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The CAMPATH Story & Therapeutic Links

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Very simply the name CAMPATH derives from Cambridge Pathology. It was a name coined in the early 80s by Herman Waldmann's group then working in the Cambridge University, Department of Pathology. It was applied to a group of monoclonal antibodies being developed for clinical use. I was a member of the group from 1981 until 1990 when I was appointed to a lectureship within the same Department. During my time in Herman Waldmann's group I worked on projects involving a number of antibodies which have undergone or are undergoing clinical trials including antibodies to CD3, CD4, CD18, & CD52. My main involvment with these particular clinical projects now is to do with license agreements and patent issues. The antibodies have been assigned through the University of Cambridge, Wolfson Industrial Liaison Office.

Since 1990 I have continued to work on the engineering of antibodies for therapy in collaboration with a number or different centres. I still use CD52 (CAMPATH-1H) and CD3 (YTH12.5) as model systems for investigating human IgG functions and work from this is generating a new generation of improved antibody constant regions to be used in other clinical situations.

The text and illustrations on this web page are © copyright 2000, 2001, 2005 M.R. Clark, PhD., Lecturer in Therapeutic and Molecular Immunology, Department of Pathology, Cambridge University, Cambridge UK CB2 1QP. The information provided is to the best of my knowledge correct but if you are aware of any errors please do contact me.

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