getting full access to the entire member’s area with exclusive content, video, trainings, podcasts, and PDFs…and that if I follow the information and practice, it’s guaranteed Iʼll learn the exact steps needed to be a rockstar commercial WordPress designer.

One-Time Payment of $149 (Down from $249)

Make a one-time payment of $149 and get instant access.

(Psstt… still reading? Do you REALLY want to have to rely on your PSD to HTML person forever? Or do you want learn how to do more of the cool stuff outside of Photoshop? Make more money, and get more control over your sites? Then sign up risk-free and take your career to the next level!)