Trip Reports

+Trip 15

Quest 1 - Trip 15

The trip started with a small swell at first. The forecasted then had a big swell predicted which was to last through to the end of the trip.

Our first few days were spent in the PLAYGROUNDS area. Where we were lucky to score some very uncrowded Bankvaults and Nipussi. We even managed to score some solo sessions.

Then we drove through the night to the TELOS area.

We had 2 fun days of surf to ourselves at Monkey/Beachbreak. Good conditions and fun waves. Everyone was happy. And anticipating this upcoming swell!

When the swell arrived we scored good waves at Bombers- 4-6 feet, a little inconsistent. And some super good monkeys and skate parks 4-6 feet with no one out!

Then we went north to the Rangas/Telo lodge area. There was a lot of weather in the islands now. We did surf 4 feet telo lodge by ourselves and I feel we were very lucky considering the conditions. The swell report seemed to be a little off.

Then we moved back to the Monkey area and were surfing consistent 4 feet waves to ourselves. With a dying swell the waves gradually got smaller to the end of the trip.

Overall we scored waves throughout the trip with no or little crowds.

The guys were a pleasure to have on the boat. Polite and respectful and generally just up for a good time.

+Trip 16

Quest 1 - Trip 16

We headed straight to Maccas and arrived there on the morning of the 9th. We were unexpectedly greeted with a strong pushing swell. It was 4-6 feet with power. There were a few other boats in the area. However the crowd was no problem as the level of surfing on the other boats was fairly low. The guys spent the whole day surfing and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Day 2 was very similar with a smaller swell. As for day 3 we spent the day at Roxy’s by ourselves.

We then headed south to chase the arriving swell. There were 4 boats in the area. The crowd was polite and respectful. We surfed solid 6-8 feet Lighthouse.

We then spent the next few days surfing the various waves in the area with minimal crowds. The guys spent the majority of their nights enjoying some bintangs and playing some poker. Agus lost every night.

Till now we were unlucky. We didn’t manage to fish anything. Apparently the moon was the problem for fishing these days.

We then motored north to the Thunders area. With a small swell this was one of the only options. There were other boats there on the first day. But the crowd was fine though as there was a kind of rotation system going on. We spent 2 ½ days there. The surf was fun!

Finally we caught something. One giant trevally which was turned into fish tacos.

Afterwards we went further north to the Lances area. It was crowded so we moved on to Scarecrows. Our last two days were spent here. Surf was really fun. 4-5 feet long lefthander. We also caught a small dogtooth tuna. It was served as sashimi.

We did have a lot of fun and the guests were a pleasure to have.

+Trip 17

Quest 1 - Trip 17

The trip basically went really well.

We started in the Playgrounds area. Spent almost 4 days there, we had some good surf but it was a little crowded.

Then we decided to move onto the telos area. Where we scored very good waves with virtually no crowds. We did also have some fun using the stand up boards and the jet ski everyday.

The didn’t manage to catch any fish until the last 2 days of the trip. And then it was on. We caught 8 fishes, pretty much one of every spieces in the Mentawais.

+Trip 18

Quest 1 - Trip 18

Trip 4 began on the 30 May. Half the guys arrived early afternoon. They went onto the Basko hotel where they relaxed in the lounge bar. There is also a mall next door which the guys explored. The rest of the group arrived later in the afternoon and meet us at the hotel where we then went onto the boat.

It was a calm crossing.

We spent the first two days surfing in the Lances area. It was 2-3 feet at the left and and 1-2 feet at Bintangs. Conditions were good. 2 giant trevally were caught from the tin boat. They became ceviche and fish tacos. There were a few other boats in the area.

From there we went south towards the Macaronis area. The grommets had a great time surfing 2-3 feet Maccas. There were also other boats in the area, but the crowd was generally mellow. After surfing we then motored further south towards pulau Selatan.

We surfed average Lighthouse at 3 feet with some wind.

Conditions were clean the next day and The Hole had good fun waves. A large Wahoo fish was also caught.

The next day The Hole was 6 feet with some larger sets and was a 5 star day.

We then motored on back north to the Rags region. We stayed in that area for the next 6 days. Alternating between fun 3 feet Rosy, and shallow 3 feet Rags rights.

The second last day we spent at Roxy’s again due to the weather conditions. That night we motored to Macaronis and surfed it at a fun 2-3 feet with no crowds. Then rushed to Lances right for the last surf which was all time!!! it was just us, some guys from the red bull crew and 6-8 feet barrels. All time conditions!!

+Trip 19

Quest 1 - Trip 19

The girls arrived mid morning after some long haul flights from europe. They looked exhausted and weary. All the girls are regulars to Indo so there was no problem in enjoying some massage and relaxing time before boarding the boat. Massage, lunch and a quick visit to the local mall and then off to ‘Quest 1′, their 2 week home.

As regulars on the boat, the girls settled in straight away. Got comfortable and straight to bed for the 12hr crossing.

The swell report looked promising but there would be some winds to come with the swell. This was going to give us limited options. So we made a rough plan of sorts. Telos was out and the mentawais were in.

