Otepoti Urban Organics is a not-for-profit network of gardeners, community groups and businesses who have an interest in fostering and engaging in organic food growing activities, and other sustainable practices, in the Dunedin area. 


This network exists to share information and resources, to help increase the quantity and quality of food grown by people in their own back yards or other locations, and to make these activities more enjoyable, productive and efficient for all involved. We also run a seed savers exchange for open pollinated and heirloom vegetable varieties for Otago gardeners. To be kept up to date with what we are up to,join up to our mailing list.


This site is the hub of Otepoti Urban Organics. Here is some more information on the main sections of the website to get you started. These can be navigated to from the top of any page or from the left hand navigation menu.

A web forum where we can discuss ideas and methods of obtaining the best yeilds, sustainable gardening practices, what to grow here and when to grow it, creating new gardens, guerrilla gardening, etc. Here you can ask any question you have about veggie growing in the Otago area.

A 'wikipedia' style system whereby ideas and concepts that come out of discussions from the web forum or elsewhere can be compiled into user friendly instructional resources for the home gardener. Anything from the most basic beginners advice, to ultra-geeky gardening methods, companion planting, mulching, composting, seed saving, etc. Kind of like an online gardening book, that is made by all of our members, and is continually refined and improved over time as we learn more and experiment with new methods.

We have established a seed savers network in Dunedin, whereby we collect and distribute seeds from open pollinated and heirloom vegetable varieties suited to growing in Otago and Southland. The network is run by voulnteers and we rely on you - local gardeners - to continue to save seeds and donate them back to the network to keep the seed stocks strong.
Listing of contacts who may be useful in your gardening endeavors. From places to aquire seeds, soil, and other gardening resources, to experts you can turn to for advice, to project coordinators who are behind various interesting grass roots initiatives in our fine city, etc.

Contact person is Bart Acres. He can be reached at otepoti.urban.organics@gmail.com  



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2012/2013 Seed List Released!

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Backyard Orchards: Growing fruit trees in Otago

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Otepoti Urban Organics Winter Update 2012

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Symbiosis Seed Exchange: Spring Seed List 2011

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Winter Update: Seed donations, crop planning and more

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Autumn Seed List

Hey there!

Well, although to many it may feel like summer has barely shown its face this year, it is now time for us to turn our thoughts towards the crops that will be succeeding our summer crops as those are harvested, or simply die off from a lack of warmth and too much wind! In many ways, this is actually a relief for the southern grower... the more temperamental warm-weather crops which have not preformed too well this year, can be replaced by the old reliable staple crops that will see you in to the autumn and winter.

Updated seed list, crop trials, summer planting

Howdy gardeners!

Things are progressing well with Otepoti Urban Organics, and we look forward to building on existing projects in the coming months to continue to facilitate the exchange of seeds and information for food growers of the lower South Island.

New Seed List released, 'Adopt-A-Crop' initiative launched!

Hello food growers of the South!

Call for seeds, and other news

Now that we are past the threshold of winter solstice and they days are again getting longer, it's high time that plans for the spring and summer, distant as they may seem, start swirling around in our heads...

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