Hardwood Floors

Refinishing - We offer a one stop solution for you. We can remove all your furniture, pull up existing flooring and then sand and refinish the woods floors below it. We offer several colors of stain and can even custom make a stain to give you the color you want. Our refinishing process is dust free. We use American Clark Standards equipment which prevents any dust build up. Please see our Featured Services to learn more about this unique system.

Installation - You have many choices when you install new hardwood floors today. We offer traditional hardwoods in a variety of woods to environmentally friendly bamboo. We can install pre-finished wood floor or unfinished wood floors. Please give us a call and we can create your dream floor.

Resurfacing & Repair - Kids, pets and heavy traffic can put wear and tear on your floors. Instead of refinishing your floor, resurfacing and repairing it can often solve your problems. It's quicker, easier and more cost effective. We can buff out scratches, fill-in gaps and replace individual planks.

TyKote - If your floors are dingy and dull, then our TyKote recoating system is perfect for you. This method will give your floors a makeover quickly and inexpensively. The process doesn't require any sanding and is therefore dust free.

Our team will first hand clean your floor, removing any sticky substances, black streaks and built up dirt. We'll then use a specialized floor cleaning machine to remove the remaining dirt. Our experienced staff will next apply a thin film of a TyKote bounding agent followed by a satin finish to the floor.

In less than 24 hours, your floors will be dry and ready to be used. Recoating the floor will bring back its beauty and add a protective layer. Recoating will not repair a severally damaged floor or a floor that has a layer of non-standardized wax build up.

If you want a quick and easy floor makeover, give us a call and schedule your TyKote recoating today.

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