State of the Map 2013

the OpenStreetMap event: 6-8 September 2013

Information for Presenters

If you're presenting at State of the Map, you should also have received this information by email, but since the emails went out we have updated some points to give extra information.


We will load your presentation onto the podium laptop. Acceptable file formats are: PDF, HTML/Browser based, Microsoft Powerpoint and OpenOffice / LibreOffice Impress. The screen resolution is 1280x800. Apple Mac users will need to provide their own laptop and VGA adaptor. (The projectors do not have HDMI.)

You can either email your presentation to or turn up with it on a USB stick. We’d prefer it by email.

Please make yourself known to the Session Captain during the break before the session in which you’re presenting. The Session Captain will be in the room allocated for your presentation. If you can’t find him/her ask a volunteer (orange T-shirt)

Arrange with the Session Captain how long you want for  Q&A out of your allotted time. You are not obliged to have Q&A. The Session Captain will  hold up a large card letting you know how long you’ve got before Q&A, at 5,4,3, 2 and 1 minutes.

Additional comments:

  • The above applies to Track 1 and Track 2 presenters only. For presenters in the breakout room, bring your own laptop if you need one.

  • If specialist software is needed to show demos bring your own laptop.

  • If you’re using your own laptop make sure it’s booted up and on the first slide of your presentation when you arrive at the podium, and that you’ve tested screen resolution compatibility with the projector beforehand.

  • Keeping to your allotted time is essential: the Session Captain will cut you short if you overrun.

  • All presentations will be webcast live and subsequently published as slide decks, unless you tell us in advance.

  • Lapel mics will be available. Because of the live webcast, the camera crew prefer you to keep behind the podium. If your presentation style involves walking around, they will try to keep you in shot but we can’t guarantee it.

  • If your presentation uses live internet access, to be safe make sure you bring some screenshots.

  • For many in the audience English will not be their preferred language: so adjust your delivery pace and style accordingly (e.g. avoid too much idiomatic or colloquial usage).

Lightning talks

These are a concise and fast-paced format for delivering  information,  usually to generate awareness and to stimulate thought and action on the subjects presented.

We’ve left the sessions open so you can respond to anything you’ve heard or discussed during the conference. Register your lightning talk at the Conference Information Desk and we’ll publicise it.

The 5 minutes allowance for a Lightning Talk is a maximum time – if you can say what you want to say in less time – then  do so. A lightning talk does not necessarily need a slide presentation.