How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Just because Facebook and Twitter aren’t driving you a ton of sales doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leverage them. Why? Because both Google and Bing use data from social sites in order to determine how high to rank your website.

For example, Moz started to rank on Google for “Beginner’s Guide” after Smashing Magazine tweeted out the guide. Shrushti moved from page 400 to page 1 of Google due to social media.

To show you how social media impacts your search rankings, I decided to create a gifographic (animated infographic) that explains the correlation.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


Whether you love or hate social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you have no choice but to use them. Social sites, especially Google Plus, impact your search engine rankings.

Just look at the data in the gifographic above. As you can see, when one of the sites got a hundred Google Plus followers, its rankings jumped by 14.63%. That’s a huge lift.

If you wanted to increase your rankings, but you don’t have time to leverage all of the social sites, spend your time on Google Plus as the data shows it impacts rankings more than Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Neil,

    what an amazing infographic, I love that you’re taking your own advice and investing in a giffographic. Great job.

    I was just recently discussing whether social signals affect rankings or not, so this clears it up :)

    Thank you! :)

  2. Nice use of infographic.

    Content was useful and should be part of the wider strategy for ranking

  3. Great piece Neil

    I love this gifographic!

    A 14.63% rankings increase from 100 G + followers, you can’t argue with that.

    Thanks for sharing :-)



  4. Hi Neil,
    Nice gifographic!
    Three days ago Matt cutts said Facebook, Twitter Social Signals Not Part of Google Search Ranking Algorithms!
    I think he’s clearly lying!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Search engines should factor in gifographics as well ;) Great job.

  6. Absolutely fantastic infographic.

    Pardon me while I go get some Google+ followers. :D

    JR John

  7. Thank you very much!
    I would like to add that repinning on Pinterest is another powerful tool for getting backlinks and improving search engine ranking .

  8. Neil, recently Matt Cutts in a webmaster help video denied this. Cutt said twitter and facebook signals are not counted in search ranking. Although I believe they count this and this infographics also confirms this but on the other hand Matt Cutt is denying it.

  9. That is a really useful gifographics. I am a fan for a long time but never posted a comment however this is just amazing so I had to do it. 14% increase in ranking is extremely good.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow Neil.

    Honestly, I’m just stunned with the info-graphic I don’t know gifo-graphic :)

    Well outlined data, Neil.

  11. I can’t help congratulating your for this AWE-SOME infographic.

    BRAVO Neil.

    You ROCK!

  12. Hi, Neil,
    You proved wrong Matt cutts statements “Twitter and Facebook” will not effect in Google Search Ranking Algorithms..!!

    Thank you for sharing :)

  13. Hi Neil,
    As usual you have done a great job….Just curious to know how you are able to rank with your infographics because I have heard that Text contents ranks well than images…And quiet often I see infographic content on your blog..Are you testing it ? If yes, can you share your results ?

  14. Hi Neil, I am one of your fan,
    What I got is, is it not something like, increase your facebook, twitter and goolgle share by wrong means and get top in google search?

  15. Wow amazing graphics and the data clearly shows that there is a correlation between higher rankings and social signals. I wonder if how many followers you have on your fan pages can impact ranking as well?

  16. I agree with you Neil. Great examples.

  17. Awesome infographic Neil, I’m sharing this within my network for sure!

    As always outstanding content, I don’t know how you can keep posting so often at this high quality level, feels like it’s every day almost ;)

    Keep up the awesome work!

  18. Neil, the infographic is visually nice and I like the bottom section, but the stats you quote can be misleading.

    When you use percentages and don’t mention real numbers it can be misleading for your readers – they might think they can expect similar results for their established sites when in fact the percentages might be quoted for something with low traffic to begin with.

    Example: 40 visits is hardly a “whoa”. You don’t need a tweet from a high-profile Twitter account to get that many visitors.

    For the site examples you used, there might have been a correlation between social signals and increased rankings, but can you tell with certainty that social signals were they the only factors out of hundreds that actually CAUSED the increased rankings? How established are those sites? What time period are those percentages for (length and actual year/month since there was a Google algorithm update in early Jan)?

  19. Awesome stats and excellent gifographic! My organic results increased 303% in 30 days last summer due to social signals. Now, I didn’t have a ton of traffic to base my findings, but I was happy with it.

