State of the Map 2013

the OpenStreetMap event: 6-8 September 2013

SWOT analysis inspires presentation ideas

Posted by  robjn  Jun 8, 2013

With just a couple of days left to submit a presentation proposal for State of the Map 2013, you may be looking for some inspiration. Well, look no further!

Crowd-sourced projects like OpenStreetMap may have a very different structure when compared to a normal business, but this doesn't mean that we cannot use the same management tools. Just this week I saw a post on one of OSM's Mailing Lists with a link to a crowd-sourced SWOT Analysis of OpenStreetMap. You can read all about it here:

Perhaps this has given you some ideas on what to present at State of the Map 2013. If so, you'll need to act quickly to fill in our online form - Call for Presentations closes Monday!

SWOT Analysis diagram on Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia article on SWOT Analysis