The first few days were spent in the Lances area. Nothing epic but plenty of surfing and generally good times. The girls drank on average 3 coconuts each day. They were on their way to setting the boats coconut consumption record.

Macaronis was calling so we set sail for the worlds funnest left.

It was fun, but their were 20knot winds which made conditions very tricky. This didn’t stop Bethany from staying out all day. Frothin! The swell was there but it was a shame the winds wouldn’t cooperate.

The next day we had a plan for Greenbush. There was a lot of anticipation. As this intimidating wave can mess with your thoughts! When we arrived the girls were straight out there!! The ‘mangalui’ was also in the area with a bunch of pros and some legends, eg Simon Anderson, Steph Gilmore. The girls shared the lineup and everyone had a barrel. Bethany was charging the hardest, Tyler had a pretty bad over the falls wipeout which left her a little rattled.

After Greenbush we moved on to Roxys. A super fun little right-hander. It is the natural footers version of macaronis. A couple of days were spent there surfing fun 3 to 4 foot peaks with only 1 or 2 other boats. The wind had backed off and it was a very enjoyable few days.

Then it was time to get serious again with some signs of a new swell. So we steamed south.

We found perfection! 6 to 8 foot rights with no one around. The girls charged it. Everyone was stoked! This session made the trip.

The following day we surfed ‘The hole’. It wasn’t really doing it. A little bit wind affected and the barrels were a little bit tight. Everyone had a go, but without much success. The next day we surfed Roxys again. Everyone had a great time.

120 coconuts were consumed. A new record.

7 fish were reeled in by the girls.

Everyone got barrelled!!

+Trip 23

Quest 1 - Trip 23

The guests arrive at 5.30pm. Straight to the boat.

Dinner is served, a rough sorts of plan surfing wise is discussed, guests retreat to bed and we set off. Strong south winds make it a bumpy crossing.

We arrive at Telescopes about 7am.
5-6 feet. Really good. However there are other boats there also enjoying the waves. I check scarecrows in the morning, no one out and good. Everyone has a surf at telescopes, lunch is served and then move around to scarecrows. Still no one out and 6 feet. I paddle out and break my board. The guests paddle out later and enjoy a good surf.

Day 2 we surf telescopes in the morning. Only 3 other boats. We then motor to the Lances area. Surf the right, sideshore about 3 feet and not very good.

Day 3 we surf Lances left in the morning. About 4 feet with just one other boat. Super fun. The guests enjoy the surf. Then we cruise to macaronis, It’s about 3 feet, sideshore but still really rippleable and fun.

Day 4 is a macaronis session in the morning followed by a macaronis session in the afternoon. Not the best ever macaronis but still fun like usual.

Day 5 is spent at thunders. Clean conditions with 6 feet sets. Everyone gets a bunch of waves.

Early morning we set off for selatan, its a 4hr cruise. We arrive and are greeted by 6 feet hole. Big barrels. The strong south wind is making it tricky. Only 1 guest surfs. He gets a couple. In the afternoon we move across to lighthouse, still strong south winds make it bumpy. Everyone surfs and has a good time.

The following day is Epic. 6 feet rights all day. With no one around. The guests surf all day. Everyone is stoked. We use the jet ski to ferry the surfers back to the line up. Unreal day. Martin catches a giant trevally and ceviche is enjoyed for lunch. yeeoowww.

That night we cruise back to arrive at maccas in the morning. The wind is from the south AGAIN. So its a little bit messy but still surfable. The guests are tired from yesterdays surfing so just surf a little bit throughout the day. We lose a spanish mackerel. devastating.

Surf maccas again the next morning. everyone gets waves and is happy. We decide to move over to Lances right to surf some rights!! Its about 4 feet, a little windy, but ok. A few barrels to be found.

Spend the whole next day at Lances right. Starts off good in the morning, then the wind picks up, then eases off again in the afternoon. The late afternoon session is the best of the day. Not crowded and some fun peaks.

That night we motor to tua pajet. We spend our last day anchored at Telescopes. Its about 4 feet. We were hoping for bigger. The swell is a little late to arrive. Everyone still surfs and some long rides are enjoyed. On our way home we catch a big wahoo and then a magi magi. It is a ceviche feast and sashimi feast for everyone. The guys are stoked!!

+Trip 24

Quest 1 - Trip 24

The boys arrived from Bali late afternoon, after a delayed garuda flight. Beers were on ice in the bus and it was straight to the boat.

Day 1 was spent at telescopes where there was the remainder of a south swell running. It was a dying swell so it was a inconsistent 3 feet with strong SSE winds. We also had a surf at scarecrows. Average surf but every one had a good time. Day 2 was the same and it included a surf at 7 palms. We had it to ourselves which made for a good time.

Day 3 we went to a secret beach. You never know with this beachie so it is always worth a check. We found some banks and it was a solid 4 to 5 feet swell running. The guys also found a little left breaking into the corner of the bay. Good times.

Day 4 we arrived in the Playgrounds area. There was a solid west swell coming and with strong winds also, the playgrounds was the place to make the most of this.
First up we surfed bang bang. 2 feet to begin with and then building up to a solid 5 feet in the afternoon. It was a great warm up.

