Mike Clark's List of Publications

Some of my most recent publications are available as pre-prints or re-reprints and are listed elsewhere on my website. The following list is a more comprehensive list of publications going back to 1980.

 Section A: Original publications in refereed journals


Clark,M.R., & Milstein,C. Som. Cell Genet. 7, 657-666 (1981) Expression of spleen cell immunoglobulin phenotype in hybrids with myeloma cell lines.


Clark,M.R. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Cambridge (1982) Antibodies in somatic cell hybrids.


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Armour, K.L., Smith, C.S. & Clark, M.R. J. Immunol. Meth. (2010) 354: 20-33 Expression of human FcgRIIIa as a GPI-linked molecule on CHO cells to enable measurement of human IgG binding

 Section B: Reviews, books and editorials


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 Section C: UK Patent Filings

A number of the projects have led to the development of potentially useful therapeutic reagents. Various licensing agreements have been entered into and where appropriate patent protection has been sought. Although patents have been filed internationally only the U.K. priority filings are listed below.
  1. Cobbold,S.P., Clark,M.R., Benjamin,R.J. & Waldmann,H. Priority date 2/4/86 Application 8608068 (U.K.) Monoclonal antibodies and their use.
  2. Clark,M.R., & Waldmann,H. Priority date 5/11/86 Application 8626412 (U.K.) Antibodies.
  3. Gilliland,L.K., Clark,M.R. & Waldmann,H. Priority date 5/11/86 Application 8626413 (U.K.) Antibodies.
  4. Waldmann,H., Clark,M.R., Winter,G.P. & Riechmann,L. Priority date 12/2/88 Application 8803228 (U.K.) Priority date 25/2/88 Application 8804464 (U.K.) Improvements in or relating to antibodies.
  5. Gorman,S.D., Clark,M.R., Cobbold,S.P., & Waldmann,H. Priority date 17/9/90 Application 90202823.1 (U.K.) Altered antibodies and their preparation.
  6. Clark,M.R. Priority date 12/3/91 Application 9105245.6 (U.K.) Binding molecules.
  7. Routledge,E.D., Bolt,S., Clark,M.R., Gorman,S.D., & Waldmann,H. Priority date 24/3/92 Application 9206422.9 (U.K.) Improved humanised CD3 antibodies
  8. Clark,M.R. Priority date 8/93 Binding molecules.
  9. Armour,K., Williamson,L., & Clark,M.R. Priority date 8/5/98 Application 9809951.8 Binding molecule
  10. Atherton, A., Armour, K., & Clark, M.R. Priority date 28/10/99 Application 9925490.6 Binding molecules and treatment and screening methods
  11. Laukanen, M-L., Clark, M.R. et al Priority date 29/04/02 Application 20020807 (Finland) Novel humanized anti-vap-1 monoclonal antibody
  12. Armour, K., & Clark, M.R. Priority date 17/10/03 Application 0324368.0 (U.K.) Polypeptides including modified constant regions.

 Section D: Granted US Patents

In the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sector the US is a major centre for commercial research, manufacturing and sales. Thus a crucial element for commercial development is to seek to obtain patent protection within the US. In prosecuting the following patents I have worked closely with attorneys in the UK and the USA and I have also made personal appearances in the US patent offices in Washington DC. The following is a list of granted US patents of which I am an inventor.

  1. Bolt,S., Clark,M.R., Gorman,S.D., Routledge,E.D.& Waldmann,H.
    US Patent 5,585,097 17/12/1996
    Humanized anti-CD3 specific antibodies
  2. Waldmann,H., Clark,M.R., Winter,G.P. & Riechmann,L.
    US Patent 5,846,534 8/12/1998
    Antibodies to the antigen Campath-1
  3. Waldmann,H., Clark,M.R., Winter,G.P. & Riechmann,L.
    US Patent 6,569,430 27/05/2003
    Antibodies to the antigen Campath-1
  4. Bolt,S., Clark,M.R., Gorman,S.D., Routledge,E.D.& Waldmann,H.
    US Patent 6,706,265 16/03/2004
    Humanized anti-CD3 specific antibodies
  5. Gorman,S.D., Clark,M.R., Cobbold,S.P., & Waldmann,H.
    US Patent 6,767,996 27/07/2004
    Altered antibodies and their preparation.
  6. Gorman,S.D., Clark,M.R., Cobbold,S.P., & Waldmann,H.
    US Patent 7,098,006 29/08/2006
    Chimeric antibody, pharmaceutical composition and process of its production
  7. Armour,K.L., Clark, M.R., & Williamson, L.M.
    US Patent 7,597,889 6/10/2009
    Binding molecules derived from immunoglobulins which do not trigger complement mediated lysis

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