• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Why CRANK BJJ?

    What makes CRANK BJJ different than other Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu/ submission grappling schools? What is the environment like?  Is everyone out to beat each other up?… We’d like to answer a few of your questions in regards to our school and we encourage everyone to stop in, say hello and try out a class ON US. We are confident that you will experience a difference.

    Do all the schools teach the same art of Jiu-Jitsu?

    Yes, but each puts their own spin on it. Some are more self- defense oriented, some are geared more towards MMA competition, and others are more sport Jiu- Jitsu oriented.

    What type of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu does CRANK BJJ teach?
    We are more sport Jiu- Jitsu oriented. We place emphasize on smooth technical movements as well as attribute development, which coalesce into a complete Jiu- Jitsu package. We are not a “know- it- all” school. We know what we know, but we are always learning. We teach a style of BJJ that is highly influenced by the training methods and techniques of Master  Moacir “BOCA” Oliviera and Master Deninho Mitchel.

    Is everyone cool? Should I worry about getting hurt by some spazzy jerk with something to prove?
    Well, we may not all be cool, and strut around the mat like big shots, but we are good. We have some of the top competitors in the area .We know when to be competitive and when to apply cooperative training. We know the best ways to help each other improve. That may mean intense sparring one day and light technique drilling the next. Being tough doesn’t make you a technically better BJJ player- in the long run your technique work WILL pay off. This means less ego injuries and more quality training=improvement.

    How long are the classes?
    Unlike other schools, our classes are 2 hours in length-allowing our students ample time to warm up, drill existing techniques/combinations, learn new techniques, and to talk about the theory behind the movements. Techniques are presented in a sequential order, allowing the students to learn and experience how the moves fit together in the big picture.

    What the difference between BJJ and submission grappling?
    In the BJJ class the students wear a Gi. The Gi allows your opponent to grab hold of you- which drastically changes the game. Submission grappling is done wearing shorts and a t-shirt. There is no grabbing of the clothing allowed. The primary differences between the two are the grips and the different levels of control. Practicing both is important, as it will lead to greater improvement in both games.

    How often should I attend in order to improve?
    We have found that training 2x per week will allow you to improve at a moderate rate. 1x per week will help keep you in shape but you will be spending a lot of time reviewing previous moves in order to remember them. Give yourself a month or so at 2x per week to get used to the rigors of training before starting 3x per week. You will be using your body in new ways so it is important to give your body time to adapt to the new stresses.

    What is the gym like?
    We love our place. We’ve spent years training on puzzle mats and our bodies can feel it. Why get beat up on cheap mats when you can save yourself the agony and feel better? That’s why we chose to spend the money on the best. BJJ takes a lifetime to perfect – why not invest in your future?

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