A Beach Cottage DIY Vintage Plate Cake Stand & A Guest

Mon 13th, Dec, 2010

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Hello Beach Cottagers!

It’s not Sarah here today, it’s lg here – I am Guest Posting at all things white and beachy…yes the ‘famous’ lg, mentioned numerous times on this blog and the one who invariably leads Sarah astray to drink coffee when she should be throwing bleach down the loo, or to drink copious amounts of smuggled alcohol in the cinema whilst ogling handsome young men with a surname like Kutcher. Yes, I am here today with you girls writing today’s post!

I have to say I am a leetle bit nervous – who wouldn’t be?  Sarah makes it seem all so easy.

How can I possibly write something that lives up to the BC standards? (and she’s already told me not to expect too many comments from your end ‘cos you guys are pretty shy, are known as the BC Lurkers and prefer bribes for comments and I haven’t got any of those ;-) )


Well whatever, here I am with a DIY vintage cake stand for you.


So, what about me? Well I do have a proper name, but you can call me lg.   I don’t have a blog, but in my fantasy life I would like to – take a few photos, ramble on about stuff and then have heaps of adoring fans (ha ha). I have more children than the national average and some of them correspond in time and space to the BC little darlings, which is how Mrs BC and I met. We bonded over coffee and connected over kids and husbands. I don’t live in a lovely Beach Cottage and I would say my “decorating style” (think throwing stuff here and there) is rather more colourful than the BC palette.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the esoteric delights of the white on white style, it is so calming don’t you think?

When I first met Mrs BC, I thought she was fab, but when I found out she loves a good browse in a charity op-shop, I knew we would be friends!

OMG how I love a good op shop! There is nothing better than the expectation of what you might find, don’t you think? It is a veritable treasure trove everytime you open the door. Who knows what you might find in there?  I think that is what I love the most – the possibilities. Sometimes you come out empty handed, but often you find the exact thing you never knew you wanted. Invariably if you are looking for something specific – forget it – world-wide shortage! (where are you grey vintage woollen blankets???)

Anyway, my latest guilty little pleasure is hunting out vintage plates.


There is something about the yellowy lusciousness of the porcelain that I love. Like vanilla icecream or manila folders. And where did they come from? Whose dinner did they hold, were they at a wedding, a christening, a funeral?? I am usually drawn to things that catch my eye – a flower (but not too flowery) or a pattern or something.

But if I am op-shopping with Mrs BC, she will say ‘Oh that’s a Grindley – (huh?) or that little mark means it’s hand painted, with gold leaf (wha?). That lady knows a lot about vintage china.

BTW Did you know that the Famile BC even take vintage china when they are camping??? I mean camping in the rain and the mud, in tents eating burnt snags on your lap around a campfire camping. Vintage China Plates!!!!! When we first went camping together I thought they were completely mad but I was secretly a little jealous as I sipped tea out of a plastic mug (ugh!). Now I am thinking of joining them – just a small problem of convincing husband………..

(edit by Mrs BC: c’mon lg, you know the answer…favours ;-) )

So I was looking at these vintage plates and cups and things and a little idea began to form in my mind about how to reuse them – give them a different life. maybe they could be cake stands?   Firstly I had to find the right combination. That involved a lot of too-ing and fro-ing between the op-shop aisles. Then when I was happy and had my treasures safely home, I got to work.

First, I measured and marked out the centre of the bottom of the plates


and then glued the tea-cup on with some liquid nails


- super high-strength clear


touched it up underneath with a bbq skewer


et voila!


I just love the way that something so hum-drum as a plate from a charity shop can be transformed into something so girly and lovely! You put a little cake on top, or a batch of freshly made cup cakes, a Lamington and every afternoon tea becomes an event.

Oh and I haven’t even told you the best part about the whole thing! Each of the cake stands cost about $5!!

I have experimented with a few different combos, but I have to say the Grindley teacup/plate cake stand is my fave. I have a feeling it has become a favourite around the BC cottage too. (Sarah you know what you have to give me to keep it hint: it’s white and has arm rests and you sit on it sipping mojitos)  (edit from Mrs BC: Mate, you ain’t got no chance)

I am planning to give all my female loved ones home-made cake plates for Christmas. I know that some of them will love them at once. Some of them will smile and say thankyou and wonder where they can hide them until I come over next. But that’s ok, maybe one day when I do visit, they will drag them out, bung some muffins on them and then take a second look and wonder, ‘where has that plate been before?’

