Thanks for the Memories

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It's been four years, and what a four years they've been. I want you all to know I'm glad to have befriended some of you and at least made your aquaintence if only just here in HTML. We've all shared our lives here and we've changed over time. This site has undoubtably saved many and helped just as much.

It seems as if a part of my life will fade away tomorrow, but that's ok for me. I've pretty much outgrown the need for this site as I've grown to accept and even love myself. Not that I won't miss you all. I'm glad I got a dose of reality from you all when I became a whiney prick. Thanks for that, I sincerely mean that.

I've since grown out of that phase as a teenager and my hormones have smoothed out so I'm good. No insane ass mood swings or the like to make me the attention-whoring drama queen of Oasis, hehe, (cringe). Thanks for giving me input from time to time and congratulating me on my small achievements.

Thanks for challenging me and listening to me, thanks for these memories for I will cherish them long after this site is gone. Our own little community in which I had a niche when I didn't away from this website. For times when I felt alone but found confort in just writing out frustrations or writing about a good day.

It's been a great 4 years, perhaps our paths will cross again one day. Though highly unlikely as that may be, I do wish to extend that hope that we will all someday see where each other has been and gone.

I have to admit there were times when I went through cruel bullying, and there were times I wanted to die. I had to deal with that on top of being almost outed by my school. Looking back on everything I see how ass-backward that school was. I don't think I would've made it without this site.

The bullying and ignorance had happened well before I joined here, however I knew of the site then and debated for a year if I should join or not. I'm so glad I joined here just to feel like I wasn't the only gay person in the world. I felt like if I have no other place Oasis is my rock. I looked forward everyday to writing here.

Now I'm just where I need to be. Out to my immediate family, out to friends and out to myself. And I feel that even God loves me just as I am. I've come so far and I'll always be thankful for that.

Before I sign off for the final time, I'll make one last post tomorrow. I figure if you've read this far, perhaps you're willing to read a little further.


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I can't even recall you as an attention-whoring drama queen on here, guess I have to go back and read your earlier work! ;-)

There are already a group of Oasis people on the new Facebook group linked on here somewhere, which will also be linked from the pages that will replace this site very soon.

Glad you found Oasis when you needed it, and that you gave back and became part of the community here. And, yeah, sounds like you are in a good place now. ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Glad to hear we're leaving the past where it lay Jeff, hehe. Stay cool there Jeff. :)

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Haha! I agree with a lot of this

For myself, as well. It was really great to get to know you. We had our own slice of something special here, I really think. But it takes every one of us to help make it. Thanks for joining us :)

I'm really glad to hear that you're doing well. Stay strong and I hope you continue on to great things.

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