  20. That infographic is so dope!

    Nice job to whom ever made it.

  21. Martin Maybruck :

    This is great info! I thought I saw similar results with some of my sites.

    Curious on your thoughts on Matt Cutts recent declaration that Google does not count social signals in their algorithm?

  22. Hi Neil,

    Useful facts and details from yourself, right on cue. Thank you.

    Can you give a personal recommendation for gifographic design and delivery please, or am I asking too much and putting you on the spot :)

    (Don’t all click the link at once!!) Thanks Neil

  23. You’re my Guru now Neil for sure.

  24. Great article Neil.

    Very interesting and informative! I’m going to keep this one bookmarked for reading again :)

  25. Thanks for the infographic. I have experimented a lot with Social Signals. Honestly, except for G+ nothing else helps in medium to high traffic keywords. Bookmarks never work anyway.

  26. Hi Neil,

    I experience some social signals last June. I am a regular contributor to Search Engine Watch and had two of my articles coincidentally hit 1000+ tweets on the same day. When I checked my Author Stats in GWT, my impressions had tripled.

    When I asked other SEO experts last year about it, I was getting responses like “correlation doesn’t equal causation”, etc.

    It’s nice to see the data your team has put together from reliable sources. Great infographic.

    Stay awesome!

  27. Hi Neil,

    Awesome infographic :)

    I agree that social signals do matter. I have been experimenting with them on my new blog and the results are really astounding.

  28. Interesting case studies. I wish it wasn’t so hard to get G+ engagement compared to facebook and twitter. Do you have any blog post on ramping up a G+ page for local business?


  29. Hi Neil :) I’ve been working on the big 3 FB, Twitter & google plus and have started working on google plus more so now as I know it carries a lot of weight. I think people knew it was coming for a long time and I think now is the time to act with utilising google plus more so than ever. Everything has clicked into place the last few months and I now need to delegate more time in implementing everything because lately I have been reading and reading and reading and writing stuff down and more writing and now it’s time to start doing (and not just practising). I think I’m in for a good year this year and I know your there for any help along the way and it’s much appreciated :) Its good to have all this knowledge and insight now and a good understanding from top to bottom how it all works rather than just little bits :) Its all set me on a path I never thought I’d be on :) Cheers Neil. Hope alls good :)

  30. Hey Neil,
    This is exactly what I was seeking. Definitely Social Signals are essential ingredients of Internet Marketing and how to build our presence here I think can’t be better explained by anyone except you.
    Thanxx for the great Infogarphics.

  31. Wow, thanks for always posting such valuable information, Neil. I’ve been opening your emails and I’ve benefited from all of them so far.

  32. Very nice infographics
    Yes social media play a vital role in SERP.

  33. Muhammad Owais Haleem :

    Neil , I have a website having less content and is in form of Images. My most of posts get Viral as it is a Jobs Site but still its not reacting to the Big Guys in competition market. I have 20K+ Fb Likes, More then 100 Followers Twitter, 200 G+ Followers.

  34. Ya, I noticed that one of my websites went straight to 1st result after I got so many Facebook likes, Tweets and Google Plus’, this is the new strategy one must focus on, link building doesn’t carry the weight it used to, spend your time on social media, social proof is key now to your SEO.

  35. Neil, I’m a new subscriber and much appreciate the information in this post. The graphics are fantastic! Thanks again.

  36. You obviously missed the class where they taught the difference between correlation and causation. The whole basis of your infographic is flawed and shows how gullible you are.

  37. Yup, sm signals seem to have become another addendum to links. Itried something similar with an old site of mine that had fallen in the SERPs as well as with a newer site that was nowhere to be found in the SERPs. In both instances I saw some improvement after getting some shares/likes/+1’s. On another note, I love how animated GIFs have made a comeback!

  38. Neil, do you really confuse correlation and causation here? And this data shown above means nothing without details.

    Can’t believe that YOU published this and so many people don’t get it. Don’t you run more than one analytics companies…?

  39. Amazing article Neil :) Simple and straight to the point. Thanks!!!

  40. Hi Neil,

    I’m a big fan of your guides, and I love how you have put this “gifographic” together. Thanks for sharing your content so generously!

