Enrollment Policy

Course Enrollment Policy
Age Requirement
You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up for this course. If you are 17 years old, you may take the course by having a parent or guardian contact The Treehouse (212-244-1722) classes@treehousetheaternyc.com
Refund Policy
There are no refunds. No exceptions.
Class transfers or exchanges are allowed up to a week before the class begins. There are no credits/transfers/exchanges after that time period or after the class begins.
Our classes rely on group participation, and absences will affect your growth, as well as the growth of your classmates. We ask that you attend every class within the session. If you cannot attend all scheduled classes, we recommend that you wait until you can fully commit.
We understand that emergencies do happen and conflicts do arise, so absences are allowed as follows:
In an 8-week theater class we do not allow more than TWO absences. Upon a third absence you will be REMOVED from the course. In a 4-week course we do not allow more than ONE absence.
Removal means you cannot attend any more classes or participate in the graduation show. Once removed, if you wish to continue your training, you will have to repeat the level at full tuition price.
If an emergency or conflict arises, please email your instructor to let them know you will be missing the class so they can do their best to catch you up and plan accordingly.
Lateness/Leaving Class Early
Prompt attendance is expected from all students. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will not be allowed into class and it will be considered an absence.
If a student leaves class more than 15 minutes before the official end time, this will be considered an absence. Students are expected to be present for the entire class.
Instructors must enforce this administrative rule, and students who argue or plead to be let into class will not be tolerated.
Show Requirement
As a student, it is important for you to see scripted theater, improvisation, music and dance in action. You are required to see AT LEAST two live theater shows (for 8-week theater classes) before your class is complete. Time will be devoted at the beginning of each class to discuss shows your class has been attending.
Resident Company Placement
Completion of Stages I-IV qualifies the student to take part in a Stage V Masterclass performance.
The Treehouse classes are held in a supportive, non-threatening and creative environment. In order to achieve this, students are asked to agree to certain rules in regards to course conduct before enrolling. Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consumption of drugs or alcohol during class, destruction of physical classroom space, including but not limited to walls, chairs, lights, restrooms and doors
  • Inappropriate verbal, physical or sexual conduct with other students or the course instructor
  • Bringing uninvited guests to class
  • Eating in class when not on a break
  • Talking while the instructor is talking or while your classmates are performing
  • Students must also abstain from using electronics in class, including audio or video recording devices and cellular phones (this includes reading or writing text messages and using the internet in class)

Inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the course. Refunds will not be given if you are removed from a class due to conduct.
Destruction of Property
If you destroy any property at The Treehouse or Simple Studios, whether it is by accident or on purpose, you will be liable for the cost of repair.
You will not be allowed to attend more classes, or to register for another class, until payment arrangements have been made to replace the destroyed property.
You agree that you choose to voluntarily participate in the course with full knowledge that the activity may be hazardous to yourself and/or your property. You voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risks of loss, property damage or personal injury, including death, that may be sustained as a result of participating in the activity. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Treehouse / This Theater LLC and Simple Studios, LLC and its employees, members and volunteers for any loss, liability, damage or costs, including court costs and attorney fees, that may occur as a result of your participation in the activity. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
Students are not guaranteed promotion to the next course level. Promotion is contingent on attendance, seeing shows and a demonstration of course concepts through application in class, during performances or writing.
Instructor Attendance
The Treehouse reserves the right to replace a course instructor at any time with another equally qualified instructor, without notice.
The Treehouse reserves the right to postpone or cancel a course if an emergency or unforeseen conflict arises. In the event of a course cancellation, students’ tuition will be refunded or credited. Any fees incurred by students for travel, lodging, etc. will not be reimbursed by The Treehouse.
The treehouse reserves the right to accept or deny any individual’s enrollment.
Students are always welcome to contact The Treehouse administrators at classes@treehousetheaternyc.com or by calling 212-244-1722. Students are also welcome to visit the office in person during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.