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Expecting a baby and need advice?

Spend the day with one of the world’s leading childcare experts, Rachel Waddilove, at one of her ante-natal courses:

The Complete Preparation Guide to Your Baby

We cover all aspects of baby-care with unique, sensible, practical and down-to-earth advice, including the all-important ‘getting your baby to sleep through the night’.

We cater for groups of friends at any location around the UK.  These can be small groups of say 10 people or larger groups if needed.

Day Classes

Rachel can do one day consultancy classes for groups of friends with young babies and children.  These can be done in someone's home.  Rachel is happy to travel to any location.  Rachel would give a short talk, followed by plenty of time for group discussion and individual consultancy.  Tailor-made packages on request.

For more details about courses please contact Lucy Binns, E-mail: lucybinns@bigapemedia.com or Tel: 01460 30151.


Rachel is also available as a Speaker, not only at events specifically targeted at the world of post-natal and child care issues, but also where you would like a specialist to come along as part of an ongoing course or seminar that you may be running.

Rachel is also able to give a more formal speech or lecture followed by a question and answer session. Alternatively, if you have a format in mind, she will be able to fit in with your schedule and offer advice and help as appropriate.

With her lifetime of experience in helping families cope with the demands of parenthood, Rachel is one of the most respected of all childcare experts. Her wisdom is available to help anyone either to become better parents themselves, or for trainees and professionals in seeking the best way to guide others to deal with the stresses and strains of modern life.

Rachel's services can help you and your organisation provide good, helpful advice at one of the most stressful times in life.


Rachel offers talks, seminars and workshops to corporate bodies, colleges, other organisations, staff and students and both mothers and fathers, who are trying to balance their working lives with their parental responsibilities.

Rachel has a lifetime of experience in helping families cope with the demands of parenthood and is one of the most respected of all childcare experts.

Rachel’s wisdom can help anyone become better parents and better professionals within the stresses and strains of modern life. She is both an idealist in believing in the importance of traditional values in child-rearing and a realist in understanding that today’s parents have to live their lives and bring up their children in a highly competitive world.

Rachel's services can help you, your employees and colleagues find the right balance between commitment to the work-place and a loving routine for their families.


For more details about courses, speaking engagements or corporate work, please contact Lucy Binns, E-mail: lucybinns@bigapemedia.com or Tel: + 44 (0) 1460 30151.

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 baby expert Rachel Waddilove

Praise For Rachel

"Rachel’s flexible yet structured routine was just the thing for our daughter…Rachel’s advice on everything from breastfeeding to parenting was invaluable."
Gwyneth Paltrow

"When I was a brand new mother, I was overwhelmed! Rachel has a calmness, and knowledge about babies and children, that not only helped me soothe and ease the journey for me son, but also for me! Her tips and advice are invaluable."
Minnie Driver

The wisest book about families I have ever read.”
Daily Telegraph

"Rachel is like a calming fairy godmother who brings clarity, happiness and calm to a home seriously lacking in all those things. She provides an unwavering support both in person, on the phone or by email, and I never felt any scrap of judgement on her part. She gives practical advice, and you have real confidence in what she says. Her help as had a life changing impact on myself, my children and my husband. Rachel is, without doubt, superb at what she does." 

“May well be seen as the most sensible book ever written on
how to bring up a baby.”

The Observer

"My daughters are very grateful for the comfort they have already found in Rachel's calm and sensible advice through her very 'readable' and enjoyable book."
Bobby Sutton

"Ethan sleeps through from 7pm until 6.15am now without a peep. I'm so grateful, thank you. I feel strong and in control for the first time in 5 years!!! "

"Rachel Waddilove offers essential advice on the toddler years, on everything from potty training to the all-important sleep!" 
ublishing News 

"I had battled with Olivia (8 months) waking up in the night since we had dropped the 10pm feed two months earlier, but one conversation with Rachel changed all that. Rachel is very confident and informed whilst being very warm and understanding – in one call she gave me the strength to try some controlled crying on my own. She gave me her home and mobile number for support but with her encouragement I tried it and Olivia only took about 20 minutes to settle herself! One call with Rachel is all it took - she is a wonderful lady and I haven’t even met her!!"

"A refreshingly realistic guide to raising toddlers."
The Daily Telegraph

"I was so lucky to find Rachel who is the most fantastic baby sleep expert. She helped me so much with her calm and sensible approach. Within a week William was sleeping through the night and since then we haven’t looked back!  She restored my sanity and we now all feel refreshed in the mornings after a great night’s sleep! "  Claire