    And now for a question. After I shared the link to this post on my personal Google+ page, I checked the sources you cited. One of the posts dates back to Dec. 2010, and many of the case studies referenced in the other posts are dated as well. What’s up with that? I found it quite curious.

    • It was hard to find new sources for all data pieces. I assumed that things from the past, such as the search engines stating that they used social signals, would still be valid. As it is rare for them to go back on things like that… similar to how links still help rankings.

  41. I wonder how come you didnt mention about number of youtube views. Its a strong social signal. The name of the youtube video matters a lot as well.

    • Where do you see a connection between youtube videos and organic google rankings (except universal search)?

      And nothing can be manipulated as easy as youtube-views… They mean nothing.

    • Rahul, I just wanted to go over traditional social media at this point. Videos will come later :)

  42. Neil, I can’t imagine that social signals don’t impact rank, though this article, quoting Mr. Cutts says otherwise:

    There are some rather extensive rank correlation studies that prove otherwise:

    It still seems to be debatable. What do you think about Matt Cutt’s statement?

  43. What do I need to do to sync all of my social media sites and website together under one authorship?

  44. Whoops. That comment posted a little too soon.

    What I was saying is that by embedding a sharable image into my blog posts, I get a much higher increase in sharing on Facebook and Pinterest especially.

    I tested sharing the same post using a stock image, vs using a “picture quote”, and the picture quote version got 230% more shares on Facebook, and over 400% more pinterest pins.

    It’s great.

    I made my own images for a long time but there are a couple sites where you can get free ones,, being my favorite.

    They have a ton of highly sharable images scattered throughout the site, and it’s fine to use them as long as you cite them as the source. Saves a lot of time, and the images are better than I could make.

  45. Neil while I respect you immensely as a blogger and social media expert your advice in this article is contrary to what Matt Cutts said last week about Google not using Twitter and Facebook social signals as a means of ranking content? Do you think he is just B.Sing all of us?

  46. So are animated infographics the next “thing?”

    On a side note, it’s just a little self-serving how g+ is without a doubt the least relevant social media site of the three, yet the increases in social interactions had the highest impact.

  47. According to Matt Cutts, Google has never used twitter or facebook for social signals. Lots of assumptions you made, correlation vs. causation. You must know this.. lol. Moz ranking wasn’t caused by a tweet. However, with the amount of followers they have, it is likely some have shared it on Google +, linked to it from their blog, etc. which would then be giving it a lot of links.

    Very cool infographic though.

  48. I really like this gifographic Neil. Everything make sense to me except one thing; I can’t help but notice that the people seem to be moving backward in relation to the front page (arrow points left with “front page” text, people move right).

    I’m confused by that. What does “front page” represent?

  49. and it was that special it was put on
    goooooooogle + lol

  50. Thanks for the clear and simple to understand gifographic Neil .

    I personally tested something a month ago to increase user retention rates due to Facebooks algorithm change. Some might find this very handy for a relatively small initial cost.

    I created a giveaway for my Facebook members where they had to +1 our company Google+ account which led to 166 new +1’s , The giveaway was capped to a 12 hour entry and cost me $25 for the gift.

    I hit a few extra goals with it other than moving my user base elsewhere. The bonus is future social signals as they will share something they find interesting and higher rankings :)

  51. Your DA had way more influence than the # of tweets or likes. That single link from DMOZ (even on the LRD) far outweighs even 1000’s of social signals.

    I’ll prove this with a brand new domain (0 DA) and send you a link in a month. I think it would be a much better way to gauge social signals, no?

    PS. Love the infographic.

  52. On one side you said 3:00 & 6:00 Pm would be fruitful for social signal but when I saw your Facebook infographic, in that the time has different mentioned so here I want to ask which time is good for social signal either 3 pm or 1 pm for Facebook.

  53. Neil, if you are targeting a website globally, how important is that you get social signals from different locations? What if signals are coming mostly from few locations lets say India, is it going to impact global ranking or only rankings?

  54. Hello Neil Sir,

    I went through this post and many others to clear my concept about the social signals impact to search engine ranking. However, i felt that this is a contradictory topic.You say that, social media signal improves ranking but, according to Matt Cuts recent video on “Are pages from social media sites ranked differently? ” – he clearly justified that social signal is given importance to any normal pages and don’t improve site ranking drastically as you mentioned above.

