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Pensions and Benefits

All police officers and firefighters appointed after June, 1944, in municipalities where local police and fire pension funds existed, or where this system was adopted by referendum or resolution, are required to become members of the Police and Firemen's Retirement System. Certain State and County law enforcement job titles are also covered.

PFRS MEMBERSAccess your account information online.
Register and log on to the
Member Benefits Online System (MBOS).


PFRS Member Handbook Adobe PDF (339K)


Who's on the PFRS Board of Trustees?

When does the PFRS Board of Trustees meet?

PFRS Election Results


What is the PFRS Pension Committee?

Who is on the PFRS Pension Committee?


NEW! Online Guide To Retirement for PFRS Members — featuring online videos!
Looking for information on Retirement? Save time, travel, and find out
everything you need to know about retirement with our new guide.

Retirement Estimate Calculators

If you are considering retirement within the next two years and would like an estimate of your
retirement benefit, call (609) 292-7524, choose selection "3" and follow the prompts.


PFRS Membership Tiers Adobe PDF (38K)
Enrollment and Retirement Criteria
Updated for Pension Reform — Chapter 78, P.L. 2011

PFRS Eligible Job Titles

PFRS Training Requirements

Certificate of Group Life Insurance Adobe PDF (162K)

Police and Fire Retirement System mortgage rate information

PFRS Experience Study


Fact Sheet #1, Purchasing Service Credit Adobe PDF (37K)

Fact Sheet #3, Estimating the Cost of Purchasing
Service Credit
Adobe PDF (33K)

Fact Sheet #6, Your Retirement Checklist Adobe PDF (45K)

Fact Sheet #8, Enrollment Eligibility and Age Limits Adobe PDF (33K)

Fact Sheet #10, Reporting a Death Adobe PDF (29K)

Fact Sheet #12, Taxation of Retirement Benefits Adobe PDF (45K)

Fact Sheet #13, Conversion of Life Insurance Adobe PDF (41K)

Fact Sheet #16, Disability Retirement Benefits Adobe PDF (50K)

Fact Sheet #17, Veteran Status Adobe PDF (19K)

Fact Sheet #18, Cost-of-Living Adjustments Adobe PDF (24K)

Fact Sheet #19, Applying for Retirement Adobe PDF (53K)

Fact Sheet #22, Waiver of Non-Contributory
Group Life Insurance over $50,000
Adobe PDF (28K)

Fact Sheet #24, Withdrawal from the Retirement System Adobe PDF (30K)

Fact Sheet #27, The Taxability and Mandatory Withholding of
Income Tax from Your Pension Distribution
Adobe PDF (45K)

Fact Sheet #29, Employment After Retirement Adobe PDF (33K)

Fact Sheet #42, Divorce, Dissolution of a Civil Union,
and Your Retirement Benefits
Adobe PDF (33K)

Fact Sheet #43, Back Pay Settlements and
Retirement Credit
Adobe PDF (24K)

Fact Sheet #45, Workers' Compensation Adobe PDF (44K)

Fact Sheet #47, Health Benefits Retired Coverage
Under Chapter 330
Adobe PDF (30K)

Fact Sheet #48, Family Status Changes - Employees Adobe PDF (356K)

Fact Sheet #49, Family Status Changes - Retirees Adobe PDF (33K)

Fact Sheet #55, Accidental Disability or Accidental Death Benefit
Coverage for Off-Duty or Outside Employment
Adobe PDF (26K)

Fact Sheet #56, Creditable Compensation Adobe PDF (27K)

Fact Sheet #64, About Your Retirement Check Adobe PDF (52K)

Fact Sheet #68, Designating a Beneficiary Adobe PDF (32K)

Fact Sheet #71, Benefits Under the
Domestic Partnership Act
Adobe PDF (56K)

Fact Sheet #72, Identity Theft and Your Benefits Adobe PDF (47K)

Fact Sheet #75, Civil Unions Adobe PDF (51K)

Fact Sheet #76, Honorable Service Adobe PDF (39K)

Fact Sheet #78, Requirements for Review of a Title
for Participation in the PFRS
Adobe PDF (54K)

Fact Sheet #81, Pension Loans Adobe PDF (33K)


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