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Wishing all a very fond farewell...

For most of the last 5½ years this octogenarian has tried to remain in the background — not always successfully! :) / :(

Over these years I have witnessed many remarkable Oasies™ pass this way… and I want to wish them all a very bright future — you will be sorely missed!

-elph (my mom's initials)

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Two impressive youth performances...

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Church writes awful letter to gay man

I suspect this will become a "developing" story as it took place here in the U.S. (where?), but it had to be reported to us from the U.K.! The letter from the church is unconscionable; the response, magnificent!


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I'm From Driftwood

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What if you had to come out SMART the way you come out GAY? | Out Smart

I think this ingenious, hilarious!

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Is being GAY a CHOICE?

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An Extremely Moving Memoir: A "Must Read!"

This might be just my perspective… but I strongly recommend to all Oasies™ this recently-published memoir by Jon Croteau: My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within. It is currently available (Amazon, I know) --- despite conflicting publication dates!

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Should Trust be Placed in this "Authority?"

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Gay Georgia Teen Attacked by Family!

You probably have all seen the original video of 19-year-old Daniel Pierce being rejected and ejected from his home by his family.

Very troubling! Here is his story in a live interview with local TV:


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Posting… just because it's so inspiring!

An 11-year-old Australian boy (extremely good-looker… agreed?) writes to the Prime Minister wanting to know why he opposes recognition in Australia of his mom's gay marriage (actually, she and spouse were obliged to travel to NYC to be married).

I'm also impressed that Orlando's letter was hand-written and in cursive script!



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Gay teens coming out to a different world

This article will likely prove quite inspirational for many Oasies™


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Dark Temptations of the Beat Generation

I hope all surviving Oasies™ read this article as both a cautionary tale and as an informative one!

We each have only our one life to live and enjoy: We are so much better informed today than a quarter century ago. This article describes how easily it can be thrown away…

Some temptations just aren't worth the risk: Use your brains!


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Reminder to "correct" your Oasis clock setting!

If you have recently updated your local time (e.g., Daylight Saving), you should know that Oasis does not automatically correct!

To adjust, go to your "Personal information" page and select "Edit." At the bottom of that page, select your currently correct time --- then click on "submit."

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Innovative use of a pocket comb… at least for ~50%

Not much story; cute teen though.. maybe a tad reckless. View if bored…

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Shabbat Dinner & First Gay Kiss

A tad awkward... but that's likely the norm? Enjoy!

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