    On the other hand, my site is getting almost 400+ traffic from social medias especially from StumbleUpon and Facebook from last 4 months but it has not gone through any drastic change, every change in rankings is normal.

    These points are contradictory. Please clear me about it.


    • I’ve seen an increase, but I could be wrong. A lot of people, including Google have stated different things. For example, on Search Engine Land, Google stated in the past that they use social signals.

      • Ya Sir, Google statements are quite contradictory. But, i am currently working on social medias, i found that StumbleUpon is pretty good in terms of gaining traffic then any other social media.

        • The influence of social media on SEO is a confusing area – one with lots of different opinions. Whatever side one falls on the debate, I think most will agree that social media is important. Social media can definitely bring more traffic to your website, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is affecting SEO.

  55. Dear Neil,

    This is magnificent and really helpful..Till now I was not aware of the fact that the Social Signal plays a role in Rankings since Google says it does not counts social signals for rankings, but your data says the real scene..Could you suggest how to engage people for any topic which is shared…

    Many Thanks

  56. Very good post. I really appreciate your work Keep it up.

  57. Neil,

    Another great post – we knew it but still love to see your post especially Gifographic.

  58. Awesome Graph with useful data. Getting traffic from Social media is quite a smart work…. ;)

  59. Its 100% true social signals impact on site now very quickly. Recent I did an experiment with one of my site. Just did couple of social share its now ranking at 17 before that it wasn’t in Google search.

  60. What do you mean by “And Shrushti increased its rankings from page 400 to page 1 due to social media.” ?

  61. Ramesh Sanapala :

    I am really glad to read this article, thanks for sharing such a informative topic.

  62. Hey Neil,

    This is the first time I am commenting on your blog. Awesome gifographic and the data is really amazing. Yes, I agree that social signals can impact search engine rankings. However, I have one question lingering in my mind to which I found no answer yet. There are many black-hatters buying Facebook likes, Twitter tweets or buying G+ followers in huge quantity. What do you think – will Google rank them? If Google considers social signals as one of the factors and does rank in this way, then many people will resort to this. Because after all, they are not real likes…and it does take a lot of hard work to get a real Like or Tweet. What do you think?

    • I think Google will eventually look at the person voting as that can drastically mean different things. For example a tweet or a like from a fake account shouldn’t be valued as the same as one from an authoritative user.

  63. Love the interactive infographic. I was reading up about the impact of social signals on ranking just yesterday and found this built on the article I read at SEJournal nicely.

    The consensus seems to be that more interactions with a post, tweet or status, the better. Personally, I think sharing on Facebook, retweeting on Twitter and +1 and sharing on Google+ (because it’s Google’s own platform) are the biggest drivers in terms of passing rank.

    Also, I believe author authority from your social profiles (or Klout in terms of online influence) will affect rankings further. And I think the use of Google+’s social platform, increasing your social circles is only going to become more influential in 2014.

  64. Wonderful gifographic that depicts how social engagement is important to validate the ranking. Time to build social relationship.

    Thanking you Neil.

  65. First of all the info-graphic is amazing, GIF rocks :)

    Secondly, Neil are you sure about Facebook and twitter signals, although i do not deny Google+ ‘s impact on search ranking, rather I would say it makes the highest impact. But as rightly pointed out by many in above comments , Facebook and twitter shares are hardly having any impact on SERPS.

    I would say its having more of a viral – social – psychological impact which causes people reading on social media and searching for it on Google, leading to a click on a result which matches to the specific information in user’s mind no matter at which position its being displayed in the search ranking.

  66. Interesting data presented using great infographic. Actually this is the first time i saw gifographic. But, there is still debatable issues about MattCutts statement aboout FB and Twitter.

  67. Hi Neil,

    Great infographic.

    I always wonder if the social signals we build up for our business has an impact on Adwords Rankings as well.

    I’ve included my G+ Ones I’ve built up into my ads but haven’t seen anything significant in terms of ad position changes. I’ll keep experimenting.

    Also, one site I’ve been visiting lately looks EXACTLY like yours.
    barefootinvestor .com, even down to the speech bubble testimonial images.
    Do you rent out your wordpress theme..? I know it converts I love it.

  68. Hello Neil,

    This is very true, social signals are becoming among the most important factors to consider when improving the search engine visibility of websites.