Anyway, I hope you liked it and thanks for having me over in BC Land

I guess I better just too, say G’day!


p.s. a Lamington is a sponge cake that graces many an Australian Afternoon Tea table & is seen here on the vintage cake stand in BC Land

p.p.s. oh and I’ve been told that there’s a $200 Target Giftcard Giveaway going on in this place and you can comment on this post for an extra chance to enter ;-)

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163 Responses to “A Beach Cottage DIY Vintage Plate Cake Stand & A Guest”

  1. Alice says:

    OMG how I would love a slice of that lamington cake! Yum that looks divine! Love the cake stand, never thought of using a tea cup as the stand, very clever. Thanks for the post lg. :) No need for bribes here, well not anymore ;). I’m not as shy to post comments though I still hesitate before clicking the ‘post comment’ button….

  2. simpledaisy says:

    What a simple and oh so cute idea:):)

  3. Chania Allen says:

    I think this is a brilliant idea, and one I am definitely going to copy ASAP. I actually have a single pink Grindley cup and plate that would work very well. I would be thrilled to receive a gift like this.

    Thanks for the idea.

  4. Nikki says:

    Great cake stand idea! I love seeing how the two of you are friends, thanks for the post, and another chance to enter the drawing!

  5. Danielle says:

    LG, I LOVE this. I’ve seen the tutorials for making a cake stand out of a candlestick holder and a vintage plate, but your idea is 1000 times cuter – and very Anthro! Love!

  6. Bridget Soyars says:

    I love this idea! We are expecting a bit of Christmas company, and I plan to give the teacup / cake plate idea a whirl. Keep the inspirations coming. Thanks for a great post….and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. susan says:

    very clever idea… man oh man I wish my mother had kept all my Grandmother’s china *sigh


  8. Alison says:

    Awwww, I love a good story about how friends meet – nice. And I am loving that cake stand lg. My goodness girl, what a great idea! I’m seeing my loved ones getting one of those next Christmas too. The snow in your Christmassy photos is so cute mrs bc, wish I could post some of the real stuff over to you!

  9. kath says:

    Really cute idea. Liquid Nails huh? I bet that will hold better then 2 part epoxy. I am going to try this right away. LOVE IT!

  10. Ange says:

    This really is a great idea! lg you should drop by more often, I would read your own blog BTW :-) Especially if you have as many great ideas as this cake stand. I was a little bit concerned with the liquid nails, but..why not, right? My Mum has so much cherished vintage crockery that she holds in high esteem, but I love the idea of finding these pieces in store & re-inventing them in this way. Not everyone would appreciate it as a gift, but the right person would LOVE it! Thanks again, lg – please come back another time.

  11. So very nice to meet you LG. You have given me a new favourite quote which I would like permission to use as much as possible when in heavy op shopping mode (this mode is switched on several times a week). Here is the quote ~ “but often you find the exact thing you never knew you wanted” Words to live by ~ with thanks LG
    alicia :0)
    ps. noice cake stand!

  12. Marie Nelson says:

    Love the vintage cake stand. I’ve moved a few times in the past 8 years and all my op shop treasures have been carted round in boxes and are still packed. I dont dare go op shopping anymore just in case I am tempted to buy more stuff and my house is already full of it and I love it all too much to cull. Happy Christmas, cheers Marie

  13. loving the cake stand. i have seen similar before, and love how they look together. i also like the tiered ones. i have some chipped saucers that i have been thinking of using to make into a lamp as we have an old unused light fixture.. another thing for the to do list.

  14. Tiff says:

    Such a great idea lg! Thanks for sharing.
    I once made little bird feeders out of teacups and saucers and put them on thick bamboo posts. It made the garden whimsical.
    Now I shall try the cake stand!

  15. HRH Sarah says:

    Your cake plate is gorgeous! I think I might have to make a couple for gifts, and one for me ;). Thanks for guest posting, I can’t imagine how intimidating it is to fill those BC shoes! Your post was great, hope to hear from you again.

  16. Becky B says:

    I’ve seen many of the self made cake stands – I think I like yours the best because it is a bit more delicate. Is the cake you mentioned difficult? Perhaps Sarah can put up the recipe one day – it looks wonderful. As for using china while camping, when one of our boys was young and swimming with the local park, a big families picnic was held after home meets. The husband and I always used good dishes, wine glasses, candles and had flowers and tablecloths. It didn’t take long for it to become a greatly anticipated event and it was such a great way to end a workday.

