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the OpenStreetMap event: 6-8 September 2013

And the winner is...

Posted by  robjn  Sep 15, 2013


The winning photo by Yuichiro Nishimura.

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In the run up to State of the Map 2013 we launched a photo competition. We were looking for the most unusual sign/object/situation observed whilst out mapping. We received some wonderful entries ranging from complex cycle lane road markings to mapping behind a Google Street View car (note the GPS receiver on the dashboard of the following car), and even a modern sculpture spotted during SotM Baltics 2013.

It was however an unusual sign that caught our attention. Yuichiro Nishimura tells us that he spotted this at a motorway service station near Tokyo. We particularly enjoyed the “Dog Terrace” image and, with the “Dogs Playing Poker” series of oil paintings by C. M. Collidge in mind, we had visions of a modern day version featuring a group of Schnauzer dogs sipping Starbucks coffee!! Congratulations Nishimura!

--You can view all the other entries on the OpenStreetMap wiki, here.

A community award

So what prize to award for such an unusual sign? In May this year the OpenStreetMap Foundation won the “Geospatial Content Organisation of the Year 2012” award (read more). The award was received by Henk Hoff, OSMF board member, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In his acceptance speech he dedicated the award to the OpenStreetMap community:

The real success behind OpenStreetMap is it’s community. A community of more than a million volunteer contributors around the world. I would like to dedicate this award to them.

- Henk Hoff, OSMF board member

So what better way to say thank you to the community than to share this award with them. At State of the Map 2013, Henk Hoff presented the award (an unusual object in it's own right) to Nishimura. We would love to see this award pop up all around our community, so Nishimura, take it back to Japan and share it with your local OpenStreetMap community (and post some photos in the comments below). When you're ready, pass it on to someone else and lets get this award touring all the corners of the globe!

Henk Hoff presents the award to Nishimura at State of the Map 2013.

Image by Shaun McDonald

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