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Stone Floors

We can repair, resurface and install your stone. Whether you need a new back splash in your kitchen, you need to make those dull marble floors shiny again or whether you want to add some pizzazz to your bathroom, our stone work is unmatched.


Marble - Marble floors, counter tops and showers can often become dull and dirty. At Artistic Floors, we can hone out any imperfections, polish and restore your marble to looking new again. We also offer marble installation.


Travertine - Travertine tile is a natural stone that is very unique. No two pieces are alike and often times you can see fossils within the stone. It requires little maintenance and can handle heavy traffic. It's a great solution for a busy entryway in your home. We can install, repair or polish your Travertine floors.


Terrazzo – If you’re a lucky homeowner with Terrazzo floors, we can help you maintain this high end stone.  Terrazzo flooring was standard years ago.  Today, it’s too expensive. Granite and marble have taken its place. We will grind and polish your floor using a natural finish.  Other companies use synthetic finishes which will look nice initially but will not last and eventually damage your floors.  Our process will bring the natural shine back to your Terrazzo floor.


Saltillo / Terra Cotta/ Mexican Tile -  This popular tile from Mexico adds a southwestern flair to your home.  It’s very porous and needs to keep a sealant on it to maintain its look.  At Artistic Floors, we can polish the tile, reseal it and repair any broken pieces.  We also offer custom installation.


Other – Limestone, slate and flagstone are just a few of the other stones that we can restore and polish.  Artistic Floors works with all types of stone in all environments.  Whether your need a countertop repaired, a floor or a tub, we can help.

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