#SSBBRank 1 – 3 : The Grand Finale

#SSBBRank is a project that the community has worked on with CLASH Tournaments to rank the top 100 players in Super Smash Bros. Brawl! The project looks at the best players in the scene with a focus on results since 2013. Read on to find the final part of the project, where we conclude with the top 3 ranked Brawl players! The results might surprise you…

Rank ZeRo | @ZeRoSSB Score
3 Affiliation: n/a 9.895
Main: Meta Knight State: International
Secondary: Country: Chile
Apex 2013 SKTAR 2 Apex 2014 SKTAR 3
9th 5th 2nd 4th
Originally this man had a simple dream – be the best their ever was. After studying and training with Mew2King for months and even years, he met his goals and developed one of the most intense and scary Meta Knights in all of Brawl history. As a player, there really is no other person with as much dedication to the game as him.

And for the finale of #SSBBRank, we had quite the phenomenon where the top 2 players received an identical amount of 9.5 and 10.0 scores, resulting in an exact tie for first!

Rank 9B | @9999B Score
Affiliation: SHI-Gaming 9.947
Main: Ice Climbers State: International
Secondary: Country: Japan
Apex 2013 SKTAR 2 Apex 2014 SKTAR 3
9th - - 1st
9B, also known as Kyuubi, is regarded as the strongest Ice Climbers in the history of SSBB. He is one of the strongest Japanese players to come to the United States, leaving the world in a state of awe with his proficiency in every type of chaingrab. Some of his biggest accomplishments include one year of complete dominance in Japan as well as first place at the recent SKTAR 3.
Rank Nairo | @NairoMK Score
Affiliation: SWR 9.947
Main: Meta Knight State: NJ
Secondary: Country: USA
Apex 2013 SKTAR 2 Apex 2014 SKTAR 3
4th 9th 1st 2nd
Nairo is considered the most aggressive player to enter the scene. He is the younger brother of Ksizzle and ended up using a style the opposite of his brother that resulted in almost never camping. Nairo delivered a reckoning in the NJ/NY region and was considered the Meta Knight who knew the most approach options. He finally won an Apex this year at Apex 2014 after so many years of training to prove that he was the best!

And thus wraps up #SSBBRank. I want to sincerely thank everyone that took a part in this project, including the voters, community members who helped contribute descriptions, pictures, and information, and Tafokints for providing insight on the #SSBMRank process to form this. This list was made via voting from the community. I know every step may not have turned out flawless, but I am still thankful and satisfied to see this list completed and help shine light and fame on the professionals that poured countless hours into this game. Keep it alive! Continue to host and enter events, and who knows, perhaps we could see another ranking made solely for the 2015 year.

Discuss the rankings on Twitter using #SSBBRank, and shoutout your favorite players that made the rankings with their Twitter!

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6 thoughts on “#SSBBRank 1 – 3 : The Grand Finale”

  1. I believe you had to have played in the last 2 years in an Ameircan tournament in order to rank. But it is strange Abadango wasn’t in the list. And MIOM does Melee Rankings. They also forgot Liquid KDJ I think. I’m calling for a tiebreaker between Nairo and 9B!

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