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From 2011 to 2013: A new OpenStreetMap logo

Posted by  robjn  Oct 14, 2013

If you attended State of the Map 2013 then you would have picked up a bright yellow bag with the OpenStreetMap logo on it. The observant amongst you may have realised that this was a slightly different logo than normal, but the truely eagle-eyed delegate would have spotted that much of the delegate pack was manufactured local to Birmingham!

SOTM 2013 bag

Image by Alexander Kachkaev.

A new logo

Our current logo, designed by Ken Vermette, is a stylistic evolution of the former OSM logo (used until 29 April 2011). It's a great logo, but when it comes to merchandise a simple logo with fewer colours was required. But, why settle for one, when you can have two:

  1. A black and white version (well black and transparent), as used on the yellow bags.
  2. A reduced colour version as used on the polo shirts sold by the Communications Working Group (CWG).

You can grab both of these logos, plus a whole host of others from the wiki.


Locally produced

Where possible we sourced as much of the delegate pack as we could locally to Birmingham. We'd like to thank Badges Plus for great work they did on the enamel badges and Tuckey Print for the conference guide - both based in Birmgham. Bordering Birmingham is the town of Smethick, which is where the printers of our poly bags, drprint, are based. Whilst down in Bromsgrove the t-shirts were being printed by MOFO Sports. Finally, the paper part of the lanyards was printed at the Linux Emporium over in Coventry.

In additoon to the companies above, we'd like to thank our wonderful sponsors for digging deep to help keep our ticket prices as low as possible, and of course Conference Aston for hosting us at Aston University.

Welcome to the OpenStreetMap community!

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