  17. Patrice says:

    This was a delightful post, through and through! Thanks for the glimpse into your friendship as well as your style. :)

  18. What a clever idea! I have many tea/saucer sets that are waiting to be made into a cake stand :)

  19. Donna says:

    Hey LG! Who wouldn’t comment on such a great post or on an even greater idea! The cake stand is beautiful. How lucky are you two to have found eachother? Nothing beats a Op shoppin drinkin buddy! Nothing. O how I’d love to shop with you two! Have a great holiday! Yes please too for the chance to win a Target Gift Card! Wouldn’t that be heaven!!!

  20. Lisa says:

    Yes, I’ve seen this done with an old vintage, think parfait type glass and glass plate. Of course, since I’ve been frequenting op shops to find said plates, which are usually literally a dime a dozen hehehe, they don’t have any, imagine. Well, I can wait baby!! I think it’s awesome to have a unique cake stand.

  21. carolinagirl says:

    Love this idea! I am going to make a few for my daughter’s birthday party. Such a good idea!!!

  22. kath says:

    Great idea! Can’t wait to try it!

  23. Christina Kingsmill says:

    Thank you so much for explaining about the Lamington – saved me asking and I LOVE the cake stand – might have to try that out in the Old Country (Sarah’s old country that is!!)

  24. Barbara says:

    I love this idea!! Thank you so much for sharing – Do you know, I have been wondering how to comment on this blog for evva (my eyes just aren’t what they used to be – dang 40′s around the corner.) However, I made my darling daughter show me – LOL I couldn’t see the comment field (light font) LOL –

    Thank you again for sharing this wonderful idea w/us :) – B

  25. Lynn says:

    Love the cake stand, great idea.

  26. Shawn says:

    Love it, thanks so much for your inspiring post!!

  27. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and simple idea . . . I believe, even I could make this. And that cake . . . why don’t we have this in the States. Ig, your blog post was delightful.


  28. Lynda says:

    You did a fine job lg! Would love to hear from you again in the future. I am certainly going to hit my thrift shops and make a few for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the great idea!

  29. Nancy says:

    What a wonderful idea for gifts…filled with cookies and sweets.

  30. Beth West says:

    Glad you guest posted here LG. Very nice to meet you. If you would like to post several times a week, then I think you’d do great with your own blog, if not, I hope Mrs. BC will have you as a guest again in the not very distant future :)

    The cake stand is super sweet.

  31. Lori R. says:

    I love this cake stand idea. I just made a cloche out of a glass vase and a brushed chrome cabinet knob that was leftover from my kitchen remodel. I need a cake plate so I will need to start the hunt for a good pair. Thanks for the idea lg.

  32. melissa says:

    Hi, girls! (Sarah and lg),
    It is so lovely to sit and drink my morning coffee and see such fun and loyalty between friends like you.
    Love the teacup cake stand; I bet Anthro will be copying this one!
    One question, though, as it’s hard to tell in the photos-is it a full sized plate or a tea saucer or somewhere in between?
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  33. marylou says:

    Seems like some of Sarah’s fab humor has rubbed off on ya Ig;-) Great post!!
    Cute cake stand, or cookies, or fudge, or lemon bars, or Christmas Ornies…….HA, well done
    and a gorgeous gift idea ((*_*))

    Merry Christmas to you and yours~~~


  34. Maria says:

    lg – What brilliant job you have done! Thoroughly enjoyed your post this morning – and am so going to borrow your simple yet elegant craft here! My Limey mother and auntie would LOVE this! (The Auntie is quite the vintage china thrifter herself – knows more than ought be allowed! – jewelry too!) Bravo for you – hope you visit again – soon!

  35. Camilla says:

    o.O. You know, a while back it was so popular with these very impractical tea mugs with no handles on them. They would make wonderful cake-stand bases…now I only need to bake a lovely cake, and find someone to share it with so I can have myself a tea party and a reason to use a stand like this. Oh, and I need to talk some sense into my cat, so he does not get into the idea to push it over the counter ledge, just before my tea guests arrive.

  36. sue austin says:

    That is a very clever idea! I have an antiques shop and I am going to go look through the china for some cups and plates. Is it a saucer or a plate that you used for the top? If plate, is it a small dessert plate or a dinner /luncheon plate? Can’t figure it out from the photo, but it sure is cute!

  37. sue austin says:

    ps I bet you girls have fun shopping, etc., together! I enjoyed reading you guest blog and encourage you to blog yourself. (I don’t blog, but wish I would. . .)

  38. Elaine in Laguna says:

    What a great friend you are, LG, to pinch hit…! I bet you have tons of fun together while the hubbys and kids are away…Wonderful blog post, and please post the recipe for the cake! I loved your idea of the china cake plate stand for gifts…And may try it here on the West Coast, USA, in the New Year 2011! Merry Christmas and I hope you’ll do a guest turn again in the future!

