Quick Trivia Question For Free Amazon & Starbucks!

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There’s no question I love to travel.  But, I also love travel, pretty much most things related to travel like airplanes, trains, hotels, and of course status, miles and points.  It’s why I quiz my daughter about plane types when we’re hanging in an airport. That’s a quick pic of my daughter reading a book after she looked out the window and correctly identified the plane in the background.  That’s an easy answer if you know planes, so not our trivia question today. While most people are thinking normal thoughts… Read More »

Hotels: 2014 Year In Review

While 2014 was still a busy year for travel, it was a bit slower than 2013.  It certainly didn’t feel like it at times!  I set out with a goal to requalify for Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond status, the hotel status I value most highly.  My secondary goal was to requalify for Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum status.  I was 99% certain I could achieve these goals.  My third, and more lofty goal to achieve was to accrue 100 room nights with SPG to retain my Ambassador. I had a rough… Read More »

Some Closure For AirAsia Flight 8501, But Still Questions

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Indonesian authorities have confirmed they located the wreckage of AirAsia flight 8501. The recovery operation is under way already, with a number of countries contributing resources to aid a difficult effort in high seas. But, questions still remain for both the victims and the airline industry.

Was Your MileagePlus Account Hacked? And Other Interesting Travel Bits

United has been notifying customers who’s accounts are recently compromised. HT: Wandering Aramean I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often, given that the password requirements for some airline and hotel companies are absurdly simple (4-digit numbers, for example with United and Hilton). How to get kicked off a plane for listening to loud music. Or, for hating Christmas. Or, for just being stupid Just about the most awesome airline seat you’re ever gonna see. Where do your travels find you this week? .

AirAsia Flight 8501 Missing; My Second Worst Nightmare

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In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s another missing plane.  This time it’s AirAsia’s flight 8501, traveling from Surabaya, Indonesia to Singapore.  AirAsia is a solid airline with a good safety record.  While it’s still early to rule out any cause at this point, thunderstorms/severe weather are suspected as contributing to the disappearance.

Help Me Pick Flights For An Upcoming Trip


Some trips are very straightforward, while others can be tougher to plan. I’ve been having some trouble putting together an itinerary and could really use some help making decisions.

Friday Travel Humor!

It’s a video I’ve seen before, but when my friend Neil sent it along I didn’t recall posting it myself.  It’s worth a good laugh on a Friday!   The post More Friday Humor! was published first on Pizza In Motion. Don’t miss any of the daily travel tips, tricks and strategies found here.  Follow me using one of these options:      

On The 359th Day…


Today’s a day that our family spends time together, opening way too many presents, eating too much candy and enjoying each other’s company.  Other than trying to book some summer travel and get better seats for an upcoming flight, I’ve asked the Editor in Chief if I can have the day off from the world of travel to enjoy it with my family.  I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures.  First, the elves decided to fill up the kid’s rooms with balloons, then Santa granted the kids permission to give the… Read More »

TripAdvisor Fined $610,000 For Fake Reviews

Ever wonder if the reviews you’re reading on review sites like TripAdvisor are accurate?  You’re not the only one.  TripAdvisor was fined $610,000 by the Italian government for fake and misleading reviews: The regulator, the Italian Competition Authority, called on TripAdvisor to stop “publishing misleading information about the sources of its reviews,” and gave the company 90 days to comply with the ruling. I don’t generally use TripAdvisor or other such review sites.  If I don’t know someone who’s personally stayed at a property, I’ll generally research it on Milepoint… Read More »