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FreeNIT aims to provide a 100% free Operating System for the Nokia Internet Tablets.

Some of the main goals of this distribution are:

* Easy to install (wizard or script)
* Minimalist (see suckless.org)
* Oriented to developers and power users

ATM is only for n900, but we are looking for testers and developers for n810, n800 and n770.

The current distribution is based in Debian. But we will move to archlinux, nix, stali, or gentoo at some point, maybe forking, but keeping the same goals.


Unsupported hardware

* GSM, UMTS, ..
* Xrandr display orientation
* TV out

Supported hardware

* Video (xorg-omap3)
* Touchscreen (tslib, ts_calibrate)
* Audio (basic alsa support)
* Cameras (/dev/video)
* Accelerometers and sensors (proximity, light)
* GPIO buttons (some scripts)
* Battery charging (some handmade shellscripts)
* Bluetooth (bluez)
* Wireless (iwconfig, wpa_supplicant)
* USB networking (g_nokia)
* FM Radio (radio-bcm2048)


* hide/remove X cursor
* develop on-screen virtual keyboard application for X (suckless philosophy)
- toggle app by pressing a hardware button
- integrated with dwm
* Implement battery charging support in FSO and kernel (sre is working on this)
* Enhace the touch.js surf script
* Implement GSM and UMTS for fso or ofono
* xmodmap TAB, PIPE (|) and ESC keys into the keyboard
* Create an installation wizard
* Enhace dwm for touchscreens (I have already done a patch)
* Create apps for dialer/addressbook/mail/... using swk widget library
* Find a good font family and size
* Design a menu app reading directories to run programs or change preferences
* Create/use a gtk theme
* Make gtk apps work as click+drag
* Find/implement xterm with touch dragging/text selection toggle
* Graphical screen locker for touch screens
* Write app embedding mplayer to take pictures from cameras
* find/develop a good touchscreen picture/pdf viewer


I will create a mercurial repo with the scripts and modifications soon.

External files

* n900 scripts
* elektranox's (sre) debian on n900 web
* debian rootfs (untar in mSD)
* touchscreen support for surf browser
* patch to make dwm touchscreen friendly