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Updating your home by installing or refinishing hardwood floors can instantly add value to your home. Many older homes were built using hardwoods but have since been covered with carpet. We can remove carpet, sand and refinish your original floors...>> Read More
With a concrete floor, you have many options. Concrete floors allow you to create a unique, custom look by simply staining, engraving or scoring the floors. You can have bold colors, logos, words...
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In Houston and the surrounding areas, older homes often need foundation repair. While companies try to keep repairs limited to outside the home, many times floors inside your house must be torn up in order to level your home.... >> Read More
Artistic Floors does more than just floors. We fabricate and install countertops. We install chimneys. We can transform your bathroom by adding a marble, granite or travertine floor... >> Read More

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Dust Free Hardwood Repair

No Dust, No Problem. Our crews us a dustless system by Clark-American Sanders that eliminates dust completely. Mothers have fed their children just feet away from our crews. Homeowners haven't had to clean after we leave. Customers can't believe it. Other companies may offer reduced dust systems but our equipment captures the dust at its source before it is ever released into the air. We've invested in the top of line model to ensure our customers walk away with a new floor and not a headache of a house covered in fine dust. It's one of the reasons Artistic Floors is unique.


If your floors are dingy and dull, then our TyKote recoating system is perfect for you. This method will give your floors a makeover quickly and inexpensively. The process doesn?t require any sanding and is therefore dust free.

Our team will first hand clean your floor, removing any sticky substances, black streaks and built up dirt. We?ll then use a specialized floor cleaning machine to remove the remaining dirt. Our experienced staff will next apply a thin film of a TyKote bounding agent followed by a satin finish to the floor.

In less than 24 hours, your floors will be dry and ready to be used. Recoating the floor will bring back its beauty and add a protective layer. Recoating will not repair a severally damaged floor or a floor that has a layer of non-standardized wax build up.

If you want a quick and easy floor makeover, give us a call and schedule your TyKote recoating today.