We awoke in the morning to a very good 5 to 6 feet E bay. The winds made the conditions a little tricky. A few of the boys had a go and come in excited. A bit of adrenalin running. We spent the whole day here alternating surfs.

The next day was another surf at E-bay first up. Slightly smaller but a lot cleaner. A few guys also had a surf at pit stops. Fun times. Then it was off to No kandui’s for some barrels. Only a few guys wanted to have a go, it is a very very hard wave. The camera was ready and the guys were out there trying to get barrelled. Lots of wipeouts, lots of skin left on the reef and a few shots to go with it.

After this it was back south via Telescopes again.

Telescopes was firing!! we spent 2 days here surfing 5 to 6 feet telescopes. Plenty of waves for everyone!!

After this we headed to lances, it was average so we decided to motor on to macaronis. 3 to 4 feet with funky wind but like always macaronis was a fun surf.

The next day we spent at roxy’s. Super fun 4 foot right handers. good wind and mild overcast day. The following day was exactly the same. All the guys were suffering from a bit of that surfed out feeling.

Our last surf in that area was at thunders. 4 feet, clean conditions and no one out.

The very last day we woke up at macaronis. 1 to 2 feet slop with onshore wind. The swell was dead. It was over. We had one last surf together and then packed up. With strong wind it was going to be an interesting journey home.

2 Spanish mackeral, 1 yellow fin tuna and 1 barracuda were caught!

+Trip 26

Quest 1 - Trip 26
This trip was really great.

Guys almost surfed everyday. They did have some fun surfing together in no crowded area and performed awesome barrels.

Big fishes were caught, we can be proud of the team.

There were unforgettable landscapes and sunsets for this amazing trip.

Check out the pictures!

+Trip 27

Quest 1 - Trip 26
The Surfscene’s guests return to padang 2 weeks earlier then last year. This is their annual pilgrimage to surf the islands.

The day was spent at the local massage parlour, crab restaurant and hanging in the hotel bask lobby before boarding Quest 1.

Direction TELOS.

After a cruisy nights crossing we arrive in the islands at 8am. We are greeted with a super fun 3 foot right hander. Good for all levels! The whole day is spent surfing. The first session lasts 5 hours. Everyone was excited.

Day 2 and 3 are just repeats. We have the place to ourselves and it is really hard to drive away from good waves so we just stay put. Everyone is getting plenty of surf time in!

day 4 we cruise the west coast looking for possible set ups. We find a whole bunch of them but cant decide which ones to surf??? The day gets away from us and we end settling in at the anchorage.

The following day we arrive at a barreling right hand point. 3 feet, no one else there. Super fun and challenging. Everyone has a go. Frothin.

That night we cruise further north. We have a long left-hander in our sights. Its on when we get there. And we spend the day surfing 4 to 5 feet long rippable lefts.

With a dropping swell, the next few days are spent at the areas swell magnet. Everyday is 3 feet with occasional bigger sets. Winds are light and very favourable. A lot of surfing is done!!

We also sneak in to the telos lodge and watch the wallabies beat the springboks . Followed by a good surf out the front.

The fishing is great and each time we trawl we catch a whole range of fish. The best being a 20kg Tuna. SASHIMI!!!

The last days are spent back in the southern area. There is a surprising spike in the swell and we enjoy a couple of days of 5 foot waves. No rest days for this trip.

The last day the wind finally goes onshore which signals time to head back to Padang.


+Trip 29

Quest 1 - Trip 29

The trip began with an airport pick up and a trip to the crab restaurant. A feast was had and then it was off to the boat to wait for Francois arrival and departure to the islands.

It was a standard crossing.

small swell at the beginning of the trip dictated where we would be surfing. We went straight to the playgrounds and had our first surf spilt between bankvaults and nipussi. 3 to 4 feet peaks with minimal crowds. It was good enough to do 2 days there.

Whilst in the playgrounds we also managed to sneak a surf in at fun burgerworld and beng beng. Both to ourselves. Late season is great for crowds.

After playgrounds next stop was the telescopes area. Upon arrival we were greeted with strong winds, storms and rainy conditions. The sun was in hiding.
We were stuck in this area for 3 days due to rough weather. Nothing we could do, so everyone made the most of the situation with some stormy surfs, wakeboarding, resort visits and a drunken night. It was fun but we were all glad when the sun finally came out!!

For the arrival of the sun again we motored down to Thunders. The swell was due to rise so we would wait it out here. At least we would be surfing!!
The first day there was small and barely rideable. A strange thing for the sewll magnet thunders.
Day 2 the swell had come!!
The guys surfed all day. With the majority of it, just us in the water. It was a great day.

The next morning we mixed it up and surfed roxy’s first thing. Another great surf. We then spent the arvo at some sizey thunders.

Talk of some macaronis was circulating so we had a vote and macaronis won. We had our final two days there. Each human caught a million waves and was surfed out by the time for departure. Result achieved.

Fish came in late into the trip. With a few small blood tuna, 3 spanish mackerel thanks to Fred and one stinky barracuda.

Great trip.