mplayer2 is an advanced general-purpose video player. A fork of the original MPlayer project, it contains significant further development and supports a number of features not available in other Unix players.

Curious about the differences? See the comparison.


Watch movies on your toaster—mplayer2 is built for speed and efficiency.


With its wide array of options, mplayer2 can be customized to fit almost any needs. Be sure to check the manual!


mplayer2 runs well on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, providing similar features and overall experience on each platform.

Latest news

Python 3 to be required to compile from sources

Posted by Uoti Urpala on 17/06/2012

The build system will be changed to use Python 3. This means that you must have python3 installed to build from git.

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Note about the manpage

Posted by Uoti Urpala on 17/06/2012

The manual page included with the sources is currently outdated. The version on the website has newer content.

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Welcome to the new website

Posted by Stefano Pigozzi on 16/05/2012

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to our new website. We updated some of the content—especially in the Downloads page—and revamped the template with some modern CSS based on Bootstrap.

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