State of the Map 2013

the OpenStreetMap event: 6-8 September 2013

Your pledge to OpenStreetMap

Posted by  robjn  Sep 7, 2013

Here at State of the Map 2013 we have a large pledge wall poster in the Tea/Coffee room. Mostly blank except for the words “I pledge... between now and next year's SotM!”, delegates are encouraged to write their pledge to OSM on the poster.


Pledges can be as small or as big as you like. Some examples could include:

  • … to offer to help one of the working groups
  • … to map 500 addresses
  • … to tag and photograph 250 listed buildings for a custom heritage map
  • … to set up and promote a new local users group
  • … to programme a tool comparing OSM footpaths with Government data
  • … to provide answers to 25 questions on

And I'm sure there are many, many more examples.

We are of course not limiting it to only SotM delegates. If you have a pledge that you would like adding, please add it as a comment below this blog post.

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