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Draughtsman, Musician, Film Maker, Performer
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About Ever Orchid

Ever Orchid is a multimedia artist working mainly with drawings, music, film and performance.

She has a BA in Fine Arts where she developed Land Art installations and Stone drawings; a MA in History of Art where she researched mainly on Sound Art and currently is working towards her PhD, which focuses on vocal performance amongst ancient philosophical music studies.

Her drawings are often on stone and paper, where human anatomy compositions meets the most abstract of organic forms found in nature. With dip pen and ink, ‘memories from the stone’ are brought to the surface of the material, showing archetypal images somehow familiar, but at the same time new; and on paper, the ‘dream’ comes round, as a completely new image comes in shed by the virgin surface of the paper.

In music and film, similar nature and history archetypes are explored; the material surface is swapped by complex soundscapes, and the dip pen is then replaced by the voice. Several layers of singing harmonies are built, ‘dead’ languages are sought and used amongst the ‘alive’ ones, and in many cases, and no words are said, in a search of pure expressive singing without the literal and limited interpretations that proper lyrics can bring sometimes.

Ever has been exhibiting since 1998 and performing live since 1993 until today, in various countries and mainly London, UK, where the artist is based.


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'You will find me within

Latin scientific names

And that's where I live

In the subconscious of Nature.'

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