Never Miss An Opportunity

Here On Biz is the must-have app for business professionals, bringing together all of your professional contacts into one app. Quickly see which of your contacts are around you, keep tabs your colleagues as they travel about, and get introduced to new professionals of interest in your vicinity.

  • Explore Nearby

    Find other nearby professionals in your immediate area

  • Geo-Aware Rolodex

    See where your business contacts are at any time

  • Never Miss Out

    Receive alerts when contacts or people of interest arrive in your town

  • Smart Groups

    Network with professionals on the same flight, at the same hotel, or attending the same event

  • Private & Secure

    Your location and data is kept private and in your control at all times

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Here On Biz has partnered with Virgin America and Gogo Inflight Internet to transform all of Virgin America's flights into a realtime, social networking experience. Network with guests on your flight, any guest currently in the air on any Virgin America flight, as well as the people who are at your destination city; All from your iOS device.

To celebrate the launch of this new era of in-flight networking, ensuring their guests Never Miss an Opportunity, Virgin America is giving away 6 free flights, Elevate Gold Status, Complimentary Gogo In-flight Wifi passes, and more. Click here for details.

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Product & Design
Nick Smoot
Partnerships & Enterprise

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