    However, i don’t see ” Shrushti” is still ranking well in Google. So does that means social signals will only impact for short period of time and backlinks would be the only key to rank higher for long?

  69. Great gifographic. Even if you’re not generating leads in Social media, creating an account to different social sites is still one of the most important things that you should do if you want to increase the visibility of your site. Thanks Neil!

  70. hey Neil, Nice Gifographic, Data here u have shared is really very interesting, But i want to ask that some days back Matt cutts shared his views in a video and denied role of facebook shares and likes in search ranking factors, So what do you say about this?

  71. Social signals can do wonder out of imaginations and that has always worked.. Recently I’ve received emails from stating my slides are “Hot on Twitter” and “Trending” twice in a row in the same week, well the credit goes to “Social Media”…

    Absolute pleasure of being noticed of our website on your blog and considered our case study to illustrate.. truly appreciate Neil Patel.

    Thank you!!

  72. Thanks for the Post Neil, On Which Keyword Shrushti Got the 1st rank

  73. Hey Neil,

    I know about the social media important. But after reading this post I find my self very poor. I don’t know so deep about social media. I give more priority to Google+. But from now I change my share time and day. Now I share the url on mention day and time. Thanks Neil :)

  74. I have seen many info-graphic’s but not like this one , awesome explanation , and i agree that weather we like to use social networking websites or not but we have to use them to be on the top in search engines .. thanks for sharing :)

  75. Really social media plays important role in search engines results , but hats off to info graphic you shared impressive work … thanks for sharing really enjoyed a lot and today got an best example to “images speaks louder than words ” :) :)

  76. Nice one. Really very useful for students and professionals of SEO.

  77. Nice and useful infographic. Which software you’re using to create animated infographics?

  78. Great infographic! regarding the link, does it matter if you shorten it or the long form?

  79. I think Google loves Google. I’ve personally felt that when I got 2-3 backlinks from YouTube, even though they were nofollow, my article for a competitive keyword got improved. Similarly, having more G+ share results in good traffic and ranking as well.

  80. Hi, Neil,
    You proved wrong Matt cutts statements “Twitter and Facebook” will not effect in Google Search Ranking Algorithms..!!

    Thank you for sharing :)

  81. That infographic is so dope!

    Nice job to whom ever made it.

  82. I’m actually on the side that doesn’t believe social signal count. This page actually proves it and the infographic proves it. It’ll rank because it’s great content. I’m sure your bounce rate is great for this page, time on page, etc, are wonderful. Look at the trackbacks. Come on. And at the time when the beginners guide by moz initially appeared, search was a totally different landscape. I can see it ranking for a variety of keywords. It’s great content. It’s the best guide out there. It merits the shares, links etc. I know, I’ve linked to it and shared it on several occasions.

    • LaTonya, I am from the other camp that believes social signals do matter. I believe aside from the link juice they provide they act as PR agents to help people disseminate their content easily and readily. Thanks for your feedback :)

  83. During one of Google’s algorithm updates, which was either Panda or Penguin, the search engine began to allow reviews on the social media networks to affect a website’s rankings in the search engines!

    This is an awesome article !!!!!

  84. Thanks for the graphic, I will definitely try to increase my engagement on Google + . I think in the future Gooogle + will continue to grow since you get such SEO benefits.

  85. Thanks for new info. making the case for social media. Found the tips to get more social shares especially useful.

  86. Great article! More of these!! + ;)

  87. Hi Neil,

    great post and interesting examples. Can you tell me what tool did you use to create this gifographic?

  88. Very nice infographic. I’ve been promoting my blog posts quite a bit through social media and have noticed some great results in the rankings. It’s an awesome way to get noticed.

  89. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for sharing such a good information. Good Work Keep it up.

  90. Hi Neil, just few words to let you know that I’m very happy to read all of your articles! You are really good and I’m learning a lot for my businesses thanks to you :)

  91. Hi, this is the best explanation I have seen, regarding the importance of Social Media in SEO.
    I know you provide the link to your GIF, but I wanted to ask if you mind if I use that GIF in a blog post about the same topic? I won’t steal your text (like I’ve seen some other people do!)