  39. Shala says:

    I love this idea. I adore china, plates, and tea cups but always feel guilty about buying them because I don’t really have a use for them. Now, I can buy them without the guilt!! It’s lovely!

  40. Claire says:

    what a great idea…love it

  41. Rebecca S says:

    Oh, you guys make me sooo envious! Crafty and live in such a beautiful place….all the while I am stuck in Pennsylvania where it is about to turn frigid and windy. I don’t think our high temp. this week is to go over 35 degrees!

  42. Vicki K says:

    What an absolutely charming friend you are, lg! I love the cake stand – it’s quite perfect. I just finished making “a batch” of Vanilla Sugar from one of Sarah’s recent posts and now this is a worthy Next Project. Thank you!

  43. Shana says:

    I love the colors on the plate and cup! And that cake looks AMAZING!

  44. joyce says:

    Lovely!! Now I’ll be on a new mission while browsing the resale shops!

  45. Pleased to meet you LG. Feel like I know you though, through Sarah’s blog. This project I absolutely love! I’ve seen this done with a wine glass or goblet and plate, even saucers and glasses, but not with a coordinating china cup. It looks just charming, and the cake by the way looks deeeelish! I love the pretty sliver and green candy balls that match the cake stand. An inspirational project indeed. Hugs from America, tami

  46. Nicolette says:

    I love this! I have bunches of teleflore vases that are on my to-do list of turning them into cake stands. I want to do the shortest ones with luncheon/dessert plates for trays of cookies and the taller ones with saucers for tart stands or cup-cake stands. This is a beautiful take on the project and liquid nails is a great adhesive for it. I was looking at different epoxies at the hardware store, but wasn’t sure what to go with.

  47. linda says:

    Great idea…love this!

  48. Paige says:

    This is an adorable idea. I collect Fiesta ware. I never know what to do with the teacups and saucers. I see a cake stand in my future. Have a wonderful day!

  49. What a great idea! Gosh the uses for that little diddy are endless. I too love the little shops to find a treasure. Thanks for brightening my day in Sarah’s absence. Great job!

  50. Brandi N. says:

    Great post lg, and nice to meet you… A picture of yourself would be nice… Please?… The cake stands are awesome and I’d love to be on the receiving end of one… Your family is lucky to be getting one for Christmas.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours,
    Brandi N

  51. Christie says:

    I am loving this idea. :-)

    P.S. I would really LOVE to win that Target giftcard. ;-)

  52. Victoria says:

    Thanks for sharing lg! I have a plate that is old and creamy that belonged to the lady that used to own our house. I have kept it because I am a sentimental sap, but it would be perfect for this. Of course, now I must go treasure hunting for the perfect cup, mix up some famous BC muffins, and holdiays – here I come!

  53. Mary Lemon says:

    LG, this is fabulous! I adore vintage china and am always picking it up at garage sales, flea markets, etc. But I have a hard time figuring out what to do with all of it. So I love your idea of a cake plate and tea cup. I’m thinking of two people I want to do this for and can’t wait to try it. Come back anytime and share your fun ideas! Great post.

  54. Barefoot Liz says:

    What a clever idea for a cake stand! Oh, and I sure hope I win that gift card. I’m in dire need of storage solutions and a sweater or two.

  55. Toni says:

    Loved your post lg! Vintage china on a camping trip? I might just do that with the china pieces I’ve picked up at the thrift shops. If I am lucky enough to win the Target Card….I would use it towards the family I am sponsoring “Secret Santa”. My sons and I have sponsored a family every year since they were little, this year it is a single mom, like myself, with small children. We have always had it difficult financially, but as I have always explained to my sons….there is someone who is having it harder than us.

  56. Connie says:

    The cake plate is perfection! I am off to the pantry now to see what I’ve got the glue is all ready out…. It will be perfect along side my overturned wine glasses and brandy snifters that I use as candle stands! Creamy white soy candles of course!

  57. Tricia Rose says:

    I have only seen bar Lamingtons before – never a whole cake – di you invent it?

  58. Tricia Rose says:

    I have only seen bar Lamingtons before – never a whole cake – did you invent it?

  59. Andrea says:

    Was that a bribe for comments, lg?
    I was going to comment anyway just to say that you are as delightful as Sarah, I can see how you two bonded!
    Thanks for the tutorial on the cake stand, really good idea! Now I have to google a recipe for Lamington.
    Bye, and come back for another visit sometime, it was fun!

