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Personalised mugs from Bytemark

Posted by  spiffy  Jul 27, 2013

Describing themselves as the UK’s “nerd hosting outfit of choice”, Bytemark is a provider of managed hosting platforms. This year to celebrate their long term support of OpenStreetMap all State of the Map attendees who have signed up before 15th August will receive a free personalised mug courtesy of Bytemark.

I've got to admit it – when it comes to hosting websites and online services, I simply don't have a clue! I could see that OpenStreetMap's hosting was supported by Bytemark as they are credited on the main webpage, but that was about it. So to help me with this blog post I spoke to OpenStreetMap's system administrators. It turns out that Bytemark have been supporting OSM “since year dot”, a fact that they're proud of and we are hugely grateful for.

"We are very proud of our OpenStreetMap support"

- Tim Dobson, Bytemark

So how exactly are Bytemark support OSM. Currently Bytemark provide us with our DNS service and the “Shenron” server:

  • A DNS service can be thought of as a giant yellow pages for the internet. It converts the human-readable domain names (e.g. into a unique server identifier know as an IP addresses. This ensures that when you type into your web browser, you connect to our website and see the content you were expecting.
  • The Shenron server currently runs subversion, trac and on the community side the mailing lists, and

So they you have it – every time you visit OpenStreetMap or engage with our community on the mailing lists and, you will have used Bytemark's services. I bet you didn't even realise! And to me that's the strength of Bytemark. By taking responsibility for everything that goes on behind the scenes, Bytemark allow us to focus on what is important to us – creating maps!

To get your very own personalised mug from Bytemark, don't forget to sign up to SotM by 15th August. To sign up, click here.

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