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It's all Jar Jar's fault

Well it's official. It's all Jar Jar's fault. Supreme Chancelor evil dude played that bitch like a violin. After Padme's horribly short sighted decision to make him a substiute Senator, Jar Jar gives Palpatine emergency powers and there's no looking back from there. I mean that's the single most pivotal role in boosting him into the role of evil Emperor. Now ignoring the fact that this move has secured Palpatine's place as the undisputed ruler of the Galaxy there's the immediate repercussions to consider. He did it all to allow the war which will tear apart the federation. The death of anyone who dies during the Clone Wars as well as anyone killed during the Emperor's rule, including the entire population of Alderan, has all been directly caused by Jar Jar's ignorance.

Besides being a fucking tool Jar Jar is host to the most innapropriate comedy in movie history. I can't belive he actually says "Exsqueeze me" and that he says "How rude" 3 times. 3?! That's absurd! What inapropriate dialect. I wonder if George knows that was made popular by Stephanie Tanner on Full House. He brings inapropriate bad humour just when it's not needed. The farting "camel" scene. Cut that out. It's a completely useless scene. Jar Jar Binks is a black plague in an otherwise excelent movie.
Last Updated on November 16th 2002
Jar Jar Fett. Wouldn't that suck?


I wanted to draw Jar Jar's head cut off by Darth Maul but instead it led to Jar Jar with a light saber comming out of his eye. I think this would make a great T-shirt. You probably noticed that this is the picture used in the banner.


Well that's gotta be the second most painfull thing I can think of. The most painfull being having to put up with Jar Jar saying "How rude!".


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