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Norwood Career Database

Norwood Career Database, an essential tool to fans of Baseball for Windows

BBW 5.75!

With the introduction of BBW 5.75, a change to the NCD system was made necessary. The change is NOT to the NCD database itself, but to the Importer which now has a new version expressly for use with a replay created within 5.75. The database can continue to be used with either the older Importer V2.00.8 for pre-5.75 replays and can also be used with the new Importer V2.00.10 for 5.75 and later. Thus you can have both Importers reside on the PC at the same time. The simple means to allow this is to change, in NCD, which Importer file is pointed to in the "Reset Path to BBW2ACC.EXE" button, to either of the Importer executables depending on which version of BBW created the replay data.

What is the Norwood Career Database (NCD)?

The Norwood Career Database is an application that works with statistical records from the “Baseball For Windows”© product, or with manually entered (via Excel) data, and is oriented to multi-year record keeping. It provides the user with a means of collecting multiple years worth of statistical data from BBW's StatMaster, and querying that data in many ways.

There are two components to the NCD: the Importer program (a.k.a. BBW2ACC2K.EXE or a variation of that name), and the Access Database (a.k.a. BBEMPTY.MDB or a variation of that name).

The Importer

The Importer is the program that actually does the job of examining the BBW files and then placing data into the NCD. The Importer is not intended to be executed separately; instead, you indirectly invoke it from within the NCD Main Menu via the “Import BBW Data” button on the main menu.

There are two choices for downloading the Importer. If you’ve never previously installed the Importer, you’ll first need to download the "Full Setup" package and run the setup.  This is one-time only.  For later versions of the program, just download the “Program Only”. See below for installation instructions.

The Access Database

If you have Access 2000+ installed on your PC, you only need to download the “Database Only” file. 

If you have only Access 97, it is uncertain what it will do to your Access version if you ask for and install the Access 2000 Runtime.

If you don’t have ANY versions of Access, you can contact Phil Murray at bbwfan928 at and receive an email back with a link to the Access Runtime 2000 at no cost. Warning, install this only if you do not have Access 97 or later on your system.  If you already have the A97 runtime, consider 'removing' it through normal Windows procedures.  After Access 2000 runtime is in place, download the latest version of NCD from below.

Guidelines for downloading: (Items in blue background are new versions.)

Access 2000 Runtime Setup
Contact Phil Murray if you don't already have Access. For any version of BBW.
NCD Database Only
Norwood Career Database V4.53.02 (02/04/2013 - Database Only - @5,000 KB) in Access 2000 format. For any version of BBW Pre 5.75 or post 5.75.
Importer Setup

Companion Importer Program (Full Setup 1,958K). You only need this one time; afterwards just keep current by downloading the Importer-only item.

For any version of BBW.
Importer Only
Companion Importer Program V2.00.8 (Program Only - 260 KB)  For BBW version 5.50 and earlier.
For BBW 5.75+!!
Importer Only
Companion Importer Program V2.00.11 (Program Only for BBW 5.75+ only)  For BBW version 5.75 and greater.
Documentation and Sample:
  • Download for the documentation in Microsoft Word format.
  • Download for the sample database with Alan Berger replay data. About 12 MB.