Kids React to Marriage Equality

I enjoyed this video a lot, it speaks well to the direction we're heading in... although it is interesting to see someone 6 who knows being gay is wrong, so that message gets out there early.


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That kid who said it was

That kid who said it was wrong sounded like he was rehearsing what his parents have told him. Very disturbing how parents have so much control over how their child thinks and views the world.

But, he was only one kid out of several. This really is a great example of how public opinion is changing. Being raised in an accepting society, even with his bigoted parents, will probably change that one kid's viewpoint.

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He seemed sure it was wrong, but had no idea why.

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I don't like this.

It seems like this channel has more left-leaning members. I don't know if it's intentional, since it probably has a lot to do with where they're based, but I don't think this is an accurate servey. Nothing to take very seriously, mostly just for entertainment.

Also, I like that little blond guy. His reactions to the questions are so funny!

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Well, they are based in Los

Well, they are based in Los Angeles, which is a pretty heavily liberal area, and I'm assuming these kids are from LA or surrounding areas, so yeah, maybe the survey is a bit inaccurate on the basis of convenience and availability, but I don't think it's a part of some liberal propaganda scheme. And, even if it is, it's a positive message: these kids present the "issue" of gay marriage and just homosexuality in general as a no-brainer. They're sweet, they're genuine, so what's so bad about it, even if the presentation is a bit skewed?

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No one said it was a scientific poll... I think it does speak to larger societal trends, though.

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I super enjoyed watching

I super enjoyed watching this video. These children spoke from their heart and I'm so happy that majority of them are open in to this kind of arrangement.

To the little boy who hates gay people, well he’s still young and will still grow up. I don’t think parents can influence their children to believe something that they do not approve of, when he grows up he will have his own decision and his own understanding.

Bravo to the people who made this video. All the best to you guys.