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With the Texas heat, many homeowners enjoy their backyard pools year round. Kids and adults often fall on the slippery pool deck. Artistic Floors can apply a product called Friction™ to the deck to greatly reduce the number of falls and increase the traction. The picture here shows the product added to the deck.

Falls are also the leading cause of injury death for people 65 and over according to the National Safety Council. But, slippery floors can affect more than just the elderly. Think about the time you had to carefully walk across the hospital floor, the restaurant or even your own home. You concentrated on each step to make sure you didn't fall. We can help make those steps more relaxed and easier.

Friction™ is produced by Nu-Safe Floor Solutions and is a proven treatment to increase traction. The product works on both finished and unfinished floors. It can be used on all floor types including: vinyl, terrazzo, marble, concrete, ceramic, porcelain, slate, rubber and more. Friction™ is proven to reduce slip and fall accidents by up to 82%. It is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.

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