    Anyway, thanks for making this graphic – super great. :)

  92. Hi Neil PatelI,
    love this post. Really informative and useful for me, a newbie in online business. I am considering some of these plugins to improve my comment system. This article helps me so much. After reading your post, I think I have ideas. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more helpful information from you. Great job!

  93. Hi Neil – great graphic! This has been a topic of interest for me. I have a couple of questions. Were the pages/sites you mentioned in your article on-page optimized? Did they already have an established page authority or domain authority that may have influenced the results?

    What are your thoughts on Matt Cutt’s saying that they don’t use Twitter and Facebook, and the findings of the Stone Temple Consulting on G+ influences a while ago

    Would really appreciate your thoughts? Thanks,

    • Yes they were optimized for search engines from an on page stand point. Some had established authority while others have not…

      I think it is up in the air. They may not use it now but I still feel it helps. More social traffic means higher chances of a link, which helps rankings.

  94. This blog really puts into perspective just what Social Media does for companies and how it can increase the search rankings. Not to mention the neat little infographic that wraps it all up.

    Brilliant blog, thank you Neil.

  95. That’s the first time I’ve seen an animated infographic. Very cool.

    I wonder if search engines can tell the fake fans from the real ones. With services to get fake fans, it seems easy to manipulate this if rankings do in fact get better when you have a bigger following.

    • Max, they have been around for a while but are just gaining popularity now.

      When you acquire fake fans it’s pretty noticeable as they wont interact with your content.

  96. Hi,
    can you please tell me in detail how i can get fast Google+, 1 on business page in 1 weak?? please tell me in easy english and step by step..


  97. Another killer post Neil. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great content!

  98. Great post Neil, some fantastic insight in how social is now a fundamental part of attaining good rankings.

  99. An animated infographic GIF on social media, top work! Your animated GIF actually does more to teach users who are unaware the power of social media within a instant compared to us talking for 20 minutes, the MOZ case study alone speaks a thousand words, love those animations, a really well thought out infographic

    Appreciate the hard work gone into this!

  100. I think Social Media will Make My Blog Also in Top 10 SERP…Thanks For Your Article Sir I learn alot from this

  101. Hi Neil,

    I got awesome piece of content regarding social signals on Kiss and now this is another killing content. You are really the best in the business.

  102. You have no idea how glad I am to actually get this post and more so for the case studies that you have shared. In a war of words with “%$#^#$%” from G+ Authorship community who is of the opinion that social signals relay no attributes to be considered for ranking. This simply is treasure. Sincere thanks. #plbkkt via #hshdsh

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    up with a phone call in the following week. And once
    qualified, efforts should be made to convert them
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  104. Nice and useful infographic. Which software you’re using to create animated infographics?

  105. WOW! this was an amazing article, printed it out for all of my managers to look at.

  106. Great article. I really love it and happy to get some ideas from this article for my web.

  107. Neil,

    In reading the recent studies done by Marcus Tober, I’m assuming that you need to do some follow up studies to see if Facebook Likes are the new the Social King for ranking signals?

  108. Link exchange is nothing else but it is simply placing the other person’s website link on your page
    at suitable place and other person will also do same in favor of you.

  109. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of yoour site.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it muh more enjoyable
    for me to come here and visit more often. Diid you hire
    out a designer to create your theme? Excellent work!

  110. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just
    shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  111. This excellent website certainly has all the information and facts I needed
    concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  112. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I was not sure about the power of social signals, however now I have completely familiarized myself with their use.

  113. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the info! For me, the +1 helped a lot to improve the rankings. Just go to see other things, if they rather help or not.

  114. Neil, you got me dumbstruck with that Gif-o-graphic of yours.
    It couldn’t lay off my eyes from it.
    Man, you definitely gonna start a new trend !
    One word : AWESOME !

  115. Hi there, every time i used to check blog posts here in the early hours in the break of day, since i like
    to find out more and more.

  116. I agree with you :) social signals important for Google top rank also good source for free traffic.thanks for your useful info graphic

  117. You’re Right. :) But every social signals are not help to Google top rank….
    If you build a huge while hart (Link-Building) Technic then you achieved a huge achievement for Google top rank and of course SMM. :) :) :)

  118. Neil,

    Ahrefs clearly shows had 2800+ backlinks in December of 2013.

    So I guess they didn’t really rank Only with Social signals :)

    Please let me know your thoughts!

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