  60. priscilla ortiz says:

    Cake Stand and Cake great job on the display presentation:)

  61. Angie says:

    You two sound like me and my best friend Kate, a transplanted yankee to this part of the deep south. Iced tea for us and hot afternoons of plundering through junk stores ! We have been known to pack up the car and head hours out to fine a new place to plunder. Just doenst get much better than that does it ! So glad Sarah has a buddie that shares of love of things vintage.

    Now on to the important stuff….THAT CAKE ! I googled it when Sarah was talking about her Lifesaving carnival and have to say I gotta have that recipe ! Chocloate sponge cake and coconut????? YUMMY Give it up girls !

  62. jane says:

    hard to believe there are lurkers with all the comments that appear after each posting. HOWEVER it occurs to me that i may be called a lurker because i don’t comment each time. but in my defense, do you want to read “great, beautiful, wonderful etc” every time? i run out of superlatives. the guest blogs are wonderful changeups. welcome lg. what a lovely friendship you enjoy with the bcers. happy times to you all, jkj

  63. Krista says:

    I’m one of those dreaded lurkers, but I’m popping out of hibernation to say WELCOME and I love your cake plate. :-) What a perfectly delightful thing to do with the heaps of teacups and mismatched plates I’ve collected over the years. :-)

  64. megs says:

    So playful. Another good DIY project I’ve been wanting to try is teacup candles. :)

  65. Sarah W. says:

    Hello lg! That is a lovely little idea for a cake stand and that cake looks delicious!

  66. LOVE this idea! What a great way to re-use such fabulous vintage finds! :)

  67. Michelle says:

    So glad to finally meet you lg. You two sound like so much fun. Love the cake stand …such a good idea.

  68. bobbie says:

    It’s lovely to meet you, Ig!! And what a wonderful idea this is ~ thanks for sharing it with us!

  69. Els says:

    had to laugh when i read the part on that some won’t know what to do with it…. I know people like that. And then there are the ones that will be totally in love with it! Totally know what you are saying!
    And i am thinking i may just try it… sounds very fun! Thanks for sharing

  70. Sami Jo says:

    great idea lg! You distract her and I’ll grab the chair for ya! K- BREAK! …
    just kidding Sarah :p <3 SJ

  71. Lori-Anne says:

    What an enchanting idea. I’d love to see a sequel post on how to make lamingtons, now!!!

  72. Rebecca says:

    Love the cake stand idea!!! Might just have to try it out!

  73. Mindy Hodge says:

    Love the idea! Very sweet…and the 200 gift card would be so welcome right now!

  74. Melissa says:

    DARN, I was gonna comment, assuming there was no bribe. But I am all IN for a Target gift card. That is my FAVORITE place to shop and I can rarely get out of that place for under $75. One would think that would stop me from going there too often, but it does not :( lol!

    The plates are charming. In the past, i would have been one of those people to smile and then hide it! ;) Now, maybe as I get older, I dunno, I think these ideas are amazing! I think my Mom has some old China down in her basement and I might just give this a try. Probably the only way I would ever USE her china! ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

    And PUHLEASE enter me into the Target GC giveaway! :) melissa.bufford@gmail.com

  75. Jill says:

    Love the cake stand idea! My sister does this with candlesticks and plates, but the teacup is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  76. Jill says:

    Love the cake stand idea! My sister does this with candlesticks and plates, but the teacup is adorable! Thanks for sharing!
    Jill Oh! And I could really use the target gift card! : )

  77. Deanne says:

    Thanks lg, these would be great too for my cups that have lost their handles but I just can’t part with!

  78. Corinna says:

    This is an awesome idea! I will be looking at the dishes aisle of Goodwill with new eyes the next time I’m shopping!

  79. TanyaB says:

    Just HAD to TELL you ‘how inspiring’ your little ‘vintage recycle’ idea is for me …!…(normally I just lurk in the cyber shadows!!!)

    I adore (& store!… much to my Mr BC’s minimalist distaste!) vintage china & I ‘lust’ after cake stands, that are normally out of my BC budget!!!… but you have perfectly melded my two loves together & given me the inspiration I needed for a holiday project!…

    Thank YOU Thank YOU THANK YOU xxx

    ps: you two sound like a ‘formidable’ team!… hee hee
    pps: off to get some ‘liquid nails’… do you think they sell it @Tar-Jay???

  80. Megan Goodman says:

    What a great idea! So simple but effective. It would make a great Christmas present too!

