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Song Joong Ki doesn’t care if he plays a leading role

  • Lee Gyeong-Ho |입력 : 2012.09.05 08:30|조회 : 994
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Actor Song Joong Ki recently talked about playing the leading role in a TV series.

On September 5, Song attended a press conference for KBS’s new weekend series Innocent Man at COEX in Seoul and talked his feelings on playing the leading role for the first time in the series.

Song said, “Many people are asking me how I feel about playing my first leading role. But I don’t place weight on the leading character and it actually doesn’t matter to me.”

“I don’t care if I appear in many scenes or not. If I cared, I don’t think I could have appeared on the TV series A Deep-Rooted Tree.”

“I’m really excited to appear on the series by writer Lee Kyung Hee. I still can’t believe it when I open my eyes in the morning and go to shoot the series. I want to be recognized by the writer and that’s why I don’t care if the series is my first leading role.”

The series is about Kang Ma Roo (played by Song), who did everything he can for a girl that he loves. It is a classical melodrama about a passionate love between three characters.

The first episode will air on September 12.

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