  81. Shar Y. says:

    That is just a brilliant idea, Mrs. LG, thank you for sharing so very much! You will find me later in the vintage shop!

  82. Kara Thompson says:

    I love that idea!! And I’ve been looking for an inexpensive cake stand :)

  83. Kara says:

    Now how come I haven’t thought of this dainty little idea! What a great post, thanks for sharing, LG! I want to make some of these for my gal friends and I still have time left before Christmas! So cute and inexpensive. I love to make the ordinary, extraordinary! Thanks again…..

  84. Kerry says:

    I like your style lg…go on…start a blog! You’ll be a smash hit :)

  85. Kyle says:

    Love this! And the “favors” bit had me cracking up.

  86. Sharon says:

    Love it!! I have some old vintage plates and cups lurking in the back of the cupboard that I feel will now find a new lease of life!! And the lamington cake on top looks perfect with its little sparkly cachous (is that what they are called?) sprinkled over!! And a target gift card would be welcome in this house to spend on pressies for the cherubs :)

  87. This is my favorite version of this DIY!!! I love the cup idea! So darling!

  88. Jo says:

    If I win the giftcard I’ll buy you a cake stand :p

  89. Lois Gibbs says:

    I love the cakestand! What a fabulous idea for vintage pieces!
    P.S. My initials are also L.G.

  90. Julie says:

    That is just about cute enough AND easy enough to be my last minute hostess gift this Christmas! Very cute.

  91. Holly says:

    LOVE this, and want that card! :)

  92. Lisa says:

    Loving the cake stand. Yes, I too have seen something similar with glasses (think parfait style), and glass plates. The more decorative the better. Since I first saw the idea, I visited the local op shops in search of the ever present dime-a-dozen glasses and plates. Of course, I haven’t found one anywhere. Hmmmm!! I too had the idea they would make unique and pretty gifts. Anyway….I can wait baby. They will return one day, and I’ll be there ready. Good work LG.

  93. Molly K says:

    What a wonderful idea! Talk about a perfect gift that can be personalized for anyone. Thanks for sharing.

  94. Lisa says:

    Oops seems I’ve posted twice. I read back over comments today to see if anyone else had tried this using silicone, and didn’t see my comment so reposted. Wow it’s not even Friday yet. ;-)

  95. Caz says:

    Great post L.G. This is a gorgeous idea – love it:) Only problem I have is finding an op shop that has these gems as I just can’t seem to find one that has the goodies.

    • lg says:

      You just gotta keep going back – if you are looking for something guarranteed it won’t be there! btw I finally found the vintage woollen blankets after months of searching. They were cream instead of grey, but will be perfect to recover my couch – but that might be another post!!!

  96. Marnie A says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post today lg. The cake stands are very sweet, what a great idea!

  97. lg says:

    Thank you all so much for your kind words. So glad you like the cake stands. I have also made a few with sparkly crystal glasses as the bottoms and they look fab too!

  98. Debbie says:

    Now I know what to do with some of my mom’s vintage cup and saucers. Thanks for a great idea. Nice guest blog.

  99. sue says:

    great blog post, lg….I like your style, and particularly loved the cake stand you so cleverly created….a beautiful and timeless gift!!!!

  100. Peta says:

    what a fab idea~!

  101. meghan says:

    awesome, awesome idea! i saw this recently as an idea for teacher’s christmas gifts….cute little christmas plates and cups or bowls for the bottom. who doesn’t lurve cake stands????!!!!

  102. Hi, lg, so nice to have you here! I am loving this as a gift idea. Tomorrow is consignment day at my op shop, so now I know what I’ll be on the hunt for, aside from the fab thing I never knew I wanted ;-)
    P.S. I really want to give my li’l sis a $200 Target gift card for Xmas!

  103. Nicola says:

    Hi lg, nice to see you in the “cyber” BC Cottage! Wonderful post, I am sure your Mrs BC will be well pleased with your ramblings LOL!

    I too am a collector of vintage china, not too fussed on the who and the why, just seem to be drawn to anything made by any member of the meakin family!

    Will be trying this during the Christmas Break – I have a lovely little cup with a crack in it, that I have been avoiding getting rid on and it will work perfectly in this situation.

    Thanks for the great ideas and hope to see you here again soon.

  104. Annie says:

    OMG! I love this! I think I have everything I need on hand to do this with, too!

  105. Di says:

    The famous lg. How nice to have you here. I love this idea, right up my alley!! A must do very soon. Merry Christmas to you.

    • sarah says:

      I told her she was famous!

      …and she didn’t believe me ;-)

      now Di, she knows lol!

      and a very Merry Little Christmas to you


  106. Courtney says:

    So cute! I collect cake stands but they can get pricey so this is such a good idea. I’m a newly reformed lurker here in BC land, so thanks for sharing! : )

  107. Susan says:

    What a very pretty vintage plate…and great idea. I think we have some of the same relatives. They’d say, yes, thank you then hide it. Oh well, what do they know?

    And welcome to the BD…you did a lovely job…and that sponge cake looks absolutely yummy.

  108. I am soooo LoViNg This vintage plate tutorial!!!!!! I collect all types of cake stands, but this is such a great idea!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!! That cake looks DeLiSh!!!!

    P.S. I have my fingers crossed for the Target giftcard, my FAV store!!!!!!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  109. Paula says:

    Who would have ever thought to do that???? and the cake looks delish

  110. Teresa T. says:

    Hi lg,
    Any chance of sharing your Lamington with the BCer’s. Looks wonderful on your beautiful cake plate!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Always, Teresa T.

    • lg says:

      I am sorry, but I can’t take the credit for that Lamington Sponge, but they are pretty easy to make – if a little messy. Basically you dip vanilla sponge cake in runny chocolate icing/frosting (so it soaks right into the cake – yum!) and then dip it again in shaved or dessicated coconut. The traditional lamington is a bar shape (for one person), and it is best made from day old sponge (holds together better). If you don’t want to make your own cake, just buy a pre-made slab. Fancy lamingtons have cream and jam in the middle too.

      • sarah says:

        lg please don’t tell me that you may have BOUGHT a Lamington?????

        sugar, I thought you were a true Australian



        • sarah says:

          oh and p.s.

          I am assuming that there will be a Fancy Handmade Lamington in this cottage at the weekend Christmas BC Dinner….courtesy of you ;-)

  111. Mayaeve says:

    Love this idea, might try it for some chrissy presents too! Thanks

  112. Alia says:

    For some reason I haven’t made it here in a while, but now that I am back I realize I missed it! I will definitely be making more of an effort to remember to come back. And what a great post to read as my triumphant return! Haha. I just love the tea cup cake stand and will most certainly be trying it out! Thank you lovely guest blogger.

  113. Jolene says:

    What a clever idea!!!!!

  114. Holly says:

    What a nice cake stand!!! I have been looking for the perfect cake stand. Maybe I haven’t been looking at the right things!! Awesome =)

    200.00 what??? Wowwy!

  115. Noosa Beach House says:

    So I am seriously inspired and I have a whole box of Royal Winton odds and ends to play with! Cheers x

  116. Jan J. says:

    Wow! WOW! Two simple things put together to make something so lovely and graceful and especially when you have just one of something – not enough to make an eating set. I will be making one of these and probably some for gifts! Thanks so much for the idea!

  117. Rachel says:

    Another chance for lurkers to come out? Oh, why not… This tutorial gave me an excuse to go op shopping and get a lamington cake en route. Those photos make me salivate and crave…

    • sarah says:

      well thank you Rachel, that is the aim in BC land….to go op-shopping when you should be doing something a whole lot more productive, to buy and consume lamingtons, or even, shudder, bake them yourself and to salivate and crave….yep we aim to please ;-)

  118. Leonie-Australia says:

    Well done LG, the post & the cake stand. I think that is such a clever idea that I am going to go straight to the old china stack & see if I can whip one up,thanks for the idea.

  119. Jacinta says:

    Do you think that anyone has whipped a lamington cake past Oprah …… yet?

  120. Donna says:

    hey lg, great post! I too have tried the upside down cup with a plate on top thing but just with boring old white run-of-the-mill white plates. Yours looked much prettier so will be scouring mum’s cupboards for something vintage. Well done!

  121. OK – you got me too, tomorrow I’m off to the thrifts to nab some plates and cups to whip up some cake plates. Then I’m going to stop at the bakery and get me a lamington cake…not exactly sure what that is, but I think it’s similar to Coconut Bars. I can’t wait till they open – maybe I’ll have it for breakfast.

    Great post lg – count me in for theTarJay giveaway, and I hope to see you again!

  122. Lindsay says:

    No fears! You did a wonderful post! And I love your cake stands…I’ve done something similar with parfait glasses and pretty plates, and they are always pointed out and people ask where I bought them! The answer “here and there” always leaves them wondering :-)

  123. Janis Covington Stufflebean says:

    Love the cake stand..great colors.

  124. Barefoot Liz says:

    Came back so I could try to get inspired to make a cake. Oh, and to check on the Giveaway!

  125. Kathleen H in Indiana says:

    Great idea! I am off to my Goodwill store! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  126. Anne says:

    Okay, I came out from “lurking” a few post back :) but just wanted to say I LOVE this blog…the guest blogger’s idea for the cupcake stand is adorable! A fan from central Indiana, USA :)

  127. Kim says:

    G’day~Mrs Lg nice to have you here.I think you did a fabulous job hosting, you should start a blog! The cake plate is rad and I would love to serve cake off of one of these.I may just have to try it.~Cheers Kim

  128. Erika says:

    Super cute idea!!!! I think I might have to make one or two of those…these would make such unique gifts for Christmas.

    And yes, I too am a “lurker”….LOL!

    Thanks for the extra chance to win ;)

  129. Sally says:

    The cake plates are absolutely adorable! I think all of my sisters would love one! And I, of course, would love one and a Target gift certificate ; )

  130. I love vintage china and this is adorable!! How pretty! I have some vintage crystal in my diningroom glued together and white Christmas lights in it! LOVELY!!!

    That’s for guesting!! You did great!

  131. Lolo says:

    Wow! So cool – love the handle on the cup that shows :)
    And I cant pass up an extra chance at the Target gift card!!!

  132. dalia says:

    what a great idea! -love the color palette and i now want to go look for plates and cups to make some myself!!!

  133. Kstobias says:

    So cute! I’ve been wanting to try to make some cake stands with those old candle sticks that you see everywhere, but I hate the thought of painting my dishes. I don’t want to go through the hassle of using dollies EVERY TIME I want to use my stand. But this! I wouldn’t have to paint it if I found matching cups and plates!!! Genius! :D

  134. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Oh my goodness, this is pretty! Great idea!!!

  135. What a lovely idea! I see the most amazing cups and plates at op shops all the time and I never thought to do this with them. Just in time for Christmas too! Thank you.

  136. Charmaine says:

    Oh..Fantastic idea!!! Going to pinch this idea for Christmas presents…..(if I can part with them once i have made them that is….)
    Thanks Luv…..Oh Gift card…Nice….Thanks

  137. Shelley-Bob says:

    Well I must say at first I was a skeptic too…then I looked at it closer and sure enough that cake stand is darling! I totally need to try that. Funny thing is I NEVER take a second look at china when I’m junking. But my momma seems to be drawn to it…I thought that was just cause she’s OLD, but won’t she be tickled if I could make her one of these. Thanks for the sweet blog lg. I very much love this awesome website!

  138. Kayleen K says:

    Love it! I must be shopping at the wrong junk shops as I can never find dinner plates (though I am fussy and like English bone china stuff) I have a lot of saucers and bread and butter plates though!

  139. Oh, how absolutely adorable! (Trying to post instead of just lurk, here!)

    My mother and I share an insane passion for dishes and other kitchenware… this will make a great idea for a birthday gift for her!



  140. sarah says:

    howdy Melissa, it’s a great project

  141. Esme says:

    I have so wanted to try making Lamington cake. I cannot believe I never had any when I lived in Sydney.

  142. kari says:

    I love those little beady things on your cake.. very beautiful!!

  143. cindib says:

    very cute idea! i can’t wait to give this a try!!

  144. alison says:


    I’m off to my favourite Salvos tomorrow on my weekly visit. I love the lucky dip aspect of the experience. I will be looking for a cup and plate to make a cake stand.

    Mr Alison and I are fitting out the “new” camper trailer we bought recently and I’m thinking all our plastic crockery is going and we’re upgrading to fine china!!!

    I get the whole sniffing Tupperware thing. I’m with you there, girls.

    Finally, lg, I don’t rearrange stock in an op shop, I tidy a little bit here and there as I browse. I like to leave a shop better than when I entered. Is that weirder than Tupperware sniffing???!!!


    PS Has anyone noticed the surge of secondhand Tupperware on offer at markets?

  145. Jaanika says:

    OMG, how cute! And beautiful photographs too! :)

  146. Brenda says:

    I just love this idea! It would make a wonderful gift for someone.
    I looked at other crafty things on your site and they are wonderful
    also. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us that we
    can put a smile on someones elses face……..:)

  147. Patricia says:

    The vintage teacup/plate cake stand is so lovely, and so practical. I have been inspired to find these items and make a few (gifts).
    I will try to make a Lamington cake, as well.
    Thank you for these wonderful ideas that you have presented.

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  151. I adore this idea! Being a plate and cup collector of sorts I now have a new quest. Thank you for